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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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1987, Bourbon hogshead

24 years
Alcohol percentage
51,4 %
Malts of Scotland
Cask number
single cask 11008
Distil: 09/1987 Bottling: 09/2011
37 of 315 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-03 84/100
Linkwood 1987 MOS

Color: straw yellow
Nose: quite elegant, on citrus fruits, some nuts, sea and with a slight peat.
With aeration we have vanilla, spices and marzipan.
Mouth: more monolithic than the nose, on the nuts, spices, dried fruits and a farm peat.
Some citrus background and a few pecans and toffee.
Finish: quite long over the chocolate and nuts.

The nose is fruity, on yellow fruits, especially peach and pear. Though lacking a bit of power, it also highlights the wax and sweet spices. You can also see a slight trace of peat and minerality.
The palate is very fruity, confirming the nose. There is a lot of yellow fruit sagain, but also nuts (hazelnuts), and wax. The whole is properly integrated and structured, and quite friendly. Aeration develops the sweetness of the thing, with the appearance of pastry influence.
The final, medium to long, is on chocolate, hazelnut and fresh fruit (papaya, peach).
In conclusion, a fruity whisky with a good level. 

The first nose is a surprising mixture of cream and alcohol, making well worth a pretty floral side with iris and violet, raspberry jelly. Evolution is on wooded in appearance vanilla, fresh almonds, and a distant sherry. The woody develops and metal splinters erupt from time to time. On the palate, the attack is sharp with spice and plum. Then there is an evolution of spices and cherry. The finale opens on the gentian, wood. And cinnamon, pepper and bananas grow and gradually disappear. Good length.
If we had to find fault with this whisky, it would be disharmony. Nevertheless, it is rich, clear and precise.

Colour: White wine, pale gold.
Nose: the first nose on the fruit and greedy fruit, then quickly switches to dried fruit, leather. Bread crust. Potpourri, dried flower, very rich, almost heavy. Also pastry, buckwheat galette. Later, the nose eventually melt and then we offer these cakes so tart with raspberry.
The nose disappeared completely as soon as the first drops of water.
Palate: Rich dense, oily, this is another of those mouths melted so that they are engaging difficult to analyze. It is quite full-bodied and spicy. Also wooded, but a nice way. On reflection, it echoes with notes of bread crust and dried fruit collected at the nose, even if the pastry and fruit have disappeared.
The water to lose much of the expressiveness of the mouth.
Final: In the wake of recent grades received in the mouth.
After the mouth very weak, appears as the final unsettling because if it is weakened by water, it is less than the mouth, but its profile is distorted.

Comment: Another nice whisky, very pleasant, very well done, but that does not like water.

Color: White Wine
Nose: The nose is marked first by alcohol. We'll have to allow time for the most violent vapors to fly away. The nose is then fruity (tree fruits, citrus and even a touch of exoticism), spicy (nutmeg, ginger, white pepper) and vanilla. It is not unpleasant despite the persistence of a certain aggressiveness. Adding water is a real plus: profile does not change, but it is softer, more pleasant.
Palate: The attack is powerful and lively, the alcohol being good feeling. It must be close to 55 degrees. The texture is rather fluid, the fruit flavors come out of the nose, as well as spices, but it will require a little water. As the nose, adding a little water softens the profile without changing significantly.
Finish: Medium length, but not very expressive despite a pretty apricot notes.

Conclusion: A nice spring whisky that requires a trickle of water to be fully expressed. The nose is a cut above the mouth.

color: pale gold
nose: mild mellow vanilla, slightly floral, mineral-like peatyness, some fruits like apples
taste: some vanilla, first glance is of sour apples turns to firmer taste of fruits and vanilla with peat. warming finish with mouth watering spiciness, medium long finish ending with vanilla and fresh wood


Nose of yellow fruits bananas (just ripe and sweet) with delicacy. It becomes soapy thereafter with a little coffee. It then returns to the beginning of the fruity (plum, pear). There was a smell that is pretty cool too ... But what ... I do not know!
Dry mouth. Woody and vegetal. A little yeast? No it must be something else ...
We found a little side of fruit we had earlier at the nose. And a little sugar and that fresh thing we had in the nose.... mint?
Slightly bitter finish. Rather long and hot (spicy).

Comment: I assigned 85 points, especially for the nose that is very delicate and very fruity.
The rest is good but a slightly below the nose.

Colour: pale gold slightly
Nose: At the opening notes of leather and chocolate. Then the fruit arrives still in power. We're on the fresh fruit like nectarine, apricot but also bananas. There are still hints of praline that appear.
Palate: Very full and powerful with the addition of chocolate that explodes with cereal and hazelnut. The fruits are still relegated to second class - a hint of yellow fruits -. Water relaxes the rather well and it is profitable although the palette is ultimately still restricted. It indicates a presence of iodine.
Finish: Quite long, it falls back on the cereal, chocolate and reminiscences of the orchard.

Comment: Too bad mouth does not relay the palette of the nose, a harbinger of many pleasures. It should still give it a real coherence and there is quite enjoyable. It may lack of surprise but it is a well-crafted whisky.

