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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Undisclosed Speyside distillery

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Master of Malt 30 years old Speyside, 4th edition

Secret Bottlings Series
30 years
Alcohol percentage
40 %
Master of Malt
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2012-04 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 68/100
Difference 23
Average 83,56


Total number of tasters 16
Excellent 1
Very good 3
Good 8
Medium 3
Bad 1
30 years old Speyside

appearance: medium amber
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, old leather, mango, papaya, sweet oriental spices, sour / sweet mixture like in old oloroso sherry, dark chocolate with mint
taste: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, the taste is mostly based on half dry, half sweet sherry aromas with cough syrup adding towards the finish
finish: short to medium

Conclusion: A complex whisky with well melted aromas. A little more intensity (especially in the taste) would mean an even higher rating


Splendid, sea influence (origin ?) combined with greedy side (cask ?). Mineral (stone on the beach) and coastal (sea food), It’s a complex nose with a nice sherry classical notes added of hay, varnish precious wood, old paper and a little meaty side (wild)
In mouth, soft attack, low alcohol. Good balance but less complex than on the nose, old school peat, sea water desalted and classical sherry notes.
Nice finish but a lack of punch.
But still great.


The first nose out of the boiled egg, eaten quickly, and apple. The rest is pretty hazy at first: green apple that is confirmed, vanilla, cinnamon, strawberry, rosemary, lavender, coffee. After the egg becomes clearly vegetal. Let's see whether aeration can bring the animal. Baked potato? No, we are still in the plant. Finally! it announces clear smoked and meaty. On the palate is soft on the meaty with caramel. Then come the apple, bananas, spices (nutmeg, cloves, pepper) and sea final beautifully articulates with the mouth. It is enriched licorice while the rest of the flavors gently away. A very good length.
A set of superb harmony, extremely accurate and dense. But it lacks the complexity to achieve excellence. Very easy drinkable.

Color: Mahogany
The nose is sweet with nice notes of sherry mixed with vegetal aromas, mint, and a little spice. However, itis difficult to impose itself. A bit like a too much strong dilution alienated some odors. Pepper and spices, however, manage to emerge giving the nose a beautiful structure.
In the mouth we have pleasant notes of sherry and hazelnut, plum. Not very complex but very pleasant, the mouth perfectly prolongs nose. Fear of excessive dilution is not confirmed in the mouth.
A long and warm, with plum and slightly woody notes have not disappeared.

Nose: Orange, tangerine, melon, coffee, tea.

Mouth: Very soft, silky. Light citrus, coffee and milk.

Finish: Long, soft while being slightly aggressive at certain moment with pepper and spices galore. Light citrus notes

Comments: A very drinkable whisky. A good daily dram, I would say!


color: amber
Nose: very fruity woodiness, toffee and nuts
taste: very fresh tones and fruitiness or tutti-frutti, very sweet caramel, ends with dark wood tones

Nose: Apple & Cinnamon, grenadine syrup, blackcurrant, raspberry
Palate: Sweet. Coffee. Small vegetal bitterness in the finish
Very long finish

Relatively complex. Interesting. But I'm not very excited.

Nose: Candy, nuts, bitter orange for a start on the sweet notes of sherry. Woody, salty aroma of toast then, to move to the smell of old cellar, with its procession of cork and noble rot (reminds me of some of my fermented Chinese tea, the pu-erh). Aeration makes it more flowery, with the appearance of lavender, with a little peppermint and quite identifiable sage note. Aeration also helps get rid of an odor almost completely original solvent.
The nose is rather nice rather austere and barely open.
Mouth: very sweet - too much unfortunately - on flowers, nuts, and then to the cellar notes (cork, paper, roll). Takes the bull by the horns with leather, smoke, herbs & salt before turning for a while in ashes. Sage crowns the ashes in the extension. Nice evolution of the mouth, which remains somewhat austere and too wise.
Final: nuts & flowers
Conclusion: A quite shy sherry, pleasant surroundings by many, but lack the confidence to fully please.

