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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Glen Scotia

Français | English



Barrel Selection, 20yo & older
20 years
Alcohol percentage
44,2 %
Wilson & Morgan
sherry wood
Cask number
single cask 1
Distil: 1991 Bottling: 2012
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-04 85/100

Details de la dégustation

Cote maximum 89/100
Cote minimum 76/100
Ecart 13
Moyenne 84,44


Nombre total de dégustateurs 16
Excellent 0
Très bon 5
Bon 6
Moyen 5
Mauvais 0
Glen Scotia Wilson & Morgan

Colour: dark amber
Nosing: rich sherry at first, then malty nutiness, dates and some vanilla
Tasting: rounded, well balanced sherry (Oloroso?), some tannins, pronounced but not overwhelming
Finish: long, big and sweet.


Color: Amber
Nose: rather discreet, floral, a little solvent, spice and candied fruit.
Mouth: a little more open than the nose, fruit jam, honey, spices and bitter oranges.
Finish: rather long

Nose: very ripe fruit, a little acidity and green apple. Well integrated alcohol.

Mouth: Lemon, a little bit watery.

Finish: Medium to long, very bitter, lemon grass, slightly woody.

Comments: Looks surprisingly like the glen ord 1999 at 54.4 ° from MOS that would have been reduced. In short, a good whiskey that lacks power. Aeration and the addition of water does not add much except a better balance and more fruity notes. It also lacks complexity.
Still, I like it!


appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, amaretto (a good one without chemical notes) combined with a slight acidity (a bit like Limoncello), hints of dry (nuts) and dried fruits (red fruit) and mushrooms / moisture are added while breathing
taste: low to medium intensity (climbs up after the beginning of the taste), alcohol is well integrated, in line with the nose but a bitterness of burnt caramel is present all the time (disturbing for me because it is in parallel with other flavors and not mixed with them)
finish: medium

Conclusion: A whisky with a beautiful nose and a very complex taste but the bitterness in the taste causes him to lose some points. Lovers of old wood will certainly add a few points because of this note.


A nose dominated by vanilla and showing a pretty fruity. What could be more enticing? Ladies dessert apple and blackberry against gentlemen raspberry and plum, the duel being officiated by Dr. Cocoa. It gives off a good impression of freshness and richness. On the palate, the attack is fresh and tangy. We stay on the same chocolate and fruity pallet with hints of cherry extra water spirits and tannic bitterness. The finish is still on the same range: chocolate and Cointreau, lemon and pepper.
All very balanced and pleasant. He might have earned a few degrees stronger.

Color: Amber
While not complex, the nose has very pleasant notes of sherry, slightly sweet plum jam, quetsch plums . Quite intense, the nose is very promising.
The first impression in the mouth is set back from the nose. Clear acid notes dominate the palate, giving a nice freshness to this whisky. Very light slightly bitter notes, white coffee embellish the mouth but does not give it complexity.
The finish is long and remains on the register of freshness as was already the mouth.

On the nose, walnuts, terracotta, date , rhum-raisin combo, leather and fresh varnish.
Slightly dry in mouth but decreased by breathing, which brings a nice sherry influence (walnut/wood).
Varnish back in finish.
Nice but only on sherry.


Colour: Old gold, pale amber.
Nose: nose on a first fleeting note of banana, traces of rum, and hints of almond pastry (financier) with notes of praline. Some acidity. Although endowed with a certain presence, it is difficult to define. Gains in power gradually but is still extremely melted, a challenge to the analysis. Spark: reminds me of apricots stuffed with foie gras with pistachio chips. Rum-raisin ice.
A little water makes it easier nose.
Mouth: Hard to define. A certain presence but merely raises the notes collected in the nose.
Already difficult to define without water, then with ...
Final: In the wake of the mouth.
The water makes it disappear completely.

Comment: Difficult to define by dint of being cast, lacks precision of definition. We feel that it could have something good, but it is not successful. Nothing objectionable cons.