Colour: Straw.
Nose: Takes a little time to unfold. Flavours seem to be straitjacketed, imprisoned by a rather high ABV (57°?). Nevertheless, this seems to be a great distillate. Very clean and very classy if not sexy. Lemon fruits are in the forefront. Bergamot and Sevilla orange. Verbena leaves. Fresh "eau de toilette" ("Le Coq" from Guerlain). Vetiver. Ginger. Myrtle liqueur.
Mouth: The attack is hot, burning. The alcohol is not as discreet as on the nose. Still very sophisticated and elegant though. Definitely very clean. A "crystal" malt, dry and aromatic, dominated by the bergamot and the lemongrass. A drop of water brings out soft vanilla and a touch of soft violet liquorice.
Finish: Dry and short. Surprisingly salty. Shall we drop an eye in direction of Campbeltown?

Comment: A great distillate aged in a discreet cask? Not really the kind of malt I'm fond of, but it's purity and cleanliness lead me to adhere to this unusual whisky.


Nose: The first thing that comes is a sense of Breakfast Tea with a touch of sweetness that gives the roundness without being intrusive.
Then come the alcohol making it possible to pass on something else. And here come from aniseed notes, herbs de Provence, thyme.
Palate: The palate is soft. The alcohol is well integrated. The aromas are those of citrus and especially the blood orange.
The final fact that this whisky is really in vegetal mode with aromas of plants liqueur. Then retro-olfaction one starts with notes of fennel seeds, anise, fresh as the Ouzo Tyrnavou. The finish is savory.

appearance: straw
nose: medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, orchard fruits (fresh and stewed), jasmine tea, bourbon vanilla
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, acidity (not ripe fruits), dry like a bit overinfused tea, in the finish there is a little sweetness combined with soft pepper
finish: medium

A whisky with a quite different nose (mild) and taste (more acidic and dry), a kind of "two whiskys in one"

Nose: Peat but fine and very well integrated. Mineral. The fruit in the background. Feels the walnut wine.
Powerful mouth in continuity.
Final rather short.

Nose: First, on cereals, porridge & muesli. Then, more pastoral, with pine resin, forest honey and some flowery scents. A little salt, some spices. Apple & fresh acid, extending on malty, with a touch of leather and dry wood, paper. A simple nose, a bit messy, with a dry & acid side, pleasant nonetheless.
Taste: Fairly intense. Hot Spices initially, and continued with the apple, malt, salt and forest honey, maple syrup. After hints of smoke, the second part is more on the leather, wood, with some astringency.
Final: Licorice & dry wood
Conclusion: a simple malt, nice for what it is. Rather classic.


Nose: Citrus, fruit, cereals.
Taste: Lemon, light pepper, spices. Less chili after aeration and more lemon.
Final: Lemon, cereals, fruits, peppers. Average length.

Comments: Whisky simple but pleasant. He is very sweet, I found.But that's a plus!


Very fresh nose (a hint of mint) and the cereal. A little powder also (or even dust). Lack of clear density. Spring flowers on very flimsy and vegetal notes. Note of ester that fade with aeration.
Palate is supple, less fresh than the nose. Some nice fruit anyway. Slightly spicy. Subtly marine / iodized.
Final short and not very expressive. Retro-olfaction on the peel of green apple (granny).
Conclusion Palate is pleasant despite a not very prominent nose ... Not (so) bad!

Colour: straw.
Nose of honey. A little sweet. Yellow fruits. A little alcohol. Aeration brings out the fruit. Rather thin but speaking little.
Soft palate, hints of fruit. Marked by the wood.
Final rather long, pretty intense. A little dry. Woody.

Colour: Straw
A delicious mixture of wax, flowers and ripe fruit flatters the nose. All seems well balanced and has a nice complexity. After a few minutes, the fruits begin to dominate and mingle with notes of vanilla.
The first impression in the mouth marked contrast to the nose. Instead of ripe fruit, we have here first acidity that the nose did not suggest. At this acidity mingles another unexpected sensation of bitterness. Lemon and gentian with at the beginning a real feeling of alcohol.
A very fresh mouth, but it remains below the pleasure of the nose
The finish is medium length, dominated by acid freshness that was also in the mouth. A touch of bitterness at the end.
The contrast between nose and mouth is very unexpected and affects the score negatively...

Colour: gold
Nosing: delightful, dusty, dried fruits
Tasting: pretty sharp, sweetness, malty
Finish: lemony, chewy, long, some malty dryness


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Round, slightly floral, on camomile, dry grass, and some vanilla.
Taste: Dry to very dry, smoky, tarry, on dry grass, vanilla and some toffee, with some farmy notes. The finish is short to medium, bitter, on gentian, dry grass and some toffee.
Impression: A curious whisky, difficult to classify, with a mixture of bitter and dry grassy notes.


Color: White Wine
Nose: Mineral and spicy, but not very expressive.
Mouth: In line with the nose, light.

Final relatively short, spicy.

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