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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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13 years

The Maltman
13 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Meadowside (The Maltman)
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2012-03 81/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 88/100
Lowest rate 70/100
Difference 18
Average 81,35


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 0
Very good 1
Good 9
Medium 8
Bad 1
Clynelish: The Maltman 13

Colour: White wine.
Nose: nose first on a note of peat and smoke very ephemeral, but very clear before switching to the red fruit and sweet that rather quickly turns into citrus. White sugar. A slight tartness just enough acid to wake up the nose. Biscuit, slight hint of toast. Vegetal also on freshly cut grass, mint leaf, chervil, rosemary, chives, these sauces cheese or yogurt.
The nose disappears as soon as the first drops of water.
Taste: Quite strange actually, but not unpleasant at all, quite the opposite, and interesting. If we find peat and smoke, there is no trace of fruit, the freshness of the white sauce with herbs. By cons, we gain an amazing woody note which grows and grows all the way from the mouth, but it never slips on woody bitterness and remains pleasant all the time.
The mouth is very quickly overdiluted by adding water.
Final: Extends the unexpected always on the same woody beautiful way, being enriched with a nice smoke.
A few drops of water make this final virtually disappear, leaving only a very small woody feeling.

Comment: The nose, mouth and final are all as pleasant, but in different ways, which makes it a very interesting whisky and gives it a unique personality. Do not like water.

Nose: fine peat, lemon, a little smoke, a medicinal background. Round and elegant.
Taste: Powerful and enjoyable. In continuation of the nose.
Finish: Long

The nose is peaty and marine. Marin and peaty, rather I should say, so iodine and salt are present. Distant citrus, white fruit appear here and there. Aeration, initially gives the whisky a dry and alcoholic character, but simultaneously gives us little glimpses of the pineapple, mint, pear well highlighted by the peat that emerges. A heady fragrance comes next with dessert apple, lilac and other fruits reinforcing. On the palate the attack is frank, almost aggressive. It begins with a tannic bitterness, woody and continues to the sea and a dominant peat. The final evolves in first on the spices and then returns to the sweet and savory, mussels marinara. Good length.
A whisky that requires a very long aeration. I have great difficulties to score this whisky : nose is very interesting, mouth and the final one notch below. For the nose ...

Nose: very citrusy, on lemon, lemongrass, with a bitter component (kumquat, blood orange). Candied citron. Comes a woody side with a touch of smoke, with a little iodine. In background, some malty notes, cereals, sweet spices, vanilla.
Mouth: very sweet, on citrus. Arise cereals & salt. Then, barrel impressions : woody, smoky, vanilla & spice.
Final: old wood, leather, dried fruit sweet
Conclusion: A very fresh nose, but a fairly common mouth. Citrus fruits evoke for me a dram of the Lowlands. A good whisky.


color: hay
nose: fresh hay, fine vanilla notes
taste: firm touch with vanilla, oaky notes and hay-ish, finish is medium long with hints of pepper and sweets


Colour: straw.
Powerful nose on cereals. White fruit slightly pastry. Pears. Not very complex.
Oily mouth, marked by white fruit and yellow fruit. Cereals well set back. More to my taste as the nose.
Final long enough, pretty intense fruity notes.
A very interesting mouth, too bad if the nose is so much on grain.


Color white wine
Nose: The nose is light, floral, fresh. There is also a bit green (artichoke) and develops pharmaceutical grades (fennel) and green almond.
Mouth: The mouth has an aromatic attack and texture slightly oily with herbal notes. The sting of the alcohol comes in the finish that ends with the bitter dandelion.
Final: Final develops notes of almond with always this bitter now more than focused on gentian (Suze) before ending up on the sweetness of the almond.

Color: White Wine
Nose: Seems very young. Strong, almost aggressive, on grappa, brandy, pear and lemon. This mineral is at the second tasting, less aggressive also, oxidation has rounded corners even if the profile remains the same.
Palate: The attack is intense, powerful mouth, even offering a sensation of effervescence on the tongue. The whole is pleasantly tart, lemony, sharp. Complexity? forget it, but it's nice.
Final: Rather short, with notes of Granny Smith apples and a floral aspect evoking pelargonium (geranium scented).

