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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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1973, Sherry butt

38 years
Alcohol percentage
50,2 %
Malts of Scotland
Sherry butt
Cask number
single cask 3463
Distil: 26/03/1973 Bottling: 05/2011
166 of 216 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-08 87/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 92/100
Lowest rate 78/100
Difference 14
Average 86,65


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 1
Very good 9
Good 4
Medium 4
Bad 0
Bunnahabhain 1973 MOS

appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, a mixture of mature white, yellow and red fruits, truffles and wet basement, slightly mineral, half soft half dry profile
taste: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, good old wood (quite intense but without great bitterness and dryness), soft pepper, fruits in the background
finish: medium to long
Conclusion: An overall beautiful multifaceted and well melted whisky


The nose, broad and well balanced, is dominated by beautiful yellow fruit (peach, nectarine, apricot). Mesmerizing if not powerful, it also shows grain and hazelnut. Complex, it develops after the onset of ventilation with caramel, even if the whole is very fruity. Water brings almonds and a little pulp.
The mouth is on coffee and nuts before the fruity nose appears. There is then a very beautiful waterfall of yellow fruits (peach, nectarine). The whole is coating but not being sticky and really good. It also has a little yellow fruit skins and farm influences. Aeration gives a not unpleasant wooded area, and a hint of salt, without taking away this beautiful fruity wave.
The final, long, is on peach and nectarine. We also have a little coffee, decorated with a warm side of fruit liqueur (kirsch).

In conclusion, a very nice fruity whisky, which lacks can be just a little bit of madness and relief.

Colour: deep gold
Nose first nose is sulfur with beautiful metallic notes, recalling old blends.
After ventilation, sulfur is a little less present while the metallic notes that I love remain.
It has notes of caramel with salted butter, dried fruit and spices.
Mouth: nice balance between marine notes, lemon, caramel with salted butter, dried fruit and a little honey.
Finish: long mix of sweet / salty pleasant

Color: Gold
A smell of yeast first, followed by notes of mushrooms and damp undergrowth. A nice bitterness, but a slight tingling sensation due to alcohol. An interesting set even if the nose is not my preferred profile.
The first impression in the mouth is all made of smoothness,, caramel with a slight bitter odor giving it a definitely enjoyable. Much more engaging than was the nose. Notes of coffee, milk chocolate. Nothing flashy, but classy and a perfect balance.
The finish is medium long, and prolongs perfectly the impression of sweetness in the mouth.

Color: Yellow orange
Nose: Precious wood, poached fruits (peaches) roasted fruits (pineapples)
Mouth: Nice aromatic density on sherry fruits and even peat
Finish: Long on salt peat and a hint of bitterness


Colour: Old gold.
Nose: The nose is intense on nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins) and at the same time a great original freshness of mint, eucalyptus and licorice stick (almost medicinal). Herbaceous notes are intense, almost forest, very cool. Aeration develops flavors of grass, herbs and medicinal plant with some bitterness.
Becomes very rustic with a dash of water (humus, mushroom, old wood).
Palate: The black fruit is ripe, very ripe. The coffee is black and raw cocoa, mixed with spices (ginger, cloves, nutmeg. Long and almost sparkling in the mouth, probably due to iodized notes, slightly peppery, with notes of bitter orange peel. Texture is almost syrupy.
Final: notes on forestry, camphor, licorice, rubber, leather, animal, intense peppery.

Nose: Pretty quickly notes of leather and cabbage notes nearly hiding hazelnut and milk chocolate. Aeration will allow them to be real. Then there are some cherry with lots of honey. A dense nose that requires time and gradually becomes successful, greedy and complex enough.
Palate: The texture is very sweet with lots of honey, lime, cinnamon and nutmeg. There are also apricot, hazelnut, chocolate and a bit of red fruit (raspberry, cherry without being very defined). Water enhances the dark chocolate. Complex mouth , round and fairly balanced. It may be objected that the flavors are not very volatile (mouth ahead by steps).
Finale: It seems a little short (widening effect is felt) but the flavors reappear on apricot, honey and chocolate. A coda mixed but retains the essential.

Comment: This is typically the kind of dram that you must leave time. Once it becomes well ventilated it is getting rounder and nose appears to be a success. In the mouth, it reveals itself quite late but the flavors seem shy, struggling to stay afloat. Overall a very good whisky playing on multiple tables but losing a bit at the construction of its different tastes.

Nose: The nose makes me immediately think of having a whisky aged in Oloroso casks Xerez. Some sulfur notes (matches) and fermented fruit, it will dissipate with aeration. Coffee and cocoa blatantly. Plum. One side roasted almost making me think of roasted peanuts.

Palate: very special. Powerful & almost salty. Some wood, I feel. Perhaps is it also a presence almost "tannic"?

Finish: long on plum.

Comments: profile "sherry" which might seem conventional at first but by demonstrating some originality, as marked by the presence of cocoa on the nose than the typical mouth.

