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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


Fran├žais | English



Barrel Selection, 20yo & older
20 years
Alcohol percentage
50 %
Wilson & Morgan
Cask number
single cask 2683
Distil: 1991 Bottling: 2011
Non chillfiltered
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-03 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 79/100
Difference 12
Average 85,05


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 3
Very good 4
Good 6
Medium 4
Bad 1
Aultmore 20 WM

Color: Amber
Nose: Powerful, complex and melted, and old-school. If you love vanilla bombs, go your way. Here we have something mineral (chalk, talc), dry sherry or frankly vinous notes after aeration, a little sulfur (black powder), raisins macerated in alcohol, marc de Bourgogne, before the appearance of more intensive perfumes on background (walnut cake). A dash of tangerine or orange gives it a fresh tangy welcome.
Mouth: The mouth is in keeping with nice notes of guava, rubber too, but well integrated, dried fruit, a nice acidity, citrus (mandarin), nuts, a woody and slightly spicy well controlled (nutmeg), all beautifully fused.
Final: In the wake of the mouth, long and delicious, the dry sherry, the "good" sulfur, and mandarin.

Conclusion: An excellent whisky, and deliciously complex "old". Too bad his final is not longer. The same type of profile as the Master of Malts Bunnahabhain 54.1%, 20 years - 1983 already enjoyed under the WDTS, but finer, subtler, melted.

Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: spicy nose first, the coffee bean and freshly tanned leather. Hot and dry spices. A nice variation of dried fruit, pecans, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, all bathed in a beautiful rancio. A very upright nose but without austerity.
After more time, the rancio has strengthened and is accompanied by notes of leather, bacon, bacon and always a little coffee.
The water round the nose, making it more classic by making him lose some expressiveness and precision.
Taste: Like the nose, it starts very full-bodied with notes, dare we say manly? We find the rancio and dried fruits, spices, all notes in the nose in perfect balance, but still pretty distinct.
Water weakens even more mouth than the nose.
Final: Although the extension of the mouth and on the even components, that's when I realized that this whisky is smoky, with here and there a few tips of peat.
In addition to weaken, the water shows the woodland in the final.

Comment: A fine whisky, with just enough character. The water should be avoided

Nose: a big sherried one : smooth, on dried fruit (prunes, walnuts), a little odor of wet cellar, wet earth, salt. Slightly oxidized with a smell of rust. Aeration makes it roasted, with caramel & hints of licorice. No doubt, I love it!
Mouth: very sherried, sweet with dried fruits (prunes, cherries), honey, leather, smoke, salt. In the second part, roasted aromas, with a bit of varnished wood. The whole is very enjoyable, with a melted mouth and flavors very well integrated.
Finish: long, on oak, walnut, chestnut cake
Conclusion: Nice sherry, not very complex, but so good ...


Colour: Old gold
The nose is strongly marked by notes of nuts and mocha. The nose is very present, but rather original flawless except a small discomfort caused by alcohol, in the form of tingling.
The first impression in the mouth is very surprising. An exuberant tastes, a firework of impressions of freshness that contrasts with the persistent taste of mocha. Notes of green apple mixed with cocoa.
The finish is quite long and the flavors are the perfect seen extending from the mouth.

Nose: Apple, a lot of ethanol, dust, biscuits, puffed rice and undefined fruits.Beautifull balance. Ethanol disappears with aeration.
Taste: A nice mix of sweet and slightly acidic flavor, biscuits and again these undefined fruits. Very pleasant to drink.
Final: Biscuit, ethanol, mint, licorice, apple, precious wood, puffed rice, spices (no pepper or chili) and again these undefined fruits. Very long and powerful.

Comments: A real favorite for me, and I insist on this point!


Nose: sherry and this from the svery tart!
It takes time for it is fully revealed. Fermented fruit at first, then coffee, caramel and chocolate. The cherry brandy. I love this nose that is very expressive and enjoyable.
Taste: Powerful and woody.
Medium finish on the wood.
Too bad mouth is not up to the nose as this could have been a great whisky!

Colour: amber
Nosing rich, sweet barley, mandarin, stewed fruits, raisins, sherry, sulphur (not bad).
Tasting: rich, rounded,good balance between sherry, nuts, caramel and toffee.
Finish: long and nutty with a final note of vanilla.


color: amber (light)
nose: mildly salty, vanilla and heavy floral notes, little bit of oak
taste: velvet smooth entrance, vanilla and sweets, lightly salty again, the finish gets firmer with lots of fruit like peach and more vanilla notes, ends with some peppery spices


Nose, full and expressive, is dominated by a rather dry sherry, earth and a little something of pastry. We also have figs, and a beautiful development of coffee with a hint of chocolate. Spices also, that give the nose a racy side. With aeration, the pastry flavors prevail, and a little spice appears. A well- constructed and full nose.
The mouth opens on the sherry and nuts (hazelnuts). It is at first quite granular, and quickly becomes more liquid. There are chocolate, sweet spices and cashews. It is relatively complete, and the power is correct. Traces of yellow fruits appear after aeration.
The final, medium to long, is on the sherry. It has chocolate, spices, making it more tasty in the mouth.
In conclusion, a good whisky matured in sherry, which lacks a little complexity however.

