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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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21 years old

Sestante Collection
21 ans
Taux d'alcool
58,7 %
Silver Seal
Distill: 1990 Embout: 2011
Brut de fût non filtré à froid
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
liens et cote moyenne
WDTS2012-07 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 70/100
Difference 19
Average 82,95


Total number of tasters 21
Excellent 0
Very good 4
Good 9
Medium 7
Bad 1
Bladnoch Sestante

Nose: Some new make, looks very young, herbaceous, fresh. Lemon and light smoke.
Mouth: Uber fruity at first with a touch of smoke. Nice balance between the sweet and acid side. Becomes more lemony with ventilation.
Finish: Biscuit, grass. After a long aeration it's very fruity with lots of citrus. Long and a bit aggressive.

Comments: Lacks complexity to reach 90 pts. The balance is wonderful.


Color: Pale yellow
Nose: Iodine, vegetable, licorice
Mouth: Peat, Lemon, Coffee, black chocolate
Finish: Salty


Nose: There is honey, candied lemon, malt, apple with white wine. It is both delicious and very fresh. A lovely nose.

Palate: Honey (light), lemon, apple, malt, spices (just enough), salt and chocolate cream. It improves with the addition of water (softer but without loss of flavor).

Finish: The finish is drier finish on the malt slightly fruity but with a return of spices (cinnamon, a little too much).

Comment: Maybe not the most complex dram in the world but definitely a great success, consistently. It will be objected that the final round is a little less and a little below.

color: pale yellow
nose: very mild, fresh citrus fruits, bananas, vanilla and honey, little mineral peated notes
taste: peat in the taste is more obvious than the nose, lots of fruits like banana, apricot and fresh citrus. The finish is long and full of 'earthy' tones, fruitiness and with a little 'bite'


Dress: White Wine.
Nose: Pungent nose first on dried fruit, walnuts and walnut shell. Yellow lemon (lemon curd). As sour whey. Milk and cereal notes, like a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. Sponge pastry notes, which mingle discreet notes of red fruit tart on the tart? The cake (especially the crust) and quince jelly.
Palate: Creamy, spicy, becomes warm. A little woody bitterness.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth, mostly woody.

Comment: The nose is pretty, though atypical. The mouth is a little unbalanced without being disagreeable. Water clears the nose, but softens the mouth.

Color: almost transparent, a slight hint of yellow. Never had a whisky that colorless
Nose: hmmmm, vanilla caramel sweetness, then some young fresh grass
Taste: alcohol burn at first, than energizing warm, malt in the end
After: long warmness, medium dry.

Overall a light whisky, nice and clean spirit.

Colour: Very pale white wine.
Nose: Straightforward and soft at the same time. Very fragrant. Flowery and close to the cereal. Soft roasted, grounded, soaked malt. Quite some organics too. A bouquet left a bit to long in its vase and the stems of which have started to decay in the water. Sounds strange, but smells nice! Delicate and fragrant, actually.
Mouth: Starts very flowery. Like chewing fresh rose petals. Unfolds on lots of nectar and honeydew. A rum-spooned Lowland, would that exist? Grows tastier, bolder and hotter (52% ?) at the same time. Really good.
Finish: Long and malty. Leaves your mouth fresh and clean.
Comment: A classy and delicate flowery malt boosted by a warm honeyed mouthfeel.


Couleur : Vin blanc
Nez : Frais, printanier, sur les fruits jaunes (prunes) accompagnés de l'acidité tonique des agrumes, à la manière d'une note de bergamote dans un parfum, et de talc. L'alcool se fait toutefois ressentir. L'eau lui fait perdre un peu de cette fraîcheur.
Bouche : Comme prévu, l'alcool est très (trop) présent, et écrase les autres arômes. On parvient toutefois à discerner des notes florales assez nettes et un peu de fruit. Ajoutons-y un peu d'eau. Il est plus agréable ainsi. Les notes florales demeurent, sur les bonbons à la violette et l'eau de rose. De la réglisse aussi.
Finale : Longue, sur la violette et la réglisse.

Conclusion : Un malt surprenant qui a besoin d'eau. L'alliance de la réglisse et de la violette est intéressante, d'autant plus qu'on ne la soupçonne pas au nez. Pas mon profil favori, mais il a le mérite de proposer quelque chose de différent.

Colour : Very light
Nose : Vanilla, and notes of citrus coming through, and then the alcohol takes over
Taste : the alcohol is overwhelming, giving a warm feeling, again vanilla and citrus
Finish : Long and warm

Overall : not bad, but not my style of whisky


Color: colorless, vague reflections straw
Nose: The nose is yeasty and milky (with hints of banana). There is of fat, cut hay, cereal and fresh minty or herbaceous side.
Mouth: a beautiful structure: first the sweetness and alcohol before the aromas and back on alcohol. It's really about the sweetness of cocoa butter.
Finish: Medium length. The finish is consistent. We find the flavors detected on the nose and mouth, butter, white chocolate and a herbaceous touch.