Color: Amber
Nose: It starts with notes of alcohol fruit (pear grappa) which disappear quickly, giving way to a strange but interesting mix of marshmallow sweets, burning plastic, Viandox, oregano. The list may seem disparate, but all still remains coherent and above all fun. The water melts even better these different elements together.
Mouth: Do not lack power but relatively little is expressive. It is marked by bitter notes balanced by some acidity, all seemed a bit artificial and chemical without being disagreeable. Adding water did not improve.
Finish: Quite long, along the lines of the mouth.

Conclusion: An interesting malt, not easy to define. The nose is, from my point of view, well above the mouth.

color: Ochre
nose: vanilla, wood, caramel, 'Slight' liquorice
Taste: Smooth, light fruitiness, caramel and a nice woody. Slightly peppery finish

Nose: Woody. The cherry syrup from sugar cane. Figs & prunes.
Mouth: I think too diluted. Woody and Chocolate Milkshake.
Final short enough.

A profile that I like but this dilution flange this malt.

Color: Russet
Nose: Ha ha! Quite interesting and to my liking I must say. Starts very jammy, with lots of stewed fruits. Red prunes (if you know quetsches) and strawberries cooked together and sticking at the bottom of the cauldron. Something slightly cloying too, as if the jam was being prepared with a 50/50 mix of sugar and honey. Getting very spicy now. Someone threw a whole cinnamon stick in the cauldron, along with a generous splash of solid tannic red wine. Freshly peeled tree bark. And at the end, something more delicate, like fading rose petals. Hope this won't bee too woody on the mouth.
Mouth: Well, woody it is. And surprisingly punchy regard to it's rather low ABV (43%?). Starts with nice notes of Sevillan oranges. Continues on nice crystallized citrus and marzipan. I like the taste, but I'm afraid this one spent a little too much time in its cask or was victim of an uncomonly active cask, hence a slight harshness that somehow disturbs me.

Finish: Getting really drying now, with more and more tannins. Too bad!

Comment: A luscious and spicy nose, but the mouth is way behind, too obviously influenced by the roughness of tannins, unfortunately...


Dark amber color with brown hints.
Nose: The nose has a very unpleasant side at the opening, notes of organic decomposition. Aeration reduces the sensation. It then proceeds to polish and notes of dark chocolate.
Mouth: The mouth is round with a bit oily texture. Alcohol is involved in a second time to support. the mouth is short and quickly leaves room for the retro-olfaction.

Final: the finish is short, tannic with a hint of smoke and dark chocolate aromas Van Houten.

Colour:Dark Copper, rosewood, darker shade of brown.
Nose: Dried fruit, in the back there is a nice note of leather.
Taste: A very well marked entrance, more on the fruity side, less leather on the palate, it gets replaced with delectable notes of licorice or even spearmint. Very nice, round and firm.
Finish: Here the soft smoke comes back, combines very well with the dried fruits which change to a soft, and discreet, not irritating perfumed and a little soapy note.
Conclusion: A very fine dram, well balanced and pleasant, the finishing not too dominant.
Guesswork: Not young, might be a well crafted highlander, finished in a sherry or port cask.

Nose: nice balance between ripe fruit and smoke. Sugar cane. Sweet. notes Some animal in the distance. Woody. Green apple notes with aeration. A little spicy.
Mouth: soft, oily, in line with the nose even if the smoke gives way to a slight vegetal bitter taste as rum. The relative and apparent complexity of the nose disappears too quickly.
Moderately long finish especially on the bitterness of sugar cane.
Conclusion The nose is bright, the mouth behind het nose feeling with too much lack of expressiveness and complexity. It worked well ...

Nose does not start the best ways: new synthetic leather smell "cheap" type shoes at the opening of the cardboard box ... This note continues deaf & bitter on molasses. With hindsight, there are woody, resinous, slightly Intertidal (paper, old book), raisin & popcorn, and mix medicinal preparations for inhalation such ...
Mouth on the leather, smoke & ash, register that dominates the first half of this mouth. Then things become clearer, with pine resin, leather, traces of peat, pepper. Finish in the sherry (dry fruits, notes of roasting).
Final: sweet, soft, but with hints of popcorn & hot in "burned cereal"
Conclusion: crippling nose, the mouth does nothing. Adding water & an extended aeration could not change my impression. Frankly medium.
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