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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Ben Nevis

Français | English


Distilled 1996, Limited Edition

Barrel Selection
No age statement
Alcohol percentage
48 %
Wilson & Morgan
Cask number
single cask 799
Distil: 1996 Bottling: 2012
=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-07 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 73/100
Difference 18
Average 85,71


Total number of tasters 21
Excellent 1
Very good 4
Good 14
Medium 1
Bad 1
Ben Nevis Wilson Morgan

Color: intense gold
Nose: A lovely sherried nose, fruity ripe banana, dried fruit, vinous few notes in the background but not dominant, a slight caramel and a touch of menthol to finish.
Palate: This is a great big fruity sherry as I love the exotic fruits, banana, passion fruit and lime.
Then comes the honey, spices and dates as well as some malty.
With aeration it becomes mineral.
Finish: not very long but most jouissives a persistent fruity.

“Delicious stuff! Spicy, peated and lots of honey... maybe Talisker?”
This dram has a amber-like color.

Nose (91): (5)more than average. honey, spices, wood, pepper, citrus.
Taste (91): powerful, oily. honey, pepper, peat, floral, pears, cinnamon, wood.
Finish (90): (5)longer than average. honey, pepper, peat.


Colour: Yellow Gold.
Nose: Nose first a little peaty, more smoke on that peat however. Then a nice fruit note between yellow fruits and exotic fruits. Some spices and the freshness nearly marine. A vegetable hint, very green. Pastry also evokes the cake "Financial". Slightly meaty, on pig fat, with a touch more bitter on the leather. Slightly woody. Then there are the fruits of the first, but more citrus. A nice evolution in which all elements eventually merge into a homogeneous fine.
Palate: Creamy, on spices, gourmet and pleasantly warm. Difficult to analyze.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth.

Comments: A beautiful nose, complex, scalable, balanced and smooth. The taste is pleasant but difficult to analyze. The addition of water is to be avoided.

Nose: Melted and relatively complex. Mustard seed first then shows a beautiful elegant sherry. Nuts, coffee and grapes. Becomes crystallized after a long aeration.
Palate: In the continuity of the nose and especially spicy. Oily texture and almost effervescent.
Medium finish on honey.

Comments: A very nicely melted whisky , very drinkable but lacks something to seduce me completely.

Nose does not engage easily, but seems to harbor a certain complexity. Probably a sherry cask with hints of chocolate and exotic (too) quiet in the background. The exoticism is a bit more feel ventilation while remaining too withdrawn.
Palate: Soft, delicate, silky. In line with the exotic nose but a bit frustrating.
Finish: rather short ...
Conclusion: Probably (too) reduced, which frustrates because exoticism is a bit too far to come to light and give us an immense pleasure. Borders on the podium, damage.

Color: Gold
Nose: Expressive, it evokes an old grape marc mixed with talc, while being undoubtedly vinous. Some green notes and fruity bring a breath of fresh (fresh plum, pear flavored yogurt).
Taste: Powerful, more than the nose implied. More acidic than expected as well, with hints of citrus (orange, also clementine some marrying a discrete sherry. The wood brings spices (ginger) without crushing the rest. More interesting than the nose in my opinion.
Finish: Medium length. The wood raises dominant bitterness without becoming disagreeable. Some flavors of apple peel too.

Conclusion: It looks like a middle-aged Speysider aged in refill sherry. Classic, perhaps a little too polished, too well bred to generate excitement, it remains one of the most honest malt for fans of the genre.

Color: Gold
Here is a nose that needs time to open. Initially, some scents of dried grass and malt. If given time, it generates beautiful smells of ripe fruit, some liquorice mixed with citrus notes slightly acidic.
The mouth is amazing. Very clear notes of tangerine give this whisky a fresh and very nice character. A very unusual profile anyway.
Without being very complex, the mouth is out of the ordinary and well worth a visit.
The finish is fresh and of medium length. Still these strange notes of mandarin.

Color: Gold
Nose: roundness, a beautiful fruit, mainly plum, an impression of sweetness. The nose is attractive. Then an impression of camphor or iodine comes to pep.
Palate: The palate is round and smooth. Alcohol arrives mid-palate. This whisky has a beautiful structure with an alcohol present but does not take over. The aromas are on the cereal with the return of the perceived impression of sweetness on the nose. The texture is almost creamy.
Finale: Once we start on the coffee bean. Then we go on stewed fruit with a hint of caramel. The palate is fresh.

A smooth whisky with lots of freshness.

Color: Gold
Nose: Fruits, soft spices
Mouth: Tangerine, spices, pineapple
Finish: Medium, on pineapple


Color: light gold Nose: Franc, alcohol quite present. Herbaceous base with a hint of fruit and a hint of wood.
Taste: Very strong attack, but it is a candied orange coulis in the throat. Nose did not help me foreshadowing the fruity mouth. But my wife had detected the sweet base. After addition of water, and time, it is more creamy and attack becomes sweet, but keeps a good alcoholic strength. The nose is more fruit and pleasure, still on an orange base.
Finish: Medium, Orange goes on moer bitter notes (zest?). Rather monolithic, but frank and friendly. The opening is very beneficial in making it even more accessible and greedy. Very pleasant on the end of the tasting.

