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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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1990, Fino Sherry Hogshead

21 years
Alcohol percentage
51,5 %
Malts of Scotland
fino Sherry hogshead
Cask number
single cask 1135
Distil: 24/01/1990 Bottling: 27/05/2011
65 of 254 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-05 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 70/100
Difference 20
Average 85,17


Total number of tasters 18
Excellent 3
Very good 5
Good 4
Medium 3
Bad 2
Macallan 1990 MOS

Colour: old gold
Nosing: smoky, peat, cereal grain and some sherry notes
Tasting: surprisingly smooth and sweet. Smokiness slowly emerges and develops to menthol, sherry and vanilla
Finish: salty, dry smokiness. Intensely

Comment: good balance between sherry and peat, Good final of the WDTS 5th session. Thanks JM!


“Another sherry crack with a lovely nose”
This dram has a amber-like color.
Nose (90): more than average. honey, citrus, spices, cinnamon, candies, smoke. Old whisky here...
Taste (90): powerful, oily. honey, spices, pepper, floral, citrus, nuts.
Finish (89): longer than average. honey, spices, nuts.


Color: sustained gold
Nose: The first nose is on sulfur, after a long aeration sulfur disappears. It has lovely notes of fresh fruit, vanilla, pastry notes, some custard and some vegetal notes in the background.
Mouth: the mouth is in line with the nose, fruity, sweet, vanilla and vegetable.
Finish: long fruity and vegetal.

Color: Gold
Nose: Powerful and intense, something floral and heady, and dried apricots, a bit of black mushrooms and powder, dark chocolate, more animal notes (Viandox). He demonstrates great complexity.
Taste: Strong, hot, marked by sherry, with a little sulfur, cinchona bark, cocoa and candied orange zest.
Finish: Long, very pleasant though slightly astringent and sulfur.

Conclusion: A beautiful complex whisky, both delicate and powerful.

Colour: Old gold.
Nose: Delicious smoky that reminds me of an old Islay whisky. Also subtle tones of sherry coming true.
Taste: Well balanced, because the smoky notes (perhaps peat) nicely stay into the background. After a while some notes of gingerbread.

Finish: Medium, sweet and dry.


Nose, at first, is on an intense burning rubber with traces of mint. It is very "green", green fruits (unripe), grass, mint, without having the cool side or acid. I also find a mineral aspect with cigarette ash and salted butter caramel. Aeration transforms the whisky in a bowl of hot chocolate with intense notes of cocoa, banana and vanilla. Traces of cashews alleviate all. The mouth is a sharp attack with a nice bitterness (I love!), Which highlights spices and fruit. Woody tannins are present but very discreet. The finish develops this last note giving a harshness under control while fruit and cocoa recall to our memory.
A "love it or hate it.whisky " In my case, I am on the side of "love it".

Color: Gold
First a slight sense of bitterness, cashews. Slight tingling in the nose that disappear fairly quickly to make room for pretty fruity and malty notes. Relatively complex, the nose is very interesting.
Alcohol is clearly present from the first taste. He then leaves the place to powerful fruity aromas, sherry, milk chocolate. Nice complexity here too.
The finish is very long and hot. It prolongs perfectly the mouth.

Nose: The nose is slightly closed. It is on the solvent and the red fruit (blackcurrant jelly). Whiskey almost vinous.
Palate: The palate is fresh and sweet. Alcohol enters a second time. He brings with him notes of fennel seeds and nice floral notes. Beautiful structure.
Final: Final develops finesse. A touch of bitterness gives relief. It all ends on the blackcurrant jelly.


color: dark gold
nose: vanilla and marshmallows, some apricot and apples
taste: full flavoured, some wood, again the fruitiness as in the nose, greasy butter, the finish stays full in flavour with more woodenness coming up then some spiciness and eventually mellowing out


Colour: Amber.

Nose: Quite powerful (tickling 50%?), but delicately fragrant though. Chamomile and light honey. Then citrusy notes keep on developing. Crumpled verbena leaves, orange juice, and the softness of the icing sugar. And a slight woody character (shh… just a little wood shavings).

Mouth: Soft and creamy. Easy going. The alcohol is perfectly merged. A more obvious herbal character afterwards. Liqueur herbs. Anise seeds, coriander, and a little angelica.

Finish: Getting slightly coastal now, with a nice briny touch.

Comment: Another nice middle-aged Speysider (around its twenties ?) with a nice balance between fruits and herbs, power and softness, sweetness and salt. Just lacks a pinch of crazyness to make it a "coup de coeur".


Nose: lemon cake, vanilla, cereals.
Mouth: Lemon with white sugar, spices and vanilla.
Final: Sweet, spicy, a little lemon and menthol which has disappeared with aeration.

Comments: A relatively simple and constant whiskey but that is easy to drink and has a nice balance between sweet and acid.


Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: Nose first on the skin of lemon, then oiled, flour, talcum powder, a few puffs of irritating alcohol. A little salt, leather, bacon, smoked ham.
Palate: Creamy, spices and fruit tart.
Final: In line with the mouth.

Comment: Pleasant, relatively smooth, but lack of'' pep'' precision. Do not like water.

Nose: initially very alcoholic. After a long aeration and a few drops of water, develops timidly on the apricot jam with almonds.
Mouth pastry, woody and spicy.
Finish: medium length.

appearance: dark Riesling
nose: medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, closed at the beginning and requires 30 minutes of breathing to open, fruity, soft cereals, marshmallows, vegetables (peas and carrots in tin can), the flavors are intensely melted so that is difficult to distinguish them
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, tangy and peppery from the start, gaining in power during the taste and masks the other flavors
finish: medium

Conclusion:A whisky with highly melted and interesting aromas on the nose but with a taste that can not confirm the created expectations


Color: Gold
Nose: Malt
Mouth: Apple, pears then exotic fruits (pineapple)before
Final: On malt before kind of bitterness


Colour: pale gold.
Nose: grated coconut. Much even. Popcorn sweet and well caramelized. Some sulfur. Perhaps a little unsalted peanuts. Even peanut butter.
Dry mouth and spicy. Always that little presence of sulfur. Too bad, it has taste of water. From flavored water.
Final moderately long and not sufficiently expressive.

Comment: Not much to say except that I have not hung over it.

Color: Gold
Nose: A little too bright. Smell of dough with egg, a little malt. A nose that does not necessarily want, little exuberant.
Taste: A dominant approaching grain caramelized but that is eaten with alcohol. It takes water to avoid a sharp appearance. We found a little chocolate and a little grassy bitterness - vodka types -. Not really exciting.
Final: Low, an extension of the mouth with a hint of bitterness.

Comment: very disappointing whisky. It is completely fearful and integration alcoholic is strangely absent. Far from being a success all along the tasting, the nose is probably its weakest point.

Nose: Hint of toasted but too prudent elsewhere. A smoky note? Does not inspire me at least ...
Taste: Bitter, evolves on a slightly meaty and a veil of smoke as foreshadowed in the nose.
Finale: Short bitterness persists even if a little too much for my taste!
Conclusion: Not my type of whisky because of the roasted note much too on the front of the stage without really show behind ... almost dry and alcoholic.
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