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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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19 years, 40%

Single Cask Series
19 years
Alcohol percentage
40 %
Master of Malt
Refill sherry hogshead
Distil: 1989 Bottling: 07-2008
273 of 399 btls
Non chillfiltered
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2012-02 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 88/100
Lowest rate 78/100
Difference 10
Average 83,1


Total number of tasters 21
Excellent 0
Very good 1
Good 12
Medium 8
Bad 0
Tomatin 19 Master of Malts

The nose has a dominant fruity, Fisheries and apricots, with a little wax and vanilla. We also have skins of fruits, sweet spices, that make it warm and robust nose at a time. Some cigar leaf and mint will show after aeration, then to do something very complex and very pleasant.

The palate confirms this: there are so many yellow fruits (apricot, peach, pear), and also the cutter at the very end. It's pretty smooth and well integrated, but it lacks a little power, especially in attack. With aeration, there is the appearance of milk chocolate, spices and a little coffee, while the finish becomes rocky.

The final, long, develops a nice aroma wet farmer. There are also fruit (peach) and a hint of dark chocolate.

In conclusion, a very good fruity whisky , which it does need a little more personable in the mouth.


Color: Yellow Straw
Nose: Starts on spices, dried fruits, honey, nuts and floral notes.
Taste: Both sweet and spicy, the nuts, honey, cereals and gingerbread.
With aeration, the domination of nuts and honey lessens, the whisky becomes more balanced and fruity.
Finish: rather long on sweet notes

Nose: very fruity, with fruit syrup. A little more exotic: pineapple, banana, rum. Sweet spices, cinnamon. More on the almond pastry and pastry cream. A fairly light nose, with fine aromas, but really delicious.
Mouth: fruity cocktail. Honey and spices. Roasted cereal, maybe some chocolate milk. A malt hint a bit more powerful is emerging, with a little wood. Always a fruity canvas on mango & other exotic fruits.
Final: a little spicy, a continuation of the malted notes: leather, dry wood. Sweet & spicy background.
Conclusion: A malt with sharpness, quite light, sympathetic. Would probably do not hold the comparison against other drams, but effective in its kind. Lack some depth and density.

Colour: Pale gold
The relatively unobtrusive nose presents nice fruity notes. Yellow fruit, ripe peach.
On the palate, the first impression is the discretion, but fortunately this is changing rapidly to very fine fruity notes. Lots of ripe fruit with a slight bitterness. A bit like a ripe peach with milk chocolate. We would have liked a little more power, but the palate is very pleasant. The mouth is very balanced.
The finish prolongs the mouth. Still a nice balance and great discretion

Nose: Soft, smooth and elegant. Fruity (peach and yellow pear). side Also a pastry (custard). Spring flowers. Discrete notes of old furniture (wax).
Palate: Oily texture pleasant develops on the perceived fragrance on the nose (fruit, custard, flowers ...). Develops on (too) subtle exotic notes.
Medium final in phase with the mouth with a touch of malted grain.

Conclusion Pretty nice. Unpretentious but with a simple real pleasure. An excellent daily dram. Lacks a little density to be super enjoyable (too reduced?).

color: pale gold
nose: very delicate, vanilla, fresh fruits like citrus and banana
taste: very delicate, vanilla, fresh fruits like citrus and banana, the finish is medium long and refined, ends with smooth sweet notes

Colour: straw
Nosing: intense exotic fruits
Tasting: full and fruity, sweet barley, spicy
Finish melon and pear, medium long

Colour: White wine.
Nose: nose first appears light, but which is actually delicate and subtle and is growing slowly. Difficult to decipher, and slightly fruity pastry ("financier"), slightly sweet. Suave, one hesitates between fruity and floral. Always light, sometimes almost evanescent. A murmureur but has things to tell.
While one might fear from such a slight nose as it is destroyed by water, there is actually nothing. Water has little effect.
Palate: The palate is more expressive than the nose, but still difficult to decipher. Slightly bitter sweet throughout, some spices.
The water should be avoided. Not only do you lose most of expressivity, but it reveals the bitterness
Final: A swallowing, mouth grows clearly and progressively decrease in the final good length and relatively powerful. However, all is still as difficult to analyze and transcribe.
Again, water is prohibited.

Comment: His lack of power is his biggest (his only?) Default. It fails to engage, unless it requires a lot of time to open?

Nose: Clean to very clean, smooth, malty, slightly oaky and with some honey drops.
Taste: Slightly oaky and floral, juicy, malty, with some toffee, a touch of smoke and some light grassy notes. The finish is medium, round, malty, rather clean and slightly malty, with a faint smokiness.
Impression: A good warming and fresh malty whisky

The first nose is on mint-nutty with hints of wood. Aeration makes it very delicious, with marron glacé (I love), vanilla, or the meaty smoked apricot. The mouth and the final have a similar profile. The attack is soft, with a development of the hazelnut, fresh fruit, anise and rare spices. The entire is nicely melt, delicate. The finish is a good length.