Color : Light Gold
Nose : sweet, tropical fruits, and some caramel
Mouth : sherry tones, raisins, and a little spicy on the tongue
Finish : mouth filling, but rather short finish

Nice whisky, not very complex


Nose: Nice fruity nose with apples, lemon, meringue, vanilla, moss and a lot of blood orange. It is also herbaceous with ethanol is less prevalent with aeration. It is very punchy!
Taste: Start right with a well integrated alcohol but the alccol is quickly becoming more aggressive before calming down again. It's round, lemony and herbaceous. Looks like some rum at moment.
Finale: Vanilla, woody, spicy. Lemon appears after adding water and anise with aeration. A little bit simple(not that it's a bad thing).

Comments: I like some sides of this whisky and much less others. I struggled with the wood at certain times in the final and even more with the aggressiveness of the alcohol at time. But overall, it's very pleasant.


color: old gold
nose: mildly earthy, vanilla, almonds and walnuts, sweet woodiness
taste: sweet wood, cinnamon and spiciness, sweet vanilla and speculoos (it's a Dutch cookie) the finish is medium long with fruity bitter notes.

appearance: light yellow
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, yellow fruits, honey, wax, fresh mint, sweet spices (like fresh oak), slightly mineral, slightly burnt caramel (after breathing)
taste: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, honey and yellow fruits dominate the palate, soft and mineral profile
finish: medium


Nose: Rather sweet and delicious. A hint of chestnuts (candied chestnuts), a little drying spices apricot yogurt . There are also a few oranges (a little pastry) and chocolate opening.
Mouth: Rather powerful and still a bit aggressive opening. The malt is the dominant in the early mouth. Then comes a little chocolate, a lot of spices and orange. Adding water brings a little more balance, always on the same notes.
Finale: In the continuity of the mouth, with a length quite honest despite losing some of its look greedy.

Comment: The nose is very pleasant and quite varied, opening with an overview of what will be put to the palate. On the palate it is a bit violent in the first place but it is damn better with the addition of water. It is ultimately quite balanced and well done even if the final is below.

Colour: Old gold.
Nose: The nose is fruity on peach and apricot. Also notes of caramel, vanilla bourbon, milk chocolate. Grows on sweet spices and grilled and roasted appearance also taking place. After ventilation notes more pastry take place (marzipan, gingerbread honey). Honey is developing well.
Palate: The fruit is preserved. Notes of coffee and licorice develop. The old wood is felt also and provides some forestry notes (humus, fungi). Adding a little water enhances the fruity side (apricot, orange peel which orange) which also makes a fine bitterness, with some herbal notes and floral.
Finale: Floral, heather, dry.

Nose: In the first instance fresh and directly followed by clear whisky symptoms like malt and hay. The smell is sharp of alcohol. After a while it gets spicier and has subtle sherry tones. Also some more wood tones also.

Taste: A combination of wood tones (bitterness) and herbs.

Finish: Medium long and spicy and a little bit liquorice.


Immediately apparent on the nose: malt and few spices. With a little aeration, pear makes a brief appearance and then moves on to the very discreet apple, honeysuckle, very discreet violets. The farm is not far away and fresh walnuts bringsa hint of bitterness. A long venting does not change. On the palate, the attack is soft sweet notes of honey, caramel and spices but also eucalyptus. A slight tannic bitterness. The final, of medium length, is the black pepper, bitter with nice notes based on licorice. At the very end, there is a return to the soap olive.
Whiskey not very rich but well done.

Colour: old gold
Nosing: light, grainy, dusty, dry maltness, some sulphur?
Tasting: a hard edge, spice and salt. Later on very salty actually! Some floral notes as well.
Finish: the salty flavour remains long, later on more smooth.

Comment: taste for me definitely better than the nose. I like those salty whisky's. Reminds me of some delightful Scapa and Inchgower expressions I had in the past.


Color: light pale gold
Nose: nice energizing nose, fresh mandarin/citrus fruit, silky oak, marzipan, appetizing
Taste: Like the nose, energizing boost but very balanced. light body, oak, vanilla.
after: short burn but then fades away quickly.

Nice easy whisky, for a daily dram, not special.


Colour: Deep gold.
Nose: Youngish and rooty. Light peat and orchard fruit (cider apples). Slightly fizzy. A dash of lemon juice softened by some vanilla. Agave. Quite austere, I must say.
Mouth: The light peat has vanished. Remains the soft vanilla. The alcohol (46%?) does the job and is quite well integrated. Becomes grassy and quite dry. More gentian root, now. Austere and not very talkative, I’m afraid.
Finish: Quite short, only sustained by a growing grassy bitterness.
Comment: The nose was youngish but okayish. The mouth is just uninteresting. A bottling that will make you spare some space on your shelves, if you ask me.

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