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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Glen Keith

Français | English


Single Malts of Scotland, 22 years

The Single Malts of Scotland
22 years
Alcohol percentage
50,7 %
The Whisky Exchange
Cask number
single cask 57243
Distil: 06/07/1989 Bottling: 27/04/2012
226 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-07 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 88/100
Lowest rate 69/100
Difference 19
Average 83,1


Total number of tasters 21
Excellent 0
Very good 5
Good 10
Medium 5
Bad 1
Glen Keith Single Malts of Scotland

Color: White gold.
Nose: first nose instantly on a beautiful note of dough slightly tart fruit. Then a slight bitterness on the green wood appears, giving the nose a little soapy side, without this being detrimental. Evolves quite quickly on the eau de toilette, perfume "vetiver". Finally, we return to the beautiful fruity departure, but without the sour side, and more stewed. The fruit is a little more exotic, the roasted pineapple and green banana. Subtly woody and spicy.
Palate: Rich, woody, spicy and mild soap. Light fruit, and salt.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth, a warm start.

Comment: A nice nose, mouth, nice, and very interesting notes. The addition of water into the daily dram but it removes the personality of the character.

Color : gold
Nose : very sweet, vanilla and a lot of fruit, after that the alcohol comes in
Mouth : A lot of fruit coming in, this one at cask strength
Finish : Long nice finish

This is a very nice one


Color: Pale yellow
The nose is initially quite sharp, probably because of alcohol. Once past this small inconvenience, nice fruity notes emerge. Beautiful citrus notes give a nice freshness while slightly bitter notes on the horizon. This is a very nice nose, complex and enjoyable as I love them, even if at the end of light medicinal notes appear.
The mouth is also very pleasantly complex. A constant back-and-forth between tastes fruity acids, toast and hints of softer notes of honey. Any discomfort caused by alcohol as was the case for the nose.
The finish is relatively short and tastes fade fairly quickly.

Nose: Herbaceous, vanilla, fresh. Lots of fresh fruit.

Taste: Citrusy, spicy, herbaceous. At first, the alcohol is not very well integrated but it quickly subsided.
Gaining balance and complexity with aeration.

Finale: Ginger, lemon, spices, cinnamon, very long. Alcohol is less well integrated after a long aeration, which is messing with the nose and mouth.

Comments: Good but seems and probably is a little bit young. The nose is very nice, much less the final.


color: straw yellow
nose: peated with lots of floral notes, citrus fruits and fresh vanilla
taste: sweet vanilla, almonds and very fresh. Gets fuller and spicier towards the finish, the finish is very long with a nice herbal touch contrasting with sweet spiciness ...very fresh...


Nose: Fresh and a combination of vanilla, wood tones and some light sherry influences (herbs). After a while some more ‘heavy’ fruit tones.
Taste: Some sweetness, but after that directly spicy and (nice) bitterness.
Finish: Medium long and again some bitterness (tannin).


“Smells very light but them it is a powerful whisky on mouth. Maybe lowlands? Rosebank?”
This dram has a fino-like color.

Nose (85): (4)average. floral, honey, pepper, varnish, citrus. Very light
Taste (90): dry, powerful, oily. honey, spices, floral, wood, pepper, licorice. Very nice palate.
Finish (87): (5)longer than average. honey, flowers, pepper.


Color: straw yellow
Nose: Quite fine on citrus, honey and some floral and vegetal notes.
Slightly smoked in the background.
Mouth was the nuts, honey, cake and licorice.
In the background we have a little chocolate.
Final: average beautiful sweet notes.


appearance: Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, mix of yellow and red fruits (fresh and stewed), sweetness, oily
taste: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, basket with ripe fruits, malty, somewhat monolithic but very pleasant / easy drinkable
finish: medium


The nose is very floral first and shows a nice freshness, based on iris powder and a light lavender. The wood is distant. Development is done on fruits (apricot, pear light plum, grapefruit). From scattered notes of pear bring even more freshness. In the mouth the attack is frank, the sugar and timber. The tannins are marked. I also find the cardboard box, rare flowers and fruits equally rare. The finale, a nice length, is first on the spices (cumin, wood from India or allspice) and then back on flowers (honeysuckle, pink).
Profile light and pleasant. Enjoy it.

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Granny Apple at all stages in the first nose, then a little gum (the pink and blue of our childhood) and orgeat syrup. The set is nice, oscillating between sweetness and acidity. It grows with a little water on the cider vinegar, making the nose a little less pleasant.
Taste: Very powerful, it will require a little water. We still find fruity acidity detected in the nose. A dash of water confirms these notes citrus fruits, which are mixed with a flavor both wooded and a little green reminiscent of pine sap.
Finish: Medium length, it is very intense, the fruit fading unfortunately very quickly.