Colour: amontillado sherry
Nose: Oh! This is elegant! Smells old, almost antique. From a refill sherry cask ? Oak influence is obvious, but perfectly mastered. Little burnt wood mingle with the fragrance of shiitake and the fruitiness of prunes. Citrusy notes sneak in (orange peels and little clove) to keep the whole alive. And even something exotic (passion fruits?) shining out.
Mouth: Oak gets bigger now, with notes of cocoa powder and black coffee. Some kind of pleasant austerity and dryness. Not very complex, but kind of “respectable”, like a dashing old man leaning on his stick. Mouth feeling is good with a nicely balanced alcohol (48%?).
Finish: Flawless. What else?
Comment: Pick up a good old Tomatin, replace most of its exotic side with some classy woodiness. Get the picture? High end stuff, but slightly frustrating for fruit bomb lovers.


color: light amber
nose: very nice, sweet vanilla with wood chips, raisins and floral spices
taste: very mild, slightly dry, old oak is a bridge to the very mild finish with lots of oak and some spiciness but very mild


Notes of plums and fruits as well as wood. Interesting one. Looks like sherry cask. Not stunning but not bad at all neither.

Color: Pale amber
Nose: Very fruity on the orchard fruits (pear, plum), with a sweetness reminiscent of orgeat syrup, even a little anise (who said Moorish?) And some citrus notes. It is then more hot, spicy, with a subtle woody bitterness.
Palate: The attack is fresh and sweet, the mid-palate quite green, and has a feeling of excitement tingling pleasantly the tongue. The overall profile is pretty vegetal with a controlled bitterness decorated with a tangy edge (Clementine).
Finale: Intense and relatively long, but ultimately fairly expressive, vegetal malt facet taking over.

Conclusion: A decent malt with a very nice nose, very intense. I'm less attached to the mouth, but this is very correct.

colour : orange
nose : orange coming trough and some caramel, the nose gets better when the whisky is a little longer in the glass
Taste : Oranges and some dark chocolate, with a little water it gets better
Finish :Not very long
Overall : nice sherry bottling, a little complex one


Colour: old gold.
Nosing: strange earthy nose. Rubber and chemical notes.
Tasting: much better! Smoke, fruit and spice at the same time. Nice oak. Some peat, vanilla and sherry as well.
Finish: medium, the smoke and sherry intermingle very well.


Nose: Dry fresh sherry tones, fruit (red) and some influences of wood.
Taste: Full, powerful, raisins, spicy and some sweetness.
Finish: Medium long and spicy with a nutty after taste. Later on some bitterness as well.

The nose presents first aromas of smoky, meaty, cocoa and wet dog, quickly accompanied by rancio and autumn forest. Aeration reveals cigarette ash arrives cold but it is a little lonely. It's nice but not very talkative. On the palate, the attack is frank, almost bitter, with intense woody, mineral: it seems to chew flint. Then a distant anise arrives and grows slowly, without erasing the wood. The final of medium length remains intense on this woody with beautiful spices and rare traces of anise.
With the addition of water the nose is sweet with caramel, spices and mildew. The palate has a net attack , with hints of musty (yet), rancio and sweet cane. The finish is dominated by bitter licorice.

Nice? Hardly. Bad? Surely not! A whisky that I forget quickly.

Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose first nose smoke very salty, brackish. Crayfish. Sour, vinegar and slightly lemony. Smoked fish. Also meaty, bacon. Then slowly comes a breath of fresh vegetable, like after the rain in a meadow. Waves of candied red fruit, jam, pastry, alternating with this nose. A slight wooded pomaded pungency. With time switch completely on fruity, candied and pastry, with a waxy and woody bitterness. Notes cabbage Auvergne stew.
Water removes a lot of the personality of the nose, but provides hints of hay and anise
Palate: Smooth starting and rather fruity, it is quickly invaded by woody, waxy pungent and bitter, spicy and slightly astringent. Presence of alcohol. Then a lot of metal, copper.
If the water takes some of the aggressiveness of the mouth, it further reinforces the imbalance in the woods and metal.
Finale: In the wake of this last note copper, smoke and oak.
The water has the same effect on the final than on the mouth.

Comments: The nose is very surprising, almost multifaceted and very interesting. Unfortunately, the mouth is very unbalanced and marred by this invasive and pugnacious metallic note which extends more in the final. Damage, and water does not help, quite the contrary.

Color: Golden amber
Nose: This is clearly a sherry whisky with hints of raspberry vinegar. In the background, prune, lassi which gives it a sweet and sour feeling (prunes in Armagnac?). Lime and lemon juice. A little white pepper and blond tobacco (multicolored dram!).
Mouth: The mouth is in the same strand, but a little soft. On a autmuny side, with dried fruits (apricots, dates, figs). The acidity is still present, with hints of carrot soup. A slight bitterness, nothing too big.
Finish: Long, on sour milk mixed with dried apricots.

Conclusion: A nose that can divide. I like it. The mouth is a little below, with a sour finale.


Nose: Spicy and herbaceous with a slight presence of smoke.
Palate: Creamy, spicy (cumin), peppermint (black pepper). I also perceive notes of almonds and a hint of background strawberry.
Final: faithful to the mouth, always spiced with chocolate and smoke notes.
A strapping, invigorating.

Color: Light gold with an orange glow, nice.
Nose:Soft sherry tones, raisins, old sweet wood
Taste: Dry, old wood (rotten?), some sweetness comes through, strange but not un-pleasant.
After: bitter, sherry wood, dry

This one keeps me doubting, do i like its specific taste, or is it just not right??

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