Conclusion: A simple malt, unfussy, young (or seemingly young), but pleasant.

appearance: clear Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, green apple, pear williams, slightly dusty notes, fresh vegetables
taste: low intensity, well integrated alcohol, slightly bitter, vegetables, some fruits
finish: short to medium

This whisky is a bit unconventional but not unpleasant

The nose is dominated by the new make, some peat, lavender and herbs. Expressive enough at first, it also releases scents of apple, pear and a little salt. With aeration, the cigar leaf appears, at the expense of damaging power loss.
The mouth begins on coffee, before peat and cold ashes take over. Rather austere and very powerful, this also implies mouth aromas of milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Aeration reveals minerality.
The final medium length is on peat and vegetal flavors. It vanishes quickly.
Finally, an acceptable whisky, which is restricted by lack of power and cohesion.

Color: White Wine
Nose: The nose is pretty cool, mineral and spicy. Hints of herbs followed, notes which intensifies in addition of water
Palate: In the line of the nose but with a spicier side. Alcohol is still well integrated.

Final medium to long, spicy finish.


Nose: fish and metal. Lacks some expressiveness. Opens on the barbecue but fleetingly!
Mouth more on fruit than the nose (peach and pear in syrup). Pleasant. Nice oily texture.
Final moderately progressive although something happens ... , but difficult to identify!
Conclusion: pleasant surprise although the mouth differs from the nose. Deserves that one is interested. A nice and unpretentious daily dram .

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: There is some fat, banana, preserved orange and pink grapefruit. We also find some chestnut. A nose that puts its citrus fruit well ahead without embarking us  completely.
Taste: Citrus not really defined but present are combined with malted barley and hazelnut. All this lacks of expressiveness among ethanol and a slightly intrusive peppery presence. Adding water is not necessary.
Finale: The length is there, on citrus - grapefruit found - and some spices that occur at the last moment, especially with pepper.

Comment: A whisky that plays all along the citrus map. Too bad the mouth is set back, particularly in its balance and precision. The final saves it a bit, but it's a bit late.

Nose: Cereals, porridge, slightly fruity, rice, light new make. Gaining in fruityness with aeration.
Palate: Light, light lemon, cereal, chili. After aeration, gains in power, light peaty notes.
Final: Cereals, spices, light fruity notes, porridge. Short. After aeration, final gains some lenght, less porridge, fruits are more powerful.

Comments: I must say that I did not like it at all during my first tasting. Aeration saved him.


Fresh nose of green apple intro. A smell of lager with a trace of cheese behind (kind of cheap Comté supermarket) and some peat very volatile. Even also yeast. Yeah, medium. Low.
Palate: fresh and sparkling. Much more than this nose! Bitter vegetable (Camphor?) And peppermint. Why not ... Long and spicy. Hints of fruit and bitterness.

Comment classic whisky. Weak on the nose and not rich enough on all levels.

Colour: Straw
The nose is very discreet. and notes of ripe fruit intermingled with hints of yeast and a few discreet signs indicating a likely youth ... notes of pear brandy. Relatively simple, the nose is pleasant but no more.
The first attack is much more acidic than anticipated in the nose. The few ripe fruit of the nose turned into green apple, acid. Hardly more complex than the nose, the mouth that seamlessly integrates alcohol is fresh and slightly marked by some metallic notes.
The finish is long and very fresh. This whisky is good, but not truly indispensable.


Colour: White wine.

Nose: Young and full of freshness. Freshly picked up orchard fruits. Apples and pears. Flawless, but nothing different so far from the flow of releases from the same category. Then, evolves on something really creamy. Becomes as soft as a white chocolate bar. Interesting. Let’s wait a little more. Now we have all kind of roots arising. Gentian for the light bitterness (do you know Suze?) and liquorice to bring a little roundness. Soft and lemony flavor of crumpled bee-balm. Something quite “bladnochean” as to say… And a low ABV (43%?) that does the job.

Mouth: Starts on the same fruity freshness and delicate vanilla. A bit all-purpose, but rather enjoyable. The low ABV is still fully exploited. Fresh melon and nice honeyed notes, but bitterness and astringency grow.

Finish: Long, sustained by the bitterness and the astringency of a grapefruit skin.

Comment: A rather young country-style malt. Not unpleasant, but I don’t feel very comfortable with the final bitterness.


Colour: pale yellow
Nosing: hay, heather, very floral.
Tasting: spicy, peppery, winy, some malt.
Finish: dry, woodiness


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Young, malty, fresh and floral.
Taste: Young to very young, peaty, floral, with some pear drops, hay and tar. Simple. The finish is short, peaty, dry-smooth, and immature.
Impression: A very young and immature whisky. Not bad, simply too young to my taste.


Color: White Wine
Nose: rather coarse peat on a cold ashes, rubbing alcohol, new spirit, pear and apple.
Palate: The palate is more balanced than the nose but apart from some peat and autumnal fruit, apple and pear, not much.
Final: average peat and spices
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