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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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The Single Malts of Scotland
19 ans
Taux d'alcool
49,3 %
The Whisky Exchange
Brut de fût non filtré à froid
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
liens et cote moyenne
WDTS2012-02 87/100

Details de la dégustation

Cote maximum 91/100
Cote minimum 79/100
Ecart 12
Moyenne 86,62


Nombre total de dégustateurs 21
Excellent 2
Très bon 10
Bon 6
Moyen 3
Mauvais 0
Ardmore 19

Color: White Wine
Nose: The nose is maritime, with iodine, slightly peaty, very mineral, spicy, vanilla and fruity on the peach, apple and lemon.
A complex nose and pleasant.
With aeration becomes more and more floral and elegant.
Palate: The palate we have the nuts, citrus, mineral notes, cereals, honey, wax, spices and a slight peat in the background.
Finish: Long on spices, mineral and sweet notes.

Nose, refined, is dominated by sweet citrus (lemon) with a marine influence and peaty, sweet at first. Quickly, the peat will become bigger, making the nose more assertive, robust, rugged. This does not thereby become a monster, he continues to play on sophistication. As time passes, the peat takes up space: it is joined by smoke and cold ashes. Everything is very well integrated.

The palate is about lemon. It was then the mineral, mixed with peat and aromas farmers, and finally, a hint of tar. Maybe a little soft, however, that mouth has undeniable qualities of integration and complexity. With aeration, it becomes more sticky, more present, more intrusive with peat, a little salt, algae and traces of dark chocolate. This is certainly very good.

The final, long, is on the farm and citrus fruits (orange and lemon). It was also tar, and a little salt, which calls after aeration.

In conclusion, a very good whisky that plays on peaty tones, fresh citrus. Too bad it lacks a little in the mouth, it was perfect otherwise.

The nose is really unprepossessing at first: roasted grains and a touch of peony or iris. Rapid change makes it very seductive, no, attractive. Fruit, tomato (the real one, that of the free garden, not the supermarket), the apple, pear, raw potato, wood ... A very nice balance. The flavors continue to evolve, to twirl: the freshness of citrus, mustard plaster on vetiver background, light salt. The more I nose, the more I appreciate. On the palate, the attack is clear on acidulated candy with strawberry, cigarette ash, mint, red fruits. The finale, a beautiful length, opens with a beautiful bitterness, a slight bitterness, and continues the palette of the mouth in a beautiful harmony.
An austere whisky , just as I like. Pleasure of every moment.

Nose: very mineral, on wet rock, wood after the rain. Beautiful notes of citrus, lemon and pink grapefruit emerge before to chain with a beautiful peat, fine smoke, and an animal side. Also a little grassy. Sweet background in halftone (grapefruit and candy floss?). Aeration brings up a some tomato!
Palate: soft, about herbs and tomato, before extend onto sweeter notes: lemon, and a beautiful sweet grapefruit, without bitterness. Then, specifies & hardens, with spices, pepper, leather, iodine, and ending with the bitumen and smoke, all in a long evolution, intense. The end is clearly on the smoked ham, with hints of animales notes.
Final: After the long passage of peat, it is the citrus returning smoothly.
Conclusion: Superb personality. Beautiful citrus peat, I love it!

Color: White Wine
Nose: Pretty fine peat in the first nose, evoking the smoke of a fire that died slowly. As it is often the case, the smoke is combined with lemon, but aeration is enhances it, and after 10/15 minutes comes an explosion of farmy flavors giving the most beautiful effect accompanied by fresh fruit (apples, pears).
Palate: At first, the rich texture is a pleasure. Alcohol, although present, is well integrated. The fine peat nose is found here, but it is not overbearing, lets talk about lemon, white fruit and allows even a hint of exoticism to express themselves fleetingly.
Finish: Long, slightly peaty, it reveals gourmand notes of milk chocolate.

Conclusion: A peaty whisky, but gently. It reminds me of Ardmore by some of its aspects.


Colour: Pale gold
Attractive notes of barbecue ash followed by some subtle fruit notes characterize the nose. In fact it is mostly the discretion that characterizes it. The nose does not announce what will follow ...
Mouth contrasts sharply with the nose by the exuberance and the explosion of tastes, mix of acid notes (green fruit) and a nice bitterness (nuts). First fruits that evolve slowly towards the chocolate and nuts. A very pleasant development.
The finish is just amazing. Very long, it contrasts again with the mouth and nose. Here is the milk chocolate that perpetuates long the pleasure of the mouth.

Color: Gold, very clear
The nose opens with a hint of smoke, heather and grass. Then by opening one passes over a certain sweetness (fresh honey?) And fine notes of lilac flower with predominant.
The taste is floral. we find the lilacs and the slightly heady hyacinth. The palate has a nice frame of alcohol and a little greasy texture. The aromas and alcohol by successive waves.
The finish is long and always on the lilac flower. One can clearly see a hint of smoke that comes from giving blood at the end of tasting.

A very elegant whisky.

Nose: fruity peat, petroleum, marine and sweet side.
With aeration: lemon.
Palate: Fruity, acid and smoked. spiced
Finish: Lightly peaty and exotic fruits that tends to disappear with aeration. Spicy. Long finish that falls back slowly but come back now and then.

Comments: Very good peaty fruity who do not like aeration and is a little too spicy for my taste.

