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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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1989, Bourbon hoghshead

22 years
Alcohol percentage
51,2 %
Malts of Scotland
Bourbon Hogshead
Cask number
single cask 11004
Distil: 10-1989 Bottling: 10-2011
22 of 238 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-03 87/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 82/100
Difference 9
Average 86,8


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 1
Very good 7
Good 12
Medium 0
Bad 0
Bowmore 1989, MOS

Colour: straw yellow
Nose: pretty peat and cold ashes, a little iodine, fresh fruit on citrus and slightly exotic.
In the bottom few notes sweet,
Taste: Nice and fine farm peat , fresh fruit on citrus and passion,
Some spices and honey in the background.
Finish: long on a scale peat, fruit and spice.

Peat serving. But it soon disappeared in favor of the mineral, mulled wine - cinnamon clove vanilla - and slightly fruity, much better. With aeration, the whisky on evolves on butter, currant jelly, the mineral is increasing, with strawberry puree, tomato juice. It is very pleasant, especially since aeration strengthens the fat and spices. On the palate start is soft and goes immediately on spices, clove head, mint. Then the green olive, smoked, nutmeg arrive. The finish is woody, in ashes and ends on the bitterness of licorice stick decorated with vanilla.
A magnificent whisky.

Color: Gold
Nose: powerful and peaty, subtly medicinal aroma (cloves) combine beautifully with the fresh tangy lemon. The vanilla brings sweetness in the background, accompanied by pomegranate peel and green apple. Aeration reveals farm notes supplementing splendidly this table.
Palate: Lots of peat, oily, earthy, very bitter gentian, and still a touch of grenadine and lemon acidity on the bottom of vanilla sweetness. Very classic, and just as pleasant.
Finish: Long, peaty and very strongly marked by the bitter gentian before ending up on a hint of lemon.

Conclusion: A malt eyeing the Islay side, very classical but very very efficient. It reminds me of the Laphroaig 18yo OB, more powerful and less "technological".

The nose is clear and sharp, on peat, wild herbs, cold ashes, citrus (lemon, orange) and marine influences. It makes a nice use of peat in the background, well integrated with other flavors. Aeration reveals the heady flowers, smoke and coffee.
Mouth, more powerful than the nose, is on medicinal peat, cold ashes and a beautiful farmhouse influences. Everything is well integrated and complex. Aeration highlights the cereal then citrus and salt mixed with peat. Some Viandox and algae also. A beautiful set.
The final, long, is on salt, farm flavors, peat and seaweed. It also has a bit of bitter chocolate and smoke.
In conclusion, a fine whisky to wich lacks a bit of precision.

NPeaty nose. A wave of fruity and savory flavors (candy? Flowers?). Perhaps the ripe banana. The nose reminds me of a well known Islay. Sort Caol Ila mixed with a Laphroaig. I affirm nothing, it's just in comparison of course. Because this side of sweet / fruity / floral (yes that's a lot, but hey ...) calls ... A little smoked fish? Maybe .. There is also a smell of bread just wet soap. Then the side of fruit instead of candy (?), which keeps returning. Damn, now! It smells of lavender this whisky ... Diluted cologne. Small bag that my grandmother put in her linen closet ...
Mouth very discrete attack and fresh. Ashy. Pity it's more "flat" than the nose ... Though not, it is not the same ... I still find this kind of sweet strawberry notes (Tagada)? No it must be something else ... Not easy to identify. Perhaps even the banana nose.
Moderately long finish. Ashy like the rest. Then too salty. Aroma of burnt grass, burnt paper on the edges.
See also, so ok it is fanciful, but a flavor of scramble eggs ...

Comment: I have taken time in this sample ... Too bad the bottle is empty! Good whisky overall. nothing really negative to say.
The nose is rich, alcohol does not attack at all. a good time.

Colour: White wine, pale gold.
Nose: very first nose immediately charming, fruity, between yellow and red berry fruit, perhaps even exotic, pastry on the cake. Very round start, sharpens the nose to become sharper, sharper, clearer somehow. Then the potpourri, dried flowers. It then slides with notes of almond, pistachio, or green hazelnut. We guess also a little more pungent note, full of finesse, which reminds me of a very light and delicate woods. The fruity notes slipped to citrus, lemon yellow flesh.
Water weakens considerably the nose.
Taste: Like the nose, it starts on something very charming, both sweet and delicious and mouth grows and muscles, so to speak. On sugar fruity start, becoming spicier, spicy, but never interfere with the harmony and balance.
Again, water is very destructive.
Finale: The progression seen in the mouth continues to grow, and spices to coat a nice smoke and a little earthy peat. Also warm, and good length.
The addition of water, in addition to weakening the final, giving it a woody and soapy profile.

Comment: A very pleasant whisky, charming and quality. The water should be avoided.

Colour: Straw with light golden hues.

Nose: Very nice peat, farmy and bursting with sun fruits like I enjoy it. Stable, manure, oranges, lemons and lemon balm. Dusty and dirty. Freshly sheared sheep. Punchy, but not burning (we’re not far away from 60% !) I love it. Did they unearth another of these stunning Ardmore 1992 for us, once again?

Mouth: Much drier than expected. Else, all the ingredients of a fine farmy peaty malt are here. Ashes, soot, game, and lots of liquorice.

