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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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21 years old

Special Bottling
21 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Silver Seal
Distil: 1898 Bottling: 2011
154 of 565 btls
Non chillfiltered
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WDTS2012-08 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 81/100
Difference 9
Average 86,1


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 1
Very good 4
Good 10
Medium 4
Bad 0
Bowmore 21 Silver Seal

Color: white wine
Nose: nice peat mixed with marine notes on iodine and seaweed, a few almonds, lots of fresh fruit, especially on citrus, and a good dose of cereal in the background.
Palate: The peat is more discreet, it is more about fruits, citrus and slightly exotic.
A little iodine and some mineral notes.
It ends on cereals.
Well balanced and perfectly controlled alcohol.
Finish: long on marine notes and fruity / sweet

Subtle peat, honey and vanilla... so much like Caol Ila... a bit earthy and coffee notes on palate. Love it. It just need 6% more of alcohol

Color: Pale yellow
The nose is pepper, peat, sea air and some citrus. The whole is balanced and has a nice complexity.
The first impression on the palate is very pleasant. Pretty contrasts between citrus which is now more obvious than at the nosing and still present peat. Then, all these notes remain pretty well represented, but unfortunately lacks punch. Here is a whisky that would have benefited from being bottled at cask strength.
It's a shame because we are dealing here with a very beautiful expression.
The finish is short and extends the impressions of the mouth where there is a gradient from the first few minutes. Nice pepper notes make their appearance here, recalling first impressions of the nose.

Very pale color is not the best omen.
Nose: No aggression. Beautiful combination of peat, citrus and pepper. Very maritim.
Taste: Lacks a little texture, but it develops aromas of cereal, peat, coal, pineapple shell.
Finish: rather long, balanced, peppermint, lemon and of course peat.

The first approach foreshadow a used cask ... it is not so! This malt deserves to linger long minutes.

Couleur: Straw
Nose: Iodine coastal feeling, seashell lemon and ashes
Mouth: Peat medicinal feeling and citrus
Finish: Long dryness and salt


color: pale Yellow
Nose; nice balanced peat, sweetness, subtile, citrus(orange), some smoke behind
Taste: Peaty boost,than dryness, light fruit, oak.
Very refreshing spirit.
After: dry, smoky peat.

Good dram.


Colour: white wine.
Nose first nose on a pungent peat and woodiness, precious wood, sandalwood, rosewood. Smoke also. Sweet notes of honey. Then the new leather, freshly waxed. Lemon yellow also sour marinade. Milk and cereal.
Water impoverishes the nose and makes it become mainly herbaceous and salty, although it remains peat lemon.
Palate: Oily on nuts, nut oil, and then takes over the woods without ever becoming unpleasant. Spices also. Found peat.
It borders on the dilution-dice the first drops of water.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth with smoke. Warm enough.
Water has the same effect as the end of the mouth.

Comment: A peaty maritime almost classic, but better, more complex and expressive. The water is unnecessary.

Color: Dry white wine
Nose: It starts with an interlacing of fruity and fine peat, with a hint of vanilla shading. It is then more acidic, but also marine, on the spray.
Mouth: it lacks a bit of power, but still beautifully made, with fine peat, some fruity (pear) and sour (lemon).
Finale: Relatively short, even if the peat is long on the palate.

Conclusion: A nice peaty malt, well balanced but lacking unfortunately too diluted to deliver its full potential.

colour : Light yellow
Nose : smokiness , tar , an a little earthy
Taste : Peat smoke, very nice Islay
Finish : Not very long

Overall : nice Islay malt, very drinkable


appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, peat, smoke (cold ashes), pears, marine freshness, peat and smoke dominate but do not overwhelm the other flavors
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, flavors and distribution of aromas in line with the nose
finish: medium
Conclusion: A peated whisky that avoids the trap of "only" peat, pleasant to nose and to drink


The nose, discreet and refined, is on peat, salt and a bunch of citrus (lemon, orange). However it is highly concentrated. It also has a small marine influence, but it is more difficult to notice, given the lightness of the thing. Aeration does not move it.
The mouth is on hazelnut, always with a lightness. However, we quickly get a big oily peat much more powerful and dense, it is almost sticky. There are also tar, and some bitter oranges. Everything is quite pleasant, despite a certain austerity.
The average length final is smoke and tar. It is refined, with some farm fragrances. It also has peat and salt with aeration.

In conclusion, a good peated whisky, but suffers from a lack of depth and power.

