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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Glen Grant

Français | English


Thirty Eight

W&M Collector's Edition
38 years
Alcohol percentage
53,2 %
Wilson & Morgan
Cask number
single cask 6665
Distil: 1973 Bottling: 2012
114 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2012-04 87/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 93/100
Lowest rate 79/100
Difference 14
Average 86,81


Total number of tasters 16
Excellent 4
Very good 2
Good 7
Medium 2
Bad 1
Glen Grant Wilson & Morgan

Sulfur! At the service, one wonders if it's whisky. I exaggerate, of course, but the cabbage is present and dominates, thankfully soon replaced by a superb blend of wood and spices. With aeration, even slight, nose is growing disproportionately: orange marmalade, lilac, peony, smoked, honey, apricot drying, light vinegar, ginger bread. Mouth, after an attack clean and precise, is enriched with mint, cinnamon and cloves and iodine, salt. The finale, a beautiful length, rest on the same pallet and ends on the barley sugar, orange and star anise.
A whisky which is extremely precise, incredibly rich. Beautiful.

Colour: Deep gold.

Nose: Gee! I do like this! Very expressive. Okay, perhaps is it slightly hot (54%?), but who cares? This is so intense and vibrant! Rich on all kind of ripe fruits. Mostly yellow plums (do you know “Mirabelle eau de vie”?), but also peaches and pineapple juice. The influence of oak is obvious, with quite some lactones (pencil shavings), but I like this kind of oak bomb.

Mouth: The oak is big, granted. But despite its age (probably over 35yo), it remains very lively thanks to fresh citrusy notes. Dry and astringent, but mellowed by nice honeyed notes and a pleasant waxiness. Thus, the alcohol seems better integrated than on the nose.

Finish: Long and slightly bitter, with a late and enjoyable return of fruitiness.

Comment: An intense, dry, oaky, crispy, fruity old Speysider. Some may find it “too much”, I just had a crush on it.


Colour: old gold
Nosing: beautiful nose, exotic fruit, De Monte banana's, lime soda, tangerines. Very pleasant
Tasting: full body, very juicy. Honey, barley, citrus fruits, clear and refreshing. Some late pepper. Definitely cask strength.
Finish: a delightful mix of fruit, barley and spice. Very long.


Nose: Powerful aromas with Bubblegum, citrus, star fruit.
After aeration: Solvent and blood orange.

Mouth: Citrus, lemon, lemongrass, slightly sweet and bitter. The power is still there. Becomes very lemony after addition of water.

Finish: Long with citrus, lemon, lemongrass and still some bitterness.

Comments: A very nice whiskey in the register : woody-fruity-bitter. However, it lacks a little something to totally convince me.


Color: Light Amber
Nose: Very elegant, very fragrant, about marzipan, fresh fruit, floral, slightly malty, lots of spices and a little rose water.
With a little water, honey appears, along with notes of wax and polish.
Taste: Slightly less complex than the nose but even elegant and perfumed, we have the exuberance of a bourbon mixed with the balance of a whisky.
Spices, incense, overripe fruit, cake toast, coconut and a little chocolate.
With a little water, it becomes classic marzipan, fruits and spices els.
Finish: long on vanilla and coconut

Colour: Old gold
A very pleasant nose, subtly dominated by notes of nuts and spices are not lacking. A slight musty feel that does not hinder, but rather gives this whisky a nice stamp. Aeration makes it just better.
On the palate, the first impression totally confirms the nose. Lovely delicately woody notes, nuts, a touch of acidity, delicate spices, a subtle balance between all these nuances. No discomfort due to alcohol. Nothing but pleasure.
The finish is long and warm and keeps a long time that slightly woody taste that made the pleasure of the mouth.

