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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Undisclosed Islay distilleries

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12 Years Old Islay

Secret Bottlings Series
12 years
Alcohol percentage
40 %
Master of Malt
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 77/100
Difference 14
Average 85,55


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 1
Very good 5
Good 11
Medium 3
Bad 0
12 years old Islay

Colour: Pale amber.

Nose: Stewed fruits, sherry, and peat. Bodes very well so far! On the fruit side, there’s lots of things. Baked apple with lots of brown sugar and cinnamon. Speculoos. Raisins soaked in Armagnac. Orange peels. The peat is earthy. Fallen leaves under the rain turning to mould. And at the end, a little note of crystallized lemon. Very sherried-Port-Ellen in the style.
Mouth: Starts a bit weak (42%?). But then, wow ! That is really good! The softness of the peat pervades your mouth. Bold and coating. Peaty and biscuit at the same time (the speculoos strike back!). And there’s this little dusty taste in the second part of the mouth that once can sometimes find in this kind of peaty malt and that I don’t dislike.
Finish: Long, bold and tasty. A delicate lemony bitterness reminds us of the crystallized lemons we had on the nose.

Comment: Woops! I just realize that I didn’t use my spittoon… That must be a good sign, I guess?


Nose: Great nose, very complex even if not engaged easily. It smells "old whisky." Pepper (Espelette?) Or pepper. Fruit, delicate smoke, iodine (sea but also medicinal), wisdom! Lacks a little power to be wildly captivating. Metal hint also with aeration. The best nose I discovered as part of WDTS.
Very silky mouth, attack on the smoke and rapidly changing over the fruit to get back on the fire! Fish notes also.
A final bit of smoke too, but some persistence
Conclusion A very good malt, maybe a little watery, with a recessed mouth with regard to the nose, but very beautiful. Too "easy drinkable".

Colour: pale amber
Nose: Elegant, a fruity sherry, orange and chocolate, slightly smoky, heather, honey, nuts and some vinous notes .
Palate: Great balance between a fine peat and fresh fruit, grapefruit, lime and pear.
A little vanilla in the background, and spices.
Finish: Long on a nice citrus acidity noted by an elegant peat.

Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: nose first on a sour peat evolving quickly with notes of lemon. A nice minty freshness. Some vegetation on the juniper. However, a little watery. More discreet notes of red fruits and a touch pastry. A hint of toasted bread crust. Over time, becomes so heady floral. Once installed, the power remains constant, although very controlled. The nose develops between the different flavors so well balanced.
By leaving it open longer, nose discovers present pretty animal notes, in leather and dried meat.
Water tends to weaken the nose, causing it to lose much of its personality.
Mouth: oily and creamy, dense and compact, very homogeneous, round and balanced, fused to such an extent that it is very difficult to discern the components until you realize that this is the perfect synthesis of collected all the notes on the nose.
Like the nose, a few drops of water are enough to graze the surdilution.
Final: In the perfect line of the mouth, it evolves gradually over the woody notes slightly astringent.
Water is even more harmful to the finals on the nose and mouth, making soap.

Comments: The nose is pleasant dice the first few minutes, but give him time allows him to reveal unsuspected facets. Pretty mouths and finals that spoil anything. Water is not recommended

Nose on peanuts, peanut butter and sweetened coffee. Maybe even the cakes Bastogne. Rather delicate whisky. And for once, rather greedy. Then the smell of something burning or glowing. Annoying, I know that damn smell but I can not stick him a name! Ha so voila! It reminds me of the Ardbeg Alligator. Finally he emerges from the nose by the type of barrel. Bacon on toasted too (dry).
Spicy palate. Slightly greasy. Rather hot. We find the burned side from the nose. Even as a little cold ashes or burnt thyme. good continuity
Final very fluid. Return on a long pungent with a touch of bitterness to enhance the whole.
I found the taste of cinnamon cake from the nose. With, I think, a little pepper. And also the burnt side of the whole. Still not bad!

Comment: Good, good. Good but still behind on the note. Compared with whatever eventually. I liked, but hey .. I can not go above. Perhaps too much reduction?

Nose: Peaty to very peaty, maritime, with some tar and hemp rope. Rather clean and with some apples.
Taste: Dry to very dry, with some green apples, some light green fruity notes, slightly bitter-citric, on tar and ashes. The finish is medium, peaty, aromatic, slightly mineral and on quince. Diluted, it becomes more mineral and on aromatic peat.
Impression: A pleasant, rather complex, with maritime notes on the nose that disappear on the palate to release aromatic peaty flavours.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Powerful, marked by a beautiful oily and medicinal peat (Betadine, ether) mixed citrus (lemon) and a dash of exoticism and grenadine lying on a background of vanilla sweetness. It is more animal with aeration, with of leather and farmy aromas. An iron fist in a velvet glove that is reminiscent of the excellent Laphroaigs 10yo CS, in a milder form.
Palate: The attack is soft, sweet peat before the flood occurs. Many cold ashes brightened by a lovely hint of the exotic and tangy few notes, all without departing from its sweetness. However, it lacks a little body and fat to get close to excellence.
Finish: Medium length, with the return and peaty notes of grenadine nose.

Conclusion: A good peaty whisky, relatively complex but lacking a little fat and power. Pity.