The first nose is dominated by sherry, with notes of prune net. Then, very quicklythe whisky opens onto the sea, humus, chalk. Evolution is on the woods, cherry, peat, Darjeeling tea. And aeration done its work, then citrus arrive bringing a welcome freshness. The mouth is a sharp attack dried fruit, mixing sweetness and bitterness peaty background apricot. The finish of good length, is the licorice, bananas, dried fruit, peat, pepper.
With the addition of water fruit and mineral gain power.
I am very dubious about this whisky. It is interesting but does not talk to me at all. The only pleasure I get from it is the novelty, not that of the tasting. For short, is a technical note.

Color: Amber
Nose: Dried fruit - nuts, hazelnuts - and a little praline. All this is surrounded by caramelized grain notes. Aeration suggests fruits - cherries - and a slight hint of apple. Adding water releases aromas of coffee, toffee and apple tart. There are a couple of fleeting false notes - butane -.
Mouth: It's powerful. The grain appears on the palate and is replaced by leather and a few cherries.
Final: falls back rather quickly on some popcorn, leather and cherry.

Comment: Overall interesting - except for some unpleasant gas smells - with touches of not too sweet grain - it is not nauseating -. This, however, lacks a little variety in the mouth while the final would have deserved to stretch longer on the same flavors. The nose is pretty enticing however.

Color: Gold
Nose: sweet, alcohol is discrete. Beautiful notes of dried fruit lightly toasted, slightly caramelized same. Very nice. The nose intensifies in addition of a few drops of water.
Palate: Sweet, in line with the nose. The caramelized side grows up when adding a little bit of water.

Final medium to long, hot and sweet. Alcohol is more present but well integrated.


Amber color.
Sherry on the nose, rancio, dried fruit, wood. Cocoa. Nose a bit closed.
Palate dominated by wood. Dried fruit. A little drying.
Final long enough, rather intense on wood.
A fairly classic sherry, a little too marked by wood.

Light amber color.
Nose: The nose is powerful, with hints of bitter chocolate, caramel topping and then flamed. A touch of leather. The whole keeps, however, a nice freshness.
Palate: The palate opens with a smooth attack. The flavors develop in a peacock's tail, always on caramel notes and with a lot more balanced sweetness. Alcohol comes next.
Finale: The finish is long with a return on the bitter chocolate. The whisky has a drying and harsh side.

Too bad that the whole is a bit one-dimensional

Sulfur nose, subtle hints of firecracker / black powder. After disappearance of these notes, we oscillate between fruit, even as the furniture wax. Yes a lot of beeswax with spring floral notes.
Mouth just as sulfur as the nose. Strong and bitter taste (vegetable). The attack is sharp and dry. Many coffee without sugar. It is warm and slightly spicy. Even astringent. A woody springs from time to time with the same honey side for the nose but less present.
Final on honey, coffee. Fairly long with some spices, dry wood and cold coffee.

Comment: classic whisky for me. No major defects but a lack of wealth. The aromas are correct and common.

Nose: Very round, intense, immediately vegetal, with strong notes of rancio and some balsamic vinegar.
Taste: Rich, spicy to very spicy, on rancio, some pinepapples, burnt rubber and sugar, with some strawberries and some herbes de Provance, as well as some other fruity notes. Some sulphur as well. The finish is long, thick, intense and on the same flavours as on the palate.
Impression: A very sherried whisky with strong vegetal notes and some sulphur (too much for me)


appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, nuts, green tea, stewed fruit, mixture of sweetness and dryness, black coffee which turns to burnt caramel during breathing to become dominant after three quarters of an hour
taste: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, dominated by the bitterness of burnt caramel that mask the other flavors
finish: medium to long

A great start but the burnt caramel that develops after breathing disturbs the fun (some love this profile, I do not like this flavor as soon as it becomes a bit dominant)

Color: Amber
Nose: Starts with notes of wine, wet dog, a healthy dose of spices, hints of distillation, nuts, honey and dried fruit.
Mouth: the sherry cask marked this whisky, slight astringency, nuts, honey, caramel and spice.
Final: on medium and dry on nuts.


Color: Deep gold.
Nose: Whisky flavored fudge. I'm not great fan of fudge in my whisky but that's okayish since there's something else in there. Something orangey, biscuity, spicy (speculoos?). Creamy and sweet like an old Port. Could be cloying, but nicely balanced by a hint of burnt wood.
Mouth: Orange flavored fudge is in the forefront, along with dried plums. The mouth is creamy and as sweet as a pack of caramelized popcorn. Nothing complicated, nothing vibrant, but quite flawless.
Finish: After a slight woody harshness, it becomes saltier before ending up on a weak and briny note. A malt from the isles ?

Comment: This teenager could have spent some time in a sweet wine cask. If you have a sweet tooth, you might enjoy it.


Nose: superb attack on the cappuccino (see Bailey!). Dried apricot. A little meaty side (see Viandox). Unusual and interesting.
Palate: astringent, bitter and drying (sulfur limit). Not my kind of whisky.
Final unfortunately a little too long on the green sugarcane.
Conclusion: Not at all my kind of whisky because with notes (very bitter) I do not like. The nose was intriguing, the mouth is very disappointing. Moreover unbalanced for me.
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