Conclusion: A decent malt, a little violent dry but pleasant when diluted. Pity that the final is so low.

Colour: straw
Nosing: sweet barley, candy cane from a fun fair. Fruity as well. Bananas and melon.
Tasting: gentle and elegant. Almost completely on honey and oranges. Medium oak and cinnamon.
Finish: medium long, with some tannins. Later on some bitterness as well.

Comment: I like especially the nose.

Nose: intense and almost spicy, slightly fruity (peach dominant on a pear and fresh apricot peak). Vinous side after aeration even if the overall indolent!
Palate: soft and silky. Quite elegant although not very expressive. More on that pear nose. Yeasts.
Final: feared bitterness but it remains on the nose scents which disappear quietly. A note of milk chocolate and hazelnut?
Conclusion: A good balanced malt , delicate and pleasant to drink.

Colour: Gold
Nose: The nose is floral and lemony, lemon and also orange blossom. Vanilla is sweet. The nose is pretty cool even with a hint of mint and iodine. The grass is freshly cut. Develops with notes more sweet juicy. Adding a dash of water makes the whisky very floral, with a touch of refreshing acidity of the lemon zest.
Palate: The palate is sweet on citrus (lemon in particular) and the bitterness of the lemon peel is felt. The peel is almost sparkling with some spices. Some floral notes develop later (lavender, violet). With water, the more bitter and walnut wood in particular. The appearance slightly iodized ultimately remains fairly intact.
Finale: Lemon and spicy (pepper).

Nose: It smells like banana and white chocolate. There are also notes of orchard (peach). The opening gives touches of legumes, nuts and tangerine. Water gives the trappings of industrial apple pie.
Palate: From malt, dark chocolate, vanilla, and a lot of orange (majority) in this dram. One feels a certain alcoholic strength without having such an amplitude level servers. Adding water tightens the noose around the orange-chocolate duo.
Finale: It falls on the bitterness of citrus and a bit of cinnamon and paprika.

Comment: His nose is not very complex, but still very pleasant. In the mouth, it is unfortunate that the integration is not alcoholic nickel and flavors are a little timid. A dram I consider as  dispensable.

Colour: Straw.
Nose: Big and straightforward. Probably pretty close from the 60%. Strangely, unfolds on a malty and honeyed sweetness, with hints of candied lemon peels, and quite some fresh almonds. Smooth and mineral at the same time. High end Chardonnay. One for Serge Valentin?
Mouth: Starts on a sweet mouth touch with quite some vanilla before growing rather hot. Becomes dry and unsexy, but in a rather elegant way. Not really my cup of tea, but highly respectable.
Finish: Of medium length, ending on a refreshing mentholated touch and a slight saltiness. An Islander ?
Comment: A carefully crafted robust old style malt. Some might find it austere, others will say classy. Choose your side!


Nose: The nose is marked by a woodiness that seems hiding flavors. It then evolves into floral notes and dust.
Palate: The attack is frank with good freshness. The alcohol is then discrete causing a lack of pep in the second part of the mouth.
Final sugar and salted butter and then menthol.

Nez : très classique. De la pomme, de la poire. Quelques épices (vanille & cannelle).
Bouche : du bois et des céréales. Un brin acidulée et amère en fin de bouche.
Finale : Assez longue sur une amertume boisée.

Commentaire : un whisky facile à boire mais qui ne m'intéresserait pas du tout.

Color: Straw
Nose: Flowers, peaches
Mouth: Peaches, pineapple
Finish: Bitterness


Color: clear gold .
Nose: Franc, a hint of smoke and slightly richer and greedy background. Some spicy notes and soft wood.
Palate: Explosive. Alcohol neutralizes the whole attack and lets only a few notes acids appear. Olfactory return quite pastry but aeration is essential. Adding water brings out the acid side, nose and mouth. Everything makes me point to a young whisky that was aged in bourbon.
Finish: Medium, empty

In the end, this whisky is not my cup of tea. It eventually soften but lost in my eyes the nose small gourmand notes. Disappointed.

Color: Pale yellow
Nose: There is a dominant flavor on the background, old-dried fruit, burned oak, not unpleasant but different.
Also a bit toffee.
taste: sharp in the nose, clearly oak and malt, not pleasant here, like when your wine tastes like cork....(
After: flat taste, oaky.

Looks like something went wrong with the marriage with the cask.

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