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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Français | English


Distilled 1998, Limited edition

Barrel Selection
No age statement
Alcohol percentage
50 %
Wilson & Morgan
Distil: 1998 Bottling: 2011
(casks 5606/7/8/9/10)
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2012-06 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 75/100
Difference 16
Average 85,77


Total number of tasters 22
Excellent 2
Very good 7
Good 8
Medium 3
Bad 0
Laphroaig 1998 Wilson Morgan

Colour: pale gold
Nose: Franc, peat smoke and immediate, with a heavy farmy bottom . Eventually more peat than smoke with something animal, very surprising . I do not get bored!
Palate: restrained, not too much alcohol and a good balance. More classic nose with a calm and coherent development of peat and greasy smoke. Rich and delicate in the genre. The following sips announce fat and sugar cereal. The set is very well mixed and soothing.
By cons, my wife does not like it at all. She found a taste of household chemical: immediate rejection. The cat either ...

Finish: Long but delicate. You do not leave the farm by the sea

Superb whisky! Caol Ila? Bottled at 46%? It is an incredible earthy peated experience. Some pepper on nose and palate and a lovely peat punch throughout all the dram. First class.

Color: Gold
Barbecue ash and peat characterize the first nose. Some remote medicinal hints and some farmy notes in the background.
The mouth is very subtly balanced, much more than announced by the nose. Very nice notes of chocolate pudding mix with the smoke and peat, but in a very well integrated. A marvel of balance. Nothing too spectacular, but in front of such a quiet strength, we have no need of fireworks.
The finish is very long and warm. Again, this is always subtlety that speaks. Excellent Laphroaig anyway.


Color: Gold
Nose: Fresh and peaty, on a dry peat and medicinal (bandages, antiseptic) before developing a marine aspect (spray a little iodine). Profile very straight and pure, stripped of all frills. By aerating the peat is fatter, with notes of rubber.
Palate: The attack is mild, then it is the outpouring of a young classic Islay, oily peat, liquorice, hints of lemon and salt.
Finish: Long and peaty, with a hint of liquorice.

Conclusion: A whisky for peat freaks. A bit monolithic, but well done. I love.

Nez: De la tourbe, beaucoup de souffre (allumettes), feu de cheminée et du fruit en fond (citron). Quelques vapeurs de kérosène.
Bouche: La bouche retranscrit parfaitement le nez. Avec un côté sucré inattendu.
Finale: Longue sur un relatif côté minéral et le feu de bois.


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Big peat, but clearly enriched by some years in a generous high quality cask that started to polish the beast. Soft vanilla, some organics, and nice citrusy notes.
Mouth: Peat and malt softness. Soot, hashes, and vanilla sugar. Never cloying, thanks to the perfect ABV (50% ?). Yes, the cask has cut the edges, but this malt still has lots of character! Big body. Thick and chewy. Soft violet-flavoured liquorice drops.
Finish: Long and ashy, just like after having smoked a cigar.
Comment: A smoky beast in a sweet-velvet glove. A nice middle-aged Laphroaig? I like it!


Colour: pale straw
The nose is superb. One is struck by the smoke and soot with its wet side. Then comes the fruit with a nice pear. A smoke develops into waves.
The palate is round, powerful, fruity. Already found the interview pear nose, but it is being gradually replaced with licorice and finally to lavender.
Smoke returns to finish support for flavors take further.
the final is on the ashes cold and menthol.

color: dark hay
nose: Vanilla peaty, salty, almonds
taste: full peaty, mouth watering sweet notes of vanilla and citrus fruits, long sweet finish with a peppery bite

Nose: Peat, high sulfur (matches), fireplace and fruit in the background (lemon). Some kerosene fumes.
Palate: The palate perfectly transcribed nose. With an unexpected sweetness.
Finish: Long on one side relative mineral and wood fire.

Nose: Nice and smooth smoky notes. Because of the subtle fragrance, citrus scents are cleary present. After a while notes of wet earth. The lower alcohol (I expect 46%) gives this dram a nice and subtle smell also.
Taste: Mmm... Lovely! Warm, soft with little sweetness directly interspersed with salty influences. Also some spicy notes.
Finish: Long,.. very long followed by a delicious tingling sensation.


The nose is dominated by a beautiful peat and marine wrap. Sweet, but lacking presence, it also shows citrus (lemon), heady flowers (nettle), lavender and violet. The whole thing is very complex. With aeration, a little ash appears.

