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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Blended Malt

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Batch 116, Speyside sherry casks blended malt

Le Puits à Whisky
No age statement
Alcohol percentage
43 %
Jean Boyer
(Dailuaine 1999 + Linkwood 1998)
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2012-05 82/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 59/100
Difference 31
Average 82,17


Total number of tasters 18
Excellent 1
Very good 0
Good 10
Medium 5
Bad 1
Batch 116, JB

“Superb nose! I am almost sure this one is An Cnoc single malt”
This dram has a fino-like color.

Nose (91): more than average. toffee, vanilla, citrus. An Cnoc! It must be an Cnoc! Delicious!

Taste (90): smooth, oily. honey, vanilla, floral, citrus, wood, spices, anise, cinnamon.

Finish (89): longer than average. toffee, vanilla, citrus.


Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: Nose first of candied fruit, some animal notes before becoming floral. Also slightly vinegary, on fruit vinegar. Over time notes of dried tomatoes appear, apple cider vinegar.
Taste: Oily, slightly woody and spicy. Rather harmonious and balanced. A nice presence without aggression, but very expressive, however.
Finale: As an extension of mouth, good length, with a wooded controlled throughout.

Comment: Rather pleasant for those who love the acid notes, like me. Complexity, a subdued and classy oak. It is rather well done but a bit short. Does not appreciate at all the water.

Straw color with green tints
Nose: The nose is round and fruity. It gives an impression of sweetness. Alcohol is present but well integrated. I note the scent of brandy, plum mainly.
Mouth: I'm clearly on the ripe fruit, cherry plum. Alcohol comes in waves but with a small hollow on the finish before the return of aromas in retro-olfaction.
Final: Almost disappointing after everything I've felt before. A hint of chocolate, plum return.

color: Gold
Nose: Young, heather and honey, but also sulfur and smells that resemble dry stone after a short rain shower!
Taste: Warm, flint (!) And peppery.

Finish: long, dry and then some sweets.


Color: straw yellow
Nose: Quite floral, a good dose of spice, pepper, a little lemon and a touch of toffee.
Palate: The palate is less complex than the nose, more on cereals, spices and some fruits yellow background.
Final: Medium, on grain.


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: A creamy texture appears immediately. One gets the impression to have a yogurt with banana, a little lemony - a slightly spicy - under the nose. The water makes it more chocolatey but also a little floral. beautiful nose.
Taste: The alcohol hides hints of noble dark chocolate very pronounced that come after a more neutral starts turning around the salty malt. The water balance flavors but is not necessary.
Final: From chocolate milk, vanilla extract - a little bitter - and some barley.

Comment: really nice whisky. A nose between freshness, softness and roundness. The mouth, meanwhile, is straightforward, not overly complex but very controlled. The finish keeps the spirit of the mouth but less greedy.

Nose: Too wise, vaguely fruity, vaguely licorice. Quite mineral and fresh.
Mouth: silky, fruit juice (apple-pear) very diluted. Marshmallow. A few too shy exotic notes (pineapple, papaya ...).
Final: too short, despite a little rum on the final side.
Conclusion: Not bad, nice fruity notes, but frustrating in its lack of candor.

color: pale gold
nose: sweet nose, vanilla and wood, fresh banana
taste: little bit daft at first, very mellow, some fruits banana again, very light, some spices towards the finish and a little grassy


Color: Sraw
Nose: Fruty on strawberry
Mouth: Peach apricot and yellow fruits
Final: Short on citrus fruits


The nose is immediately marked by a distinct marine related, with metallic shades and discreet black fruit. With aeration the metal side, ozone (electric arc - not a metal !) is more present, more accurate, then the profile is softened with the emergence of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), spices and pear. On the palate, the attack is clear on the Cayenne pepper, with wood and caramel. A fruit basket, broad but discrete, made an appearance. The final starts on those fruits which are slowly disappearing, giving way to the bitterness of licorice and banana.
Nothing wrong with this whiskey, but alas, nothing to praise either.


Color: Gold
Nose: The nose is first marked by notes of plum brandy or good grape marc. Then appear malted notes (rusk, barley sugar), fruit (apple chard), and a little talc.
Palate: Nice but lacks of expression, despite sharp notes of raisins, even if they express themselves differently, drier and less sweet than in a big sherry cask to Glenfarnach. Something of an old plum.
Finish: Medium length, relatively alcooleuse on raisins.

Conclusion: A malt that did not made me vibrate, quite mat. Something of a blend, even if not the worse.

Colour: between gold and straw
A fairly light nose, marked by a beautiful fruity freshness and lovely floral notes. A spring whisky . Not very complex, but without defects. A very nice perfumed nose.
The mouth is not a surprise compared to the nose. It is sweet, floral (pollen?), With fruit and honey. Like the nose, it is not very complex. Very nice though, even if the sweetness is not the thing I like most about whisky. However as an aperitif, this whisky would do wonders. It has all the qualifications, fragrant, pleasant to drink, no aggression, very brief "easy drinkable" for a large majority. Maybe not really intended for those in search of single malt.
The finish is fairly unobtrusive, and relatively long. It is the perfect extension of the mouth, with the honey and the nectar enduring a few moments.

appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, red fruits, furniture wax, fresh tobacco, marzipan, black tea, a very nice nose at the beginning that reminds me of a dark sherry cask, after 45 minutes of breathing the whisky loses much of its richness and is dominated by marzipan and malt flavors and the alcohol becomes more present (89 for the first nose, 82 for the second nose)
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, malty, slightly fruity, rather fresh at the start with a slight bitterness at the end, taste in a line with the second nose
finish: short

Conclusion: A whisky with a very promising start but collapsing unfortunately while breathing


Nose: New make, brown sugar, ripe pear.
Mouth: Lemon, sugar and cereals.
Final: Light lemon, sugar, light fruitiness, spice, marzipan. Slightly spicy.

Comments: Very easy drinkable but also very simple. Despite being in a style I do not like, I reckon that it's really well done.


Colour: white wine
Nose: delicate and slightly metallic. Spices? Curry powder? Looks like. Not much more. If, perhaps a few peanuts.
Mouth fluid and bubbly. A little honey. It becomes drier later. With a taste of wet newspaper. Final:Moderately long finish. Spicy.

Comment: Plain and boring whsky. Nothing more to say. Pity.

Nose: fruit (yes but which?). Spices, mustard and wine-colored background.
Mouth: aqueous, slightly fruity and spicy.
Finish: Long on one side and spicy oak.

Colour: gold
Nose: strange nose. Young. Earthy, flagrant, wet cardboard.
Tasting: light and easy, some smoke? of sulphur? Not in bbalance really
Finish: sting of peat, then dryness

Comment: aperitif style whisky with a bite


Colour: Straw.
Nose: Youngish. We're pretty close to the raw material here. Mashy. Soaked grain. Wet straw. Stale ale. Cut grass soaked by the rain and waiting to be raked. Whiffs of Cologne and raw alcohol. Low-end fruit distillate. A risky finish?
Mouth: Starts with just a slight dash of fruit and toffee softness before turning grassy again. Very grassy indeed, and very bitter. Alcohol balance is okayish (46% ?). And not much more to say I'm afraid.
Finish: Bitter bitter and bitter.

Comment: No need to say this is not to my liking. I can hardly believe this one comes from a Scottish Warehouse. A "Foreign" experience? However, choose your casks more carefully and age it more patiently next time, please…

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