Colour: white wine
Nose: First nose is on mint which quickly fades to give way to white peach, vanilla and more and more present citrus notes.
Mouth: Oily, leading cocoa creme brulee. It develops on the lemon, the lemon meringue pie.
Finish: long, chocolate, rose petal, lemon.
Overall impression: I really like this not very conventional malt , alcohol is perfectly integrated, real velvet in the mouth. Reminds me of a Lowland distillery as Rosebank.

Color straw / gold.
The nose opens with very fruity notes. Ripe fruit. Dry. Smoke comes. Fresh. A little citrus.
The taste is smooth, sweet fruit. Explosion of smoke on the finish.
Long, moderately intense smoke. Still those little fruity notes.

appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium intensity, alcohol present but not disturbing, peat, smoke (less present than peat), marine freshness, smoked ham, oyster juice
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, taste well in line with the nose and remaining well balanced
finish: medium
A beautiful peated whisky combining instant pleasure, complexity and balance

Colour: Straw.
Nose: Fine and delicate peat. Very milky. Sour cream and apricot-flavoured "petit-suisse". A dash of dust and Indian ink. Straw ball. Nicely rustic and organic. Wilder, more thrilling and punchier (48%?) than an ordinary basic peaty malt. Gets sweeter with time. A chocolate square with a fine mint cream filling. This was probably drawn from a nice Bourbon cask. And it makes me want to go a bit further…
Mouth: …And I'm so glad I did! The mouth doesn't betray the nose. Full and fat on the palate, but with no heaviness. The power is under control (finally, we might be slightly ahead 50%, but in such a nice way!). Biscuity and greedy like a palet Breton. Floating islands on a generously caramelized custard. Peat is everywhere but is giving way to the other characters.
Finish: Sapid and well balanced, with no bitterness, it is sustained by the peat and the vanilla before vanishing on a delicate flowery note (violet-flavoured liquorice).

Comment: A very enjoyable peaty malt, savoury and chewy, raffish just as it should be. Remind me of the Bruichladdich Organic we could taste a little while ago, but in a more finalized version. I like it.

Colour: White wine.
Nose: a little stuck nose first, closed. Suggests a kind of peat mineral. The hazelnut unripe . And dried fruit, nut shell, slightly dusty. A certain pungency all along that, upon reflection evokes a little iodine and salt in some seashore. Notes of mint green, slightly refreshing balance and lighten the nose. A little vegetal, on the juniper in the background, subtly herbaceous.
While one might expect that water releases that nose, that's exactly the opposite phenomenon occurs, we lose in expressiveness.
Palate: Richer than the nose, the peat is present, but in the background and allowed to express dried fruits, chestnuts, almond powder, spices (seeds).
The water makes that mouth easier, but also more mundane.
Final: In the wake of the mouth, but by basing all the flavors in the same set.
The water has nearly wiped out the final.

Comment: A peaty a bit stuck, which is struggling to express themselves on the nose, but more generous in the mouth. Perhaps it would need more time to prove?

color: pale gold
nose: fruity, vanilla, fresh wood, floral notes
taste: very smooth, vanilla, fresh herbs, fresh wood, the finish is firm with more mineral notes and slightly dry-ish

Colour: straw
Nosing: peaty, smooth, some sweet fruits. Nice balance between the fruity, dry peaty and smoky notes
Tasting: peaty, salty to very salty, slightly bitter and citric
Finish: medium, some peaty, bitterness again

Very fresh nose. Fresh meat (raw) and light veil of smoke. Metallic note. Too wise. Evolves on sweet notes (cotton candy). Lacks a bit density.
Enter in your mouth on the candy (yellow crocodile). Nice oily texture. Indolent. Slight tangy. Vanilla-oak.
Medium final in phase with a mix of the nose and mouth!

Conclusion Lack of character but very nice. Looks like a Laphroaig in (much) less peaty Laphroaig probably not!


Color: Straw-colored
Nose: Color: Amber
Mouth: Exotic fruits on pineapple juice, apricot, mango
Final: medium shortApricot, passion fruits, milked chocolate, hint of , bitterness, wooded, drying sensation.

Nose: Oaky, slightly juicy, spicy and grassy, with light notes of honey, malt and vanilla. Clean.
Taste: Oaky, slightly floral and fragrant, malty, with light oaky and grassy notes, as well as some green apples and honey. The finish is short to medium and on the same flavours.
Impression: A good fresh and malty whisky.

Nose: a little peat & smoke on the nose first.
After aeration, fruit (especially peach), almond milk. Made me think of Bowmore Tempest by far.
Palate: Round and in continuity
Finish: long final on peat and almond milk with a hint of bitterness.

Color: White Wine
Nose: Light and a few peaty. Alcohol is fairly discreet. Some notes of iodine are also present.
Taste: The alcohol is well integrated, very discreet. Peat is now very present. These notes of iodine are very pleasant.
Long and peaty final. A touch of fresh mint is also present on the tongue.

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: dry apple, a little cream - a little pastry at first - cork and red grapes. This is slightly astringent. At the end of of the nosing one can guess something like animal iodine. The nose tread carefully, smoothly. Moderately enjoyable.
Taste: The alcohol is strong but the flavors seem content. Salty bitterness , white fruits and barley. The frugal side succumbs to saline assault . A small harmful imbalance .
Final: Final rather short on white tea. Again the grass gives way to a more meat, as a key peaty and salty mainly good aftertaste.

Conclusion: A rather fragile whisky. Notable imperfections: Nose little cajoling, imbalance in the mouth and final falling too fast. Surprisingly, it has a small charming overall.

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