Nose, sniffing the tube, I feel especially fruit. Once in the glass, this is not the same thing. Many peat but manifesting as an Islay whisky at medium age (10-12 years). The nose is quite austere, direct. Marin, citric, peaty and smoky as we know they can do it in the south of the island. The second nose is of marzipan.
Mouth in perfect harmony with the nose. The mid-palate disappoints me slightly. Woody aftertaste and tangy.
Final: smoke some herbs and hints of minerality.

Comments: A beautiful young peaty malt. At this time of the year, I love even though there is no hint of complexity.

Colour: straw
Nosing: clean, citrus and fruity with a pleasant sweet smokiness. Floral notes as well.
Tasting: smoky, grassy and malty. Mint chocolate and peat. Not very complex, but mellow sweetness is all around.
Finish: not that long, thin, some spice but fades away fast.

Comment: nice Ardbeg-style citrus and sweetness. Dangerous whisky, because it's very drinkable!


The nose is dominated by peat, mineral. Burnt rubber vies with sea salt once dominated peat, bile and bitterness, star anise and wood arrive in the background. With aeration, peat is lighter, spices arrive but are difficult to identify, eucalyptus pointing the tip of his nose. On the palate is first marine before being peaty. There was no softness which is usual for peaty whiskies. And fruits, fish carpaccio and sea lemon zest emerge. The final ternary spices dominant peat, highlighted by the sea side.

color: wet hay
nose: vanilla, fresh wood, citrus fruits and sour sweets
taste: very mild, vanilla, slightly floral, apricots and bananas, the finish is short with a spicy note, very clean


Colour: Straw
Nose: nice notes of smoke, peat, candied lemon salt. Nice roundness with salted butter. A little white pepper. I do not find him that coastal side (iodine, seaweed) but well peated whisky.
Taste: A very pretty palate, with lemon juice, peat, ash and smoke. It is however quite watery (too much in my opinion). A bit of licorice.
Finale: Average, peat and liquorice.

Conclusion: A rather well done whisky, for fans of oily peat. Not very complex, but it serves its purpose. Mouth deserved a few more degrees to make it a very good dram.


Nose: Clear smoky notes (peat), citrus and a little bit vanilla.
Taste: Again smoky tones, dry with a hint of sweetness (liquorice) at the end.
Finish: Medium long and spicy (pepper).


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: The nose is immediately very peaty and smoky. The nose develops hints of black pepper, charcoal and soot. The nose is fresh on marine notes, herbs and iodine (seaweed).
Palate: The palate is very fruity (exotic fruits especially citrus, grapefruit), lemongrass, very gentle with this elegant peat and vanilla. Gaining power gradually, to finally become pepper and butternut and drier after a good soft mouth.
Final: On ash, pepper as well as softer notes of vanilla fat.

Nose: Attack is on the burnt plastic with very sweet notes in the background. Unfortunately it's all about candy (some ultra-ripe banana and a hint of lemon) scent making it quickly disgusting. A little aeration makes the nose rather fat and less aggressive. In any case, far too bland and a bit boring.
Palate: The texture is very soft with a very frank peat (industrial and vegetal at the same time) with a hint of dark chocolate, malt and sugar candy yet. Nothing extraordinary in this smoke that invades everything. This is not really unpleasant (in the mouth, the palate is lined) but it is indistinct and artificial. Indeed, all the peripheral notes are evanescent and follow the wave phenomenon in the mouth.
Finale: With quite a honest length, it continues the main line of thisdram, but releasing a few more flavors (malt survives better). The aftertaste returns on peat.
Comment: A real peaty one not seeking precision, subtlety but merely a very respectable texture for far result too a sweet final result. Even the mouth notes seem a bit artificial : This is a little flat ready peat.

Colour: White wine.
Nose: Peaty and coastal. Briny. Salty. And soooo light! Nice and easy peat. Over-diluted lemon squash, and some vanilla. Simple but nice.
Mouth: Yes. Light and peaty it is. Light, but not weak. Very simple and uncomplicated, but avoids the flaws usually found in young whiskies. Despite the low ABV (43% ?), mouthfeel is good. Creamy. Like eating a smoked (!) square of white chocolate while drinking a glass of ginger ale.
Finish: The cold ashes remain for long in your mouth.
Comment: I’ve never thought of peaty malts being able to be good companions for the aperitif. Well… This one could do the trick, even if it remains a bit simple to expect scoring higher.

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