Looks like a young whisky, a little too one-dimensional.

Nose: At first fresh and fruity (apples and pears). Later on a little bit malty and nutty.
Taste: Sweet malty tones with some bitterness at the end.
Finish: Long, powerful and peppery.


Color: very, very clear
Nose: The first notes  immediately make think of a "new spirit". Alcohol is present, wrapped in notes of pears. The grain appears after some time.
Palate: The alcohol is very present, but leaves enough time to an oily texture to settle. After the wave of alcohol, other flavors have had time to appear. I stay on notes of pears, going over to the cereal to finish on a slight astringency. Quince maybe. Wood notes underline the retro-olfaction.
Adding water neutralizes the oily attack, which finally handicaps it. Dryness and bitterness moves faster. The trend is less balanced. But there is more pear!
Final: Curiously, although this is not a festival of flavors, the finish is quite long. The oily side of the attack seems to have captured the scents and gently releases.

If it really is a "new spirit", he promises!

Nose: sugar cane and cereals (Kellogg's). Crepe Suzette.
Palate: quite bitter vegetable and discreet. Continues in the same vein with some aromatic herbs (thyme?) Or seeds (mustard). Slightly spicy still ...
Finish: rather short
Conclusion: interesting (because no default profile and somewhat unusual), but it is a blow of heart for me.

appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, alcohol present but not disturbing, unripe fruits, vegetables, wash back, agglomerated grains (like cow feed)
taste: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, slightly bitter, fresh vegetables, wash back, unripe fruits, pepper
finish: short


“Very young whisky bottled at very high strength. Not a combination that I enjoy, sorry”
This dram has a white wine-like color.

Nose (84): (4)average. floral, citrus, honey, spices.
Taste (82): powerful. floral, citrus, spices, honey. This smell of newmake!
Finish (81): (5)longer than average. floral, potatoes.


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: The nose is very malty, cereal, especially oatmeal. It is clearly marked by notes of floral honey. Focuses on the fruity apple and pear.
Mouth: Iodine, slightly herbaceous, floral, marine and coastal, fresh, slightly minty, with notes of wax and fat ... With water much iodized fresh and marine, with hints of almonds.
Finale: A peppery taste in the final, a fine point smoke long.

If I had to put a name on this whisky, it would Clynelish in Hogshead, 1997. This is accurate, but hey, it's just a game is not it?

Nose: Very surprising. Spirity upfront and evoking the spirit out of the still. A bit of peat, wildflowers, many of anise, a hint and a bit medicinal brine. Then, over the vent, the fruity side develops. I would even say the dough with fruit in the background, spices. This nose is "turning." From a side to the other loop. What I prefer is the fruity side.
Palate: cask for sure! Very powerful attack on the side spirits. Oily.
Finish: long on anise.

Comments: Quite powerful and unusual. Adding water adds nothing really positive if it is a lower rate of alcohol. Nose, when he is on the fruity side, is very pleasant. Nice but bottled too young in my opinion.

Couleur: Vin blanc
Voici un nez très subtil gâché malheureusement par un taux d'alcool très élevé, obligeant à garder le whisky dans le verre durant de nombreuses minutes pour en saisir toutes les nuances. Le nez est léger, fruité avec un peu d'herbe coupée en arrière-plan. Une légère impression médicinale.
La bouche est surprenante. Très acide et un alcool très fort... Une fois la première surprise passée, d'intéressantes notes fruitées viennent réconforter les papilles. Pas mal d'épices également. Le tout un peu écrasé par ce taux trop encombrant.
La finale est agréablement fruitée, fraîche mais conserve longtemps le souvenir de cet alcool qui a gêné la dégustation dans son ensemble. Dommage, ce whisky avait un fort potentiel.


Colour: white wine
Nosing: spirity, like new make. Grainy, and grassy, herbal notes as well. Juniper?
Tasting: very aromatic but at the same time alcoholic. Punchy and spicy. No complexity at all.
Finish: not that long, vermouth-like

Comment: the nose is not very inviting, but the taste is all right. Probably a young whisky. Could be Dutch Jenever put on a refill bourbon cask for some years as well!.

The nose is malty, a dominant pear; it shows marine signs and a hint of alcohol. Fairly expressive. With aeration, the profile is still uninspiring: pear hazelnut but also low enough, traces of heated metal. See if the mouth is enhances the level, the attack is absent, or, failing that, it has a little bitterness. alcohol develops on the tannins. Looking good, one detects apple. The finish is smooth, mouth after rough. Or rather vanilla vanillin (synthetic vanilla), Strawberry synthetic ... It is the chemical. Just a hint of lemon meet all. Whiskey disappointing. Fortunately, the final softens the note ...

Color: White wine
Nose: Very malty on the apple and pear and hints of moisture from cellar. Some spices in the background.
Taste: The malt dominates and alcohol is very present. Some autumn fruits in the background.
A young whisky which does not tells that much.
Final average over the malt and spices.
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