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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Whiskies of Scotland
No age statement
Alcohol percentage
47,1 %
Whiskies of Scotland
Non chillfiltered cask strength
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WDTS2012-05 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 78/100
Difference 11
Average 83,94


Total number of tasters 18
Excellent 1
Very good 1
Good 6
Medium 9
Bad 1
Macallan Whiskies of Scotland

“Very nice sherried whisky. I think I have already tasted this one...”
This dram has a fino-like color.
Nose (89): more than average. toffee, floral, vanilla, peaches. Very closed nose but really nice.
Taste (90): smooth, powerful, oily. honey, wood, vanilla, citrus, spices, cinnamon, tobacco. I am sure I have tasted this one before... umm... no clue right now.
Finish (89): average. honey, tobacco, vanilla, wood.


Color: straw yellow
Nose: rather discreet, ultra floral, it seems to have the nose over a bed of flowers. The flowers are supported by acacia honey and hints of apple.
Mouth: very sweet, of honey, spices, fried acacia and hawthorn.
Finish: rather long on chocolate.

Colour: Pale gold
A very nice fruity nose, Melon de Charente, peach, with beautiful notes of vanilla. The nose, which is more agreeable than complex, will undoubtedly please many.
On the palate, the sweetness of the nose continues. A very nice balance and a few acidic tips followed by some slightly bitter notes gives it a complexity not known to the nose.
The finish is long, and still in the same fruity register as the nose and mouth. An extremely pleasant whisky even if not spectacular.

color: pale gold
nose: sweets, very fruity, banana, apricots, very mild and floral
taste: vanilla, oil like buttery-ness, really smooth, very fresh like 'a summer dram', the finish is medium long with a spicy bite


Color: Gold
Nose: A lovely sweet nose (vanilla combined with fruit), barley and green fruit.
Taste: Sweet and sour follow each other well, but also some bitterness.
Finish: Medium.

Comment: The smell is in my opinion better than the taste.


Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: Nose first both dry and fresh, green mixture of hazelnut and walnut shell. Pomaded and vegetal, on the hay, peanut oil or sunflower. The nose eventually becomes mostly wooded.
Palate: Creamy, with notes of honey, woody, spicy.
Final: In line with the mouth, warm and spicy. Then more and more astringent.

Comment: An interesting profile, but we would have liked to see further developed. Avoid water.

Nose: I felt like an empty glass of grenadine. Spices (coriander?). Freshly cut grass. Wood and vanilla.
Mouth: nice and oily. Many of candied fruit. A bit of almond paste. A salty side.
Finish: long and mineral.

Colour: gold
Tasting: flowers, hay, heather
Tasting: malty, dryish at first, then a range of sweetness and spicy notes. Difficult to subscribe,
Finish: medium , bourbon oak

Comment: tasting better that nosing


Nose: Lime, mint (morito). Appearance of vanilla with aeration.
Taste: Sweet, lemon and sugar.
Final: Sweet, citrus, spicy, chalky, slightly bitter.

Comments: Simple and good.


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: One senses immediately a lot of citrus fruit - Candied orange, lemon -, slightly smoky. Aeration brings roundness: a little honey. There is also a bit of pancake batter. The water rounds it a little. It is still very spirited.
Taste: Honey, malt, slightly bitter citrus, cinnamon with a little salt. The palate is well supported by the alcohol that you feel this. Water does not add much to the pleasure: A relaxing releasing the pressure, but a palette alcoholic who loses a lot of charm - less honey and barley -.
Finale: The roundness fades to leave notes sharper - spice -. It falls quite rapidly.

Comment: pretty nice whisky. The nose announced a milder brew. The titration is necessary to maintain a little levity in the sensations. Without it, it becomes more neutral palate, but also more angular finish.

appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, fruit orchard, spring air, green tea, hints of barn aromas (ammonia)
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, very linear whisky, the aromas of the nose are already present at the beginning of the taste and remain present untill the end
finish: short to medium

Conclusion: A beautiful well drinkable whisky


Color: Gold
Nose: Again, a profile on the white fruit, but this time with a cool bonus herbaceous component. Aeration also reveals malty (barley sugar) or biscuit. Some citrus acidity too. But this lacks of definition for my taste, although a little water makes it better.
Palate: The attack is very low, but alcohol quickly grew in power. It stifles the flavor somewhat unfortunately, although we realize that it remains in the line of the nose. Here's one who calls a little water. This makes it actually more drinkable, but highlights the herbaceous component at the expense of the fruit.
Finish: Medium length, it is unfortunately marked by the taste of alcohol.

Conclusion: A nice malt, without flaw or anything transcendent.

Nose: Very soft on the almond tart with figs and a slight hint of plum. Mineral and almost woody (vanilla).
Mouth: oily, silky, a little too wise.
Finish: rather short, evolves on some powdery notes.
Conclusion: Well balanced, but lacks the power and complexity to my taste.

The nose is, at first, woody with a discreet fruit. Tannic notes give a roughness too intense for the cider apple can soften. With aeration, the tannins fade, leaving room melted Swiss cheese, bitterness, rare berries. Then the white fruit (dessert apple, pear) and iodine marine appear in waves. The set is very discreet. On the palate, the attack is receding, with a roughness present but not intrusive (contrary to early nosing), then notes of green olive and rare flowers. It looks more like a new make as a teenager. The final, medium length, shows pretty bitter coffee decorated with green fruit and some spices.
A whisky rough, bitter, well balanced in this register which can not please everyone. It should have a few more degrees.


Nose: The nose is powerful, almost heavy. Herbaceous mainly on the theme of rosemary. Lacks a little balance with an alcohol is a bit too far.
Taste: A texture a little disconcerting after the general impression left on the nose the whiskey turns a little watery. It is the white fruit with floral notes. Alcohol only comes in a second time.
Finale: The finale begins with soft vanilla and a hint of menthol. The flavors fade quickly to make room for alcohol.

Altogether a whisky that seems unbalanced.


Color: Sraw
Nose: Vegetable on vetiver and artichoke
Mouth: Vegetable grassy and aromatic plant (thymus)
Final: Short


Light gold color
Very powerful nose first. Alcohol and more alcohol. Perhaps the faint smell of yeast with a little white flesh fruit and some caramel.
Palate: Fresh, powerful as well as the nose. Sweet and "heavy".
Final and tangy as sweet as the mouth. Good length. Comment: Too strong. Alcohol is really a handicap. Less aggressive than sample 2 .. Fortunately. But all the same, there is not much to say.

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Quite soft and herbal at first. Candied angelica. Not really my cup of tea, but flawless. The alcohol becomes more apparent then (51% ?).
Mouth: In line with the nose, with more oomph.
Finish: Long and rather astringent, but not in such an unpleasant way. And quite salty. Some coastal root?

Comment: If you're on sexy and spectacular whiskies, you'd better go your way. I will do so, but others may find something quite enchanting in the austerity of this malt.

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