Colour: Old gold
Smells of barbecue cold ashes, of charcoal, peat form the first olfactory impressions. Pretty complex, beautiful balance of various odors that mix, while remaining fairly homogeneous. After a few moments, some bitter notes (gentian) are added to the picture.
A beautiful presence in any case.
The mouth does not deny the nose. Here's a nice presence, first on the notes of cold barbecue. Some bitterness comes on. A kind of dominant bitterness , difficult to define, a little heady, slightly acid. Here too no monotony, a very pleasant mouth.
The finish is moderately long, in the line with the mouth and nose. No surprise.

appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, solvents at the beginning, honey from the forest, marzipan, minty freshness, slightly dirty side (old fat) and a discrete peat
taste: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, taste in the same line as the nose but the peat / smoke is in the forground without becoming dominant
finish: medium
A complex and harmonious whisky, a pity that it lacks a bit in intensity (especially in the taste), nevertheless I like this whisky.

The first nose quepart immediately plums, all kinds of plum, cherry plum to prune through the quetsche or greengage. And then the apricot comes with rice - I have not been able to determine whether it was the sticky rice or rice-tempered - and house dust. With aeration, camphor, raspberries and rum are emerging. It's fun and interesting. On the palate, the attack is clear and opens with a light fruitiness and spice. Of sweetness, salt and pepper, sole meuniere, coffee. The final medium length, is marked by spices (pepper) dominating, and salt.
The nose and the final are pleasant and interesting, but I find the mouth a little hollow.

Nose: Peated lemon / orange, mandarin, dry white wine and salt.
Palate: Soft, light lemon, slightly watery.
Final: Lemon, dry smoke, mandarin, anise, mint, herbs, candy cola. Nice balance and long finish.

Comments: Made me think of HP than twenty something years aged in bourbon casks as I tryed many recently.
This is good stuff but it lacks a little complexity and mouth power.


Light gold color
Nose: The nose opens with smoke and damp straw. It is fresh and has a certain hardness. It then opens to offer greater complexity with a strong presence of fresh fruit (pear).
Palate: The palate is smooth with the alcohol that is present. It is very fruity (pear yet). The texture evolves towards a more oily side and notes of Malabar chewing gum.
Finish: The finish is of medium intensity, but remains fresh fruity

Nose: beautiful dry peat (with mushroom, leather, smoke, pepper, grass), mixed with sherry (dry wood, dried fruit, salt). There is a tendency to citrus (orange). Nice.
Taste: Smoke & bitumen, all very overwhelming which is struggling to forget. Better later: wooden salted, candied fruits, dry fruits, softer on sweets & vanilla. This is not enough, because the final (peat) is coming too fast.
Final: reminder of peat (leather, herbaceous & smoked)
Conclusion: disappointed by the mouth, it's a pity, because it seemed promising on the nose (peat + sherry, an alliance which can be very effective).


Colour: Old gold.
Very light nose with hints of caramel. Not very expressive. Peat. A little meaty.
Mouth very light, slightly watery, dominated by peat. An oily peat, heavy. Sea. Hints of sherry.
Final little long, not very intense. Peaty, salty. Some wood.
A very interesting whisky but that seems far too diluted.

Nose: A little peat that dissipates quickly, then the fruit, malted barley, yeast and honey. Requires long aeration to prove.
Mouth: pleasant but fairly volatile. Fruity, spicy. The violet on the finish.
Final: Long and slightly bitter.

Pleasant, well done but not exceptional.
I was reminded successively and as having the characteristics, Cragganmore, Clynelish and Bowmore.

color: light amber
nose: caramel, toffee, coffee, oak and warm honey
taste: very smooth and mellow, rich with a delicate oaky flavour and a little mocca, the finish is warm and smooth, also with oaky notes and toffee flavour


The nose suggests a nice marine influence on smoke and salt, accompanied by lots of citrus (lemon, orange) and sugar. Quickly, this sweetness will take over. We then have a lot of orange, with something warm. The whole is relatively decent, even if it evaporates quickly. With aeration, we see a little gum and yellow fruit.
The palate confirms the nose, it is fruity (strawberry) and citrusy (orange). It is relatively mild, before a discrete appearance of peat and almonds. With aeration, it has also a little cold ashes and oil. The set then becomes watery.
The final, average, is on wet farmy flavors. And a bit of lychee.
Finally, a decent whisky, that lacks of complexity and density to earn more.

Color: Gold
Nose: First, it seems fat with an alcohol very present. We feel the cooked fruit - apples - salted butter, with vegetable notes slightly smoky - peat -. With aeration, notes of pie crusts come out and the vegetal takes vegetable gardens sides - greens -. The water revives a little more dough and pie has a hint of citrus.
Taste: spicy bitterness is balanced across hazelnut and cereal a vegetal wrapped in canvas - veil peaty -. The salt is present, too much even. A simple mouth where alcohol is manifested shamelessly. Water does not add much. Balance is a bit tight.
Final: falls fast enough given its power on the palate, the continuity of the latter. The fauces evolved on the smoked vegetal .

Comment: A vegetal whisky , with a little smoke - peat fairly discreet -. The nose is more complex than the mouth that is quite powerful with medium alcoholic integration. It is nevertheless quite pleasant despite intrusive iodine. The finish is disappointing, the flavors falling suddenly.


Colour: old gold
Nosing: barley malt, sweetness, green fruits, honey, some backgrounds smoke.
Tasting: like old style Aberlour 9 years old, clean ginger, apple peel, some peat.
Finish: not that long


Color: Gold
Nose: Light, alcohol is well integrated. Some cereal notes.
Palate: In line with of the nose, on cereals. Alcohol is more present than in the nose but fits nicely.

Final medium.

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