Colour: Golden, light shade of brass.
Nose: An easy, very delectable fruitiness, cooked apples and quinces, later porridge. Very nice. Strong whiffs of alcohol suggest a higher strength.
Taste: My first impression of the alcohol seems to be confirmed, the apples now more discreet, combining very well with a tender smoky touch. Very fine herbal bitter (Oakwood) notes. With water the taste is still very full and round, just a wee touch sweeter. With even more water the malty notes are very fine combining with a subtle sweetness and the bitter notes (Angsutura) leading well into the long and round
Finish: Firm, long and extra dry.
Conclusion:Very well balanced, maybe not a great old malt, but exactly my cup of tea.
Guesswork: I may sure be wrong, but my first guess is: Springbank, I give the whisky not more than 10 years.


color: light ochre
Nose: Mild, vanilla, peach and banana fruitiness, fresh wood
taste: mild sweetness, vanilla, peaches and banana also, later more powerful herbs,
full strong finish

Marzipan alcohol, funfair lolly pop, white fruits, and then lemon after a long time.
In mouth, attack is half sweet half acid. After a few minutes, mouth becomes fruitier with wax and flowers notes combined with lemon.
Nice evolution.


appearance: yellow gold
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, vegetables, lemon, malty sweetness, oily, noble rot (like grapes for straw or ice wine)
taste: medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, creamy, vegetables, acidity, herbs liquor (like Jägermeister), spicy pepper on the finish
finish: medium

Conclusion: A whisky of good quality and very different in the nose and the taste


Colour: Old gold
Nose: apple, and apple and yet apple! Pleasant but somewhat one-dimensional ... Let's give him some time. The dominance does not seem to change, but are emerging hints of vanilla, a little nutmeg and ginger, a few clippings. This is somewhat complex, but fresh, spring, pleasant.
Taste: spicy apple juice and especially highly alcoholic. This is because it stings ... We'll have to add a little water. Yes, it's better that way, even if he wins a little bitterness. Apple, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, a simple but very nice combo.
Finish: Quite long, fruity and spicy.

Conclusion: A nice malt who shamelessly sip when diluted.

Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: nose first very gentle but hard to describe. Slightly acid, the impression of both an ointment and a dressing. Oh, at once, is accurate and becomes vegetal, herbaceous and slightly floral. Floral and vegetal develop together while keeping it oiled side. Not bad rancio.
The water reduces the intensity of the nose, staying on the same key notes.
Mouth: A continuation of the nose, including rancio. Alcohol is very present with the time.
The water made amazingly appear salt, smoke, and an impression of peat.
Final: In the immediate extension of the mouth, starts on the same note of alcohol a bit aggressive, almost raspy. Astringent, pungent, slightly woody.
Water softened and extends the final.

Comment: Difficult to analyze and describe, not easy to define, but nice notes of rancio. Without really transfigure it, water makes it a little more obvious on the palate and finish without really making it more pleasant.

Nose: lively, fresh, mineral and slightly spicy. One side a bit "hydrocarbon"-like. Dust / cellar. Fast evolving with even exotic notes!
Palate: dry, crisp and quite sweet. Very expressive even if something is going on (too melted?). Fresh and fruity / vegetable. Slightly woody unless this is a subliminal smoke. Final medium and also too gentle.
Conclusion There can be a real potential, but far too hidden to convince totally and especially not to be frustrating. Difficult to say more ...

Nose: wax, nuts, vanilla, fruit in background and slightly mineral
Taste: Vegetal, woody, slightly bitter aftertaste
Medium finish

Profile pretty special but pleasant

Nose: powerful, with spices (curry, Asian herb seasoning), leather, smoked malt, and much more on dry wood, chips, cardboard, dust ... This side continues with a synthetic smell of varnish, glue or white spirit. Aeration dismisses these hints, and brings up the vanilla, almonds, candied fruit, apple & cereal, which is better, although the synthetic odors are never far away.
Palate: intense on fresh apple, hot spices (curry), malt, a touch of smoke. Woody, with a clear note of varnish, which becomes pungent & acidic unfortunately. The water makes it all better integrated, but does nothing appear again.
Final: Notes of oak (almond, licorice) & leather
Conclusion: Damage to these unpleasant flavors. Average.

Color: Light gold with brown-green hints.

Nose: Camphor ointment. alcohol closes a little nose. With aeration there are hints of dried flowers and potpourri as fennel seeds.

Mouth: the mouth is strongly influenced by alcohol. it lacks balance. Pomaded and creamy texture.

Final: Final is fruity (apricot) and provides notes of nutmeg. It ends with a sensation of custard
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