Colour: Amber.
Nose: nose first both butter and dried fruit, peanuts, peanut butter? praline, almond powder and pistachio nuts, cashews, pecans. Cereal, corn flakes. A little slightly tart red fruit, too. Develops frankly on spices, cranberries. With more time, very frankly about coffee roasting.
Palate: Creamy, but the expressiveness contained, almost too melted.
Final: In the wake of the mouth.

Comment: Interesting, a profile rather surprising, but lacks some expressiveness, power. Few drops of water reduce it to silence.

Nose: sweet, on white fruit (pear, peach ...). Lacking some presence. Marshmallow. Marine / iodized at times. Oddly moving on dried fruit (dates & figs).
Mouth soft, silky and smooth, a veil of smoke gives way to a mineral side that structures a little too quiet mouth. Evolution still on soft freshness.
Final medium, too quiet ljust ike the mouth
Conclusion The nose reveals a complexity that is not found in the mouth ... pretty bad, although it remains a friendly and fresh malt.

Color: Mahogany
Nose: Lots of sherry, and that is the sweetest, most delicious, the candied figs, raisins and caramel, lots of caramel.
Palate: The attack is sweet but powerful. Sherry develops on the fig confit but also Mandarin. The mid-palate is revealed about it more bitter and woody than expected, but not excessively.
Finish: Slightly bitter chocolate before the wood dominates, it is relatively long.

Conclusion: The cask has completely overtaken the distillate, and not necessarily for the better, although the total remains correct.

Colour: rich amber
Nosing: Floral and fruity with nutty malt notes. Later on some green tea. Not very heavy.
Tasting: perfume, lemon grass, developing malt. It seems if the whisky is struggling itself among the woods
Finish: comparatively lengthy, with raisins and a final dry oak note.


Colour: Mahogany.
Nose: Malty and sherried in a very soft way. Light butterscotch. Big red apples (red delicious). And a hint of burnt wood. All of this is rather nice, but a bit weak I’m afraid.
Mouth: Yep. A bit weak it is (40%?). You can swallow this by mouthful without getting hurt. Rounded and soft. Juicy and chewy. Diluted chestnut honey. Corn syrup. And still some burnt wood.
Finish: Longer than expected, mostly because of the slight woody bitterness.

Comment: Tastes like these old over-diluted sherried Speyside. Not really thrilling, but will slide down your throat so easily that you may be tempted.


Colour: Dark amber, brown hints.
Nose: The nose has the unpleasant surprise of rubbing alcohol, butane. Then comes the chard apple for its vegetal side .
Palate: The palate is very soft, almost flat, in any case completely one-dimensional. I find notes of dried nut and old leather.
Final: Medium length. the final collapse quickly. Notes of chocolate, cocoa butter. The whisky leaves a matte mouth, woody (which is a defect).

Color: Copper
Nose: a rather coarse sherry, despite a large aeration, notes of distillation on the cabbage and a little sulfur.
A little spice in the background and chemical notes of sweet .
Mouth: very original and less unpleasant than the nose, it is more floral notes, a little vegetal on anise and vegetables.
Finish: rather short

Colour: Full brown, mahogany, redwood.
Nose: Very easy and discreet, light floral notes, black tea and fresh garden herbs (waldmeister).
Taste: Very sweet and soft, again light floral notes. Sweet dessert wine (tawny port). There seems not much alcohol here, no water needed.
Finish: Again very discreet and easy, but not weak, goes on and on and even seems to grow, here now some complexity appears, apples, cocoa and dried tropical fruits.
Conclusion: For me no great experience in full, too discreet and soft without any counterpoint, there is no clear statement given. But the finish is great fun and very enjoyable.
Guesswork: Hard to guess, might be one great, old (and expensive) bottle (sherry cask) but it is not what I look for in whisky.

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