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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Ledaig, aged 31 years

Chieftain's Choice
31 years
Alcohol percentage
47,8 %
Ian McLeod
Sherry Hogshead
Distil: 04-1973
120 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength (casks 1711-1712)
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WDTS2012-04 87/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 93/100
Lowest rate 81/100
Difference 12
Average 87,19


Total number of tasters 16
Excellent 2
Very good 7
Good 5
Medium 2
Bad 0
Ledaig Chieftain's Choice 31

appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, charcoal, old grease, barn aromas, dried fruits, soft exotic spices, red fruits, hints of munster cheese
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, taste mostly with exotic spices and fruits, the dirty flavorings (old grease, coal) are present but stay in the background
finish: medium to long

Conclusion: A delight on the whole line.


Color: Amber
Nose: big sherry with notes of rubber accompanied by a fine peat.
After a good ventilation, the rubber is almost over now.
Resinous notes appear, peat becomes more smoke, earthy notes, heather and the orange and chocolate.
Palate: Peat is a little more present and nicely melted with sherry still a lot of rubber.
After adequate ventilation was honey, a little rubber, smoke, spices, chocolate and some citrus in the background.
Finish: very long on the earthy and sweet notes.


Colour: Old gold
A fine nose with hints of toasted nuts, sherry, spices, toast. A subtle complexity emerges at all. Here is a whisky that demands attention. A kind of whisky very refined but quite unspectacular. Its quality is not in the show.
In the mouth this subtlety is confirmed, even if the mouth is less chiseled than was nose. Here the notes of toast and nuts are present but less discreet than in the nose. Some more acid fragrances are added to the picture and alcohol without being annoying shows there. Excellent mouth.
The finish is very long and prolongs perfectly the mouth. This pleasant sensation of bread and toasted walnuts is omnipresent. The length of this final is a real treat.

Color: Amber
Nose: We are here dealing with one of these slightly sulfur sherries that I often like. Organic notes of black mushrooms, match heads, raisins, balsamic vinegar, nuts, coffee liqueur. Alcohol is however felt.
Taste: Powerful and expressive, well marked by sherry and again slightly sulphurous. It contains the main fragrances detected in the nose plus notes of fresh eucalyptus and menthol on the finish, and candied citrus.
Finish: Medium length, it is marked by weary candied citrus and fresh menthol.

Conclusion: A good sherry slightly sulfur, but not a caricature, and even a bit of apple peel.

Post-tasting notes: this bottle probably requires more time than I have left it in this tasting. Aeration will embellish the most likely.

Nose: Fireworks which disappears after a long aeration, coffee, ripe fruits, some maritime aromas.

Mouth: Lemongrass, lemon, citrus, dried fruits, coffee, mocha.

Finale: Fireworks which disappears after aeration, citrus, lemon, coffee and bitterness that fades with aeration. long finish

Comments: Good sherry with citrus notes and a long bitterness. I love! Works better with some aeration.


Colour: dark amber
Nose: sherry, malt, background peat smoke.
Nosing: sweet fruit and sherry with developing smoke. Some peat
Finish: long, rich, smooth, sweet peat.


Color: amber
Nose: The nose is fruity (white fruit) and especially on plum. Alcohol brings a good tension and allows the development of aromas of caramel, leather and roasted coffee.
Mouth: the mouth opens gently. Then comes the sting of alcohol and finally a nice roundness. Everything grows in successive waves. A beautiful structure. A well built whisky .
Final: the final restarts on these fruity nose again with notes of plum (Vieille Prune of Louis Roque in Souillac). These flavors are supported by a certain sweetness. Then comes a touch of roasted a bit like an espresso. Good length.

Color: amber
nose: caramel, fresh wood and cacao
taste: sweet taste, very mellow, woody, finishes with spices, slightly drying.

Nose: Raisins & cocoa, plums
Taste: Sweet, slightly tannic and a lot of cocoa
Long and wooded

Pleasant and easy drinking

Amazing evolution in glass. First of all, on rubber and rotten vegetal, then mix between pine bark and flinty notes, and finally a beautiful chocolate/smoke/earthy combo.
In mouth, after breathing, smoked wood, fruit and chocolate.
Consistent finish, medium long.
Really nice after a really bad departure.


Nose: super stylish with a mixture of smoke and some old fashion kind stewed fruit in the background. Simply beautiful even if past deadline (or surdilué).
Mouth in line with the nose even though frustrating in its lack of density. Fluid and flexible. melted Too much.
Final rather long and in line with the nose (smoke elegant  mix of very ripe fruit). Slight bitterness.
Conclusion: The best of this WDTS. Well, although a little passed. Deserves some attention here.

Colour: Light brown, amber.
Nose: Dried fruits with forest honey and soft hints of caramel (creme brulée).
Taste: The dried fruits (sweet dried bananas) now combining very well with bitter wooden (cocoa) notes. Still very soft and enjoyable, no need to add water here.
Finish: Long and getting more and more dry. Very pleasant.
Guesswork: This might be a fine and old Speyside whisky, I think a sherry or port cask was involved here.


Nose: First impression on the Roquefort! Amazing! I also found the goat cheese, hay, smells of old cellar. The background is more conventional, the sherry, nuts, dried fruit and salt.
Taste: spicy, sweet sherry & dried fruit, extends over a smoky malt with notes of leather, salt. The set continues with wood and a hint of sulfur, then stay for long in ashes.
Final: Ash & resurgence of sweet notes of sherry
Conclusion: Interesting if only for the blue cheese on the nose. Despite this, the mouth is far too common, though somewhat melted.

On the nose: nutty, licorice, chalk, silica or hot sand, lemon meringue pie. With aeration, vinegar, tobacco. Cool and pleasant, classic.
Palate: cleanly, plum, woody, humus, pear.
Finish: Medium length. Pruneau, humus, pear (like the mouth) with a light touch of tangy and hot milk.
A very classic whisky, pleasant and well made, but without any originality.

Colour: Old gold, pale amber.
Nose: nose on the first rubber acrid, acid,  and dried fruit, walnut vinegar. Evolves to the sherry vinegar. praline and milk chocolate Very light. A little butter. After a few minutes, coffee, and spices.
Water weakens the nose without transforming it.
Mouth: Whatever It depicts the main grades perceived to the nose, the spices are taking over. A little alcohol on the finish.
Water has the same effect as on the nose, but adding a little soapy note.
Final: A brief impression of alcohol and then ... nothing, as if the final was gone at once. But one quickly realizes that it is essentially composed of smoke.
The water does not change the profile of this final but its intensity decrease already low.

Comment: Not much to say, nothing unpleasant, no great fault, but nothing comes out either, and that, without water. So with ...

Colour: Russet with tawny hues.
Nose: I like this! Not really complicated, but quite catchy, with lots of dried apricots. Getting more citric then, with tangerine zests and kiwis. And Haribo gummy bears.
Mouth: Starts on lovely fruity notes (same than on the nose). Getting hotter now despite a rather low ABV (around 45%?). Then quite some burnt wood. Getting softer with time, though.
Finish: Of average length, with a nice return of the citrusy notes.

Comment: A rather simple but tasty malt, crafted with care (unchillfiltered if I believe the haze I have in my glass…)

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