I am very dubious about this whisky: it expresses little, does not present a great complexity, making it a whisky to drink more than to taste. But at the same time I took a very great pleasure in this tasting. So much so that the dram was emptied, which is very rare. His interest? Pleasure.

Color: Light gold
The nose opens with an impression of soot (chimney cold). I find one side fresh mint. Then comes the bubble gum
The mouth has an oily texture. it's a bit flat and lacks pizzazz.
The flavors are concentrated on herbaceous notes like tarragon.
The finish is smooth and agrees with notes of absinthe before moving on to the Anis de Flavigny both its aniseed side and its sugar.

for me the tasting is disappointing


Colour: white wine
Nose: caramel with salted butter, cereals, nuts and green bananas come together perfectly. Added to this mix a nice hint of anise and mint.
Palate: soft, round. Candie sugar, caramel and nuts settle briefly before the appearance of both the acidity and salt.
Finish: rather short, evanescent, on salt, the skin of nuts and nutmeg.
Overall impression: A malt quite respectable. The mouth is a little disappointing because too short ... shame!

Straw color.
Very light nose, the yellow fruit, some tropical fruit. Fresh. A little honey. Rather simple.
The taste is sweet, mild, aqueous. Some wood, fruity.
Final: quite short, very intense. Malted vanilla. A little fruit. Some wood.
A very light whisky.

Color: White Wine
Nose: Fresh, it is reminiscent of some dry white wines, it is marked by this beautiful fruity acidity that we have sometimes there. It is less keen to aeration, but do not depart from these notes of tart apples, plus nutmeg and ginger. It actually appears less bright on the second tasting, with the appearance of heavier and sweet flavors (juicy pear, orange and cinnamon).
Palate: The attack is aqueous. It gains in power then, but unfortunately not in expressiveness. One has the impression of dealing with a faded copy of the nose, it's a shame.
Finish: Quite long, it is more expressive than the mouth, with a pleasant spicy oak.

Conclusion: The mouth is very disappointing after the nose.

Nose: Apple, light lemon, physalis. Very nice and pleasant.
Taste: Apple, physalis, aqueous.
Finale: Apple, physalis, green lemon.

Comments: Good whisky but lacks complexity and too much water was added I think.
Improves dramatically with aeration!

Color: Straw-colored
Nose: : Flowers, yellow fruits
Mouth: orange fruits sweats, english cream
Final: Very short

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Quite low on pear - in pie and fresh -. The nose is rather basic, lacking depth.
Taste: The smell of pears fade quickly to enter the field of cereal sweetness. Waves of spice complete the picture. A nice consistency but I still clearly expect some more.
Finale: The finale is a bit tight, the barley sugar and cardamom. It turns off very quickly.

Conclusion: A simple whisky but nothing wrong. It would have benefited from more vitamins. As it stands, this is a decent product but with no real soul.

Colour: White wine
Nose: Light but expressive. White flesh fruits. Apples, pears, and the freshness of a window box of geraniums after the rain. And salted liquorice to muscle it up. A little touch of white coffee and a light refreshing anise note. And fish cooking-herbs. Cod fish loin on a bed of fennel before getting into the oven. Very "Pultneyan" it is. Not really my playground, to be honest, but definitely interesting.
Mouth: Starts on kind vanilla. Quite light (43?) but far from being weak. The salted liquorice comes back on the foreground, with more salt than liquorice actually. And still something quite flowery. Salt and vanilla call the tune. The whole is nicely balanced but remains less playful than the nose.
Finish: The floral notes remain and evolve on the bitterness of the grapefruit's skin.

Comment: A sneaky malt. Starts easy and light and proves to be much more complex. A malt I would like to be friend with, but that I fail in really liking though. A curiosity

appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, gumdrops, slightly citric, mineral (chalk), toasted bread
taste: very low to low intensity, alcohol is well integrated, slightly dry, malty, slight bitterness of burnt caramel
finish: short
With water: no major change
A flawless whisky but also without personality

Nose: multivitamin fruit juice, diluted Tang powder, a bit spicy and farmy
Mouth in continuity; apple & pear, a little vanilla too.
Final: average length on aforementioned fruit

Color: White Wine
Nose: Spicy, fairly light with hints of clove. Alcohol rather discrete, well integrated.
Palate: In the line of the nose. Light spicy notes, Alcohol discreet.

Final average, well balanced.
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