Finish: More coal now, and a hint of bitterness, like in a very strong tea.

Comment: If you like it peaty and farmy, this one’s for you. But careful: that malt’s not for sissies!


appearance: straw
nose: low to medium intensity (gets intenser while breathing), well integrated alcohol, raisins, furniture polish, malty sweetness, fruit flavored black tea, smoke and peat in the background
taste: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, based on peat and smoke but without dominating, antiseptic, sea air, fruity
finish: medium

A beautiful whisky combining subtleness and complexity as well in the nose as in the taste

Colour: Gold – old gold
Nose: On fine, subtle and delicate peaty notes with some farmy or meaty notes, some iodine and seaweeds.
Taste: Dry to very dry, peaty, aromatic, subtle, complex, with a slight bitterness and some tobacco smoke. The finish is medium to long, peaty, aromatic, with some heather, liquorice and tobacco smoke.
Impression: A nice subtle and fine whisky medium peated.


Color: Gold
The nose is first marked by peat. After a few moments _ delicate floral notes appear very subtly. Some seaspray. A pretty nose, nuanced and relatively unobtrusive.
The first attack is smooth, the mouth is more complex than the nose while maintaining his subtle and nuanced side. Cocoa, salt, smoke, flowers and fruit. But the notes of coffee, cocoa, peat clearly dominate.
A finish of great length. The notes of cocoa mouth prolong the pleasure for long minutes.

White wine color with gold highlights
Nose: The nose opens with tar and cold ashes. Then just a nice impression of pine tree sap and menthol.
Taste: The texture is rather oily. The aromas are those of candy "Sapin des Vosges". Then comes the sting of the alcohol that gives freshness and allows you to go to the final. A nice general structure.

Final: Final is fruity with lovely peach. It is long and delicate with beautiful fruit.

Nose: a pretty peat, with smoke, wet earth, herbs, spices (pepper, cloves, turmeric, licorice ...). I found some lime, which arise with aeration. The set, though pleasant, is rather acid and pungent (lemon + spices).
Mouth: First, vegetable (zucchini) & herbaceous (thyme). Peat takes place then, with a little diluted bitumen, smoke, ash, rock, tobacco, salt and pepper. A light citrus, through spices which are marking the palate.
Final: on tire & leather, with floral accents (lilac?)
Conclusion: fairly monolithic in all, it lacks that 'little something' to liven up the whole, which had some potential. I felt that I could have loved it more (a little more age, patina? Some degrees ?).


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: The alcohol seems well present. A bit of passion fruit and milk chocolate as well. A vegetal ambience in the kind of heather encompasses everything. A real cohesion in the nose. Adding water releases white fruit aromas still on slightly smoky notes.
Taste: Not timid, it coats the palate. heather is already far more limited - a little salt appears -. Dark chocolate is firmly at the helm. Of cereal notes accompanying smoke. Water soothes sweeter notes. Some signs of alcohol remaining in the mouth, but it's still light.
Final: Nice finish on dark chocolate with a hint of bitterness like chocolate milkshake. The aftertaste is more vegetal and frugal.

Comment: A powerful whisky but actually rather well done. The flavors keep well throughout the tasting with a medium finish successfully. The mouth is slightly below.

Very mineral nose, slightly peaty and iodized. Appetizing beautiful harmony through a complexity that is difficult to discriminate. Sweet butter crepe (crepe de Mars at the Witch!).
Mouth attack in line with the nose of minerality and smoke, then evolution of pleasant sweet notes (almond tart). A little dry anyway.
Moderately long final phase with the mouth and nose.
Conclusion A nice surprise. Balanced, unusual, surprising. One takes a real pleasure with this whisky. Not overly complex but honest and pleasant.

color: pale gold
nose: mild vanilla, sweets and fresh oak also some bananas
taste: soft velvety, sweet notes and some buttery waxyness, fresh wood, mildly firm and floral, sweet vanilla and (fresh) oak end the finish


Colour: pale gold.
Nose: quite soft. Shows very cold smoke. Light citrus. Dry, austere. Light notes of yellow fruit.
Mouth rather soft, peat vegetal. A bit simple.
Finish is rather long, very intense on the smoke.
A young Islay? Little originality.

Nose: Earthy peat, lemon. With a little water, gain some strength, appearance of pepper and there is less peat.
Taste: Lemon, smoke. It's light.
Final: Orange, oily smoke, spicy. Average length. With a little water, it's gaining in length and appearance of anised notes. With aeration, also gains in length and it's more fruity.

Comments: It is well done even if it's not a style that I like. It is not complex at all and better with a little water and some spare time.


Nose: apricot jam, nuts, beer, a little mineral.
Taste: Powerful and woody. Bitterness in the aftertaste.
Final: Warm and long with hints of minerality.

Color: White Wine
Nose: Mineral, very light. Alcohol is not very present. Hints of medicinal herbs, fresh, very nice.
Taste: Warm, more complex than the nose but in the same line with some peppery notes (menthol pepper) that intensifies with a little water.

Final short, mineral.


Colour: gold
Nosing: clean, grassy and grainy, floral, smoke?
Tasting: sharp, spicy, kind of exotic fruit, grape.
Finish: medium, peppery with some bigger grassiness

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