The mouth is in the continuity of the nose, with a beautiful marine peat. Oily, it also shows a bit of smoke. However, it is a bit monotonous, even if aeration corrects this problem, and shows green olives and coffee. We also have a little something port.

The final length, medium to long, is on peat and salt, with as few citrus (oranges) and herbaceous influence.

In conclusion, a good whisky, with a good presence of peat.


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: first nose on oily peat, hay, some pungency is changing a touch of rubber very well married, nicely melted. A vegetable note, mint, juniper, pine sap come and in turn enrich the whole. Everything grows in a balanced and consistent, nicely melted way and evolves into notes of yellow fruits.
Palate: Creamy and oily, there are the same notes as on the nose. No aggression, but a pleasant presence of matter.
Finale: In continuation of the mouth and nose, expressive, powerful and moderately long finish.

Comment: A very nice whisky, greedy, and more daily dram.

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: typically Islay, begins on peat and marine notes, spray and oysters.
Some citrus in the background, mainly lemon.
With aeration it becomes sweeter and more autumnal fruits, especially apples.
Palate: The peat is present on the cold ashes, lemon, apple, iodine and some spices in the background.
Final: Moderately short, sorry.

Color: Light gold.
Nose: spicy-smoke, marmalade, marzipan, fresh. Nice!
Taste: balanced peat with oak, little burn boost, fresh leather.
Finish: long hearty warm peat.

Good whisky.


Nose: mineral and wet dog. A microtip exoticism in a few moments.
Mouth: peak toasted and delicate peat. Sweet / salty enjoyable. Difficult to analyze but seems complex. Marshmallow.
Final: average and quite mineral. Notes of apple retro-olfaction.
Conclusion: Interesting by its elusiveness (very versatile). A nice little unpretentious whisky that deserves some attention.

appearance: Riesling clear
nose: medium intensity (low to medium after breathing), well integrated alcohol, peat, dry smoke, lightly smoked bacon, extinguished fire (after breathing)
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, peat and smoke dominate, light fruityness, archetype of a young peated whisky
finish: medium


The nose is strongly influenced by peat, tar. By looking carefully we find some industrial gingerbread, some marine character and candied orange. On the palate, the attack is sweet and slightly bitter. Peat is still predominant with a hint of licorice, a little orange. The finish is of the same ilk. Good length on the basis of peat. The spices, licorice barely able to balance this power. There are also woods, vanilla and anise.
This whisky is really not my cup of tea as it is monolithic peat. Fortunately, there was the final.

Nose: There is a very peat vegetal. Yet there is a lot of sugar coating (powdered sugar), giving an artificial appearance. Found in the bottom of the nose a little fruit (plums marinated), but contained in the above-mentioned two flavors. With more aeration, the nose drifting dangerously sulfur notes.
Palate: The peat is powerful, exuberant, ash (a bit rubbery as well). Sweet touches (similar to the nose unfortunately) and malt coming round the corners so a bit messy. The fruity reappears fleetingly after aeration.
Finale: In the continuity of the mouth but by rapidly reducing to the peaty aspect. Rubber spring aftertaste.

Comment: A Whisky that sends bluntly peat powerful and inexorably losing accuracy. If we except the nose a bit more varied, there is a bit simplistic and somewhat artificial (sugar).

Colour: gold
Nose: fresh with lemon zest. Delicate smoke.
Taste: soft peat, lemon and lime, not very complex but smooth and appetising though
Finish: medium, dry

Comments: a delicate Islay style whisky

Nose: Apple, pear, cinnamon
Mouth: Spice, strawberry, prickling due to the degree of alcohol
Finish: shorty


Colour: Gold
Nose: Floral, malty, slightly rubbery, and with some heather
Taste: Dry, clean, peaty, farmy with some rubber and heather. Diluted, it becomes drier and farmy. The finish is medium to long, dry to very dry, peaty, tarry, ashy and rather rough.
Impression: A clean, simple peat monster with very dry peaty notes, without much compromise.


C : Pale gold.
N : The nose is smoky (with finesse, without exageration). Some iodine notes and herbal notes comes through immediatly, with some rubber. The nose is fresh even though the ash is still hot ; smoky. The pepper is warming.
B : At first soft, then builds in smoke, ash, and warming spice (pepper, cloves) Quite oily in texture.
F : Smoky and salty, on charcoal and pepper.

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