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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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18 years old

The Maltman
18 years
Alcohol percentage
43 %
Meadowside (The Maltman)
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2012-02 82/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 88/100
Lowest rate 70/100
Difference 18
Average 82,33


Total number of tasters 21
Excellent 0
Very good 2
Good 11
Medium 6
Bad 2
Balmenach 18

Nose: Pear, rice, peach, coconut, tropical fruits (pineapple), cardboard, oily, grains. The aromas are disconnected but it's well balanced. It's sweet.
Palate: Oily, fruity, apple, spice, vanilla. Always sweet.
Final: Spices (get bigger with aeration), fruity (exotic), cereals, bread, dried pasta. Average length.
Light delicate acidity that develops slowly.

Comments: A whisky in the style that I like. Very spicy (but not peppery nor spicy), sweet and fruity. It just lacks a little something.
Little change with aeration or addition of water.

Colour: gold.
Powerful nose, quite closed, opens over time without becoming exuberant. Fruit, wax. Somewhat vegetal. Cereals.
Mouth: quite powerful, waxy, slightly fruity. Slightly woody, vanilla. Somewhat pastry.
Final: rather long, pretty intense. Fruity and waxy. Slightly woody.

Colour: Straw
Nose: Powerful, very fragrant, very fruity with peach and apricot, a lot of honey, frangipane.
Mouth: syrupy, alcohol is perfectly integrated, full with a dominant fruity flavors in the extension of the nose plus some sweet spices.
Finish: medium long always on the fruit.
Overall impression: A malt not necessarily very complex but very pleasant and easy to drink. Makes me think of a Benriach than twenty years.

Colour: pale straw
The nose is marked by fresh fruit (Granny) a little minty side. The alcohol provides the voltage. Then develops the tasting notes of yeast and wildflowers as a fresh Comté .
The mouth is on fresh herbs. But what is the overall structure that is most interesting: fresh grass and alcohol there but not dominant, then the roundness that can go to the final.

The finish is sweet and herbaceous. We are really on the water spirits of plants such as green Izara.

appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, beeswax, yellow fruits, slightly mineral, fresh yeast dough, disappears after 15 minutes of breathing at the expense of fermentation aromas of yeast, smooth profile with a little acidity
taste: low to medium intensity (from the mid-palate), well integrated alcohol, mineral, slightly acidic (lemon), grain
finish: medium
Conclusion: pleasant whisky and easy to drink

Nose: acids fruits (mirabelle, plum). Acidity of fresh apple & sweetness of baked apple. Some spices come with the fruit. Dry wood also, and a touch of smoked malt. In the background, notes of pastry cream, almond, puff pastry.
Mouth: the fruit appears, quickly mixed with malt that gives a bitter persistent note. The palace is a little heated by the spices. A bit of dry wood. The finish is sweeter, with almond paste and sour candy.
Final: old wood & dried fruits, lingering bitterness.
Conclusion: a easy-one single malt, no major defects (except bitterness and dry wood), rather pleasant to drink.

Colour: white wine, straw.
Nose: first nose on a fruit bubble bursting immediately and developeson a fruity, apple / pear note, which grows slowly but steadily. Comes after a few minutes of herbal and vegetal notes, touches of juniper. Then pastry and dairy notes appear, custard. Is now moving on confectionery, fruit candy at (Krema), pot pourri.
The addition of water weakens the nose and makes it lose its sharpness.
Palate: Quite unsettling, with little relevance to the nose. First saponifying, slightly aqueous, dried fruit develops. Fat texture, oily.
Water harmonizes the mouth but it loses its character. However, the note found in saponifying is very diminished.
Final: In the wake of the mouth, that is to say, very expressive.
The water rounds the start of the final, but gives it more body and long thereafter. Reveals the astringency that was previously unnoticed.

Comments: Promising nose, but disappointing in the mouth, as this disharmony. Better to avoid the water.

color: gold
nose: fruity flavours, vanilla, peach and fresh oak, hint of salt
taste: slightly salty but fruity, notes of vanilla, very fresh, also peaches and a little peppery, medium long finish with oaky notes

Color: White Wine

Nose: Very nice, eraser and pencil, wax, iodine, yellow fruits still lacking maturity, soft citrus, grapefruit zest, vanilla. Quite complex and demonstrating a good intensity and especially compact, nothing beyond here, very nice balance. Something "Clynelishish" in all this.

Palate: fresh but not lacking in power. The mouth is more spicy (ginger, nutmeg) as the nose suggested. The fruity and tangy nose are present but are suppressed by alcohol. Adding water brings out more spices.

Finish: Quite long, marked by the return of pencil lead and a bitter vegetable (green tea).

Conclusion: The nose is of good quality, mouth-this side in terms of flavor intensity.

Nose: honey and fruit paste, an earthy side (can be a bit of peat?), Grass & mint, and a lot of spices (cinnamon)
Mouth: interesting. These are the spices that emerge on the palate with a slight side "new make" then licorice and vanilla
Finish: long on spices with a little bitterness enjoyable because controlled

Color: Light Gold
Nose: The nose is fresh, mineral and slightly fruity at first. The fruity side is intensifying at the aeration with fines notes of mango and pear and also a spicy side. The alcohol is well integrated (although a little bit sparkling in the beginning).
Palate: Alcohol is very discreet, very well integrated, very sweet. The fruit is now less present than in the nose, in contrast to the spicy notes.
Final rather short, very smooth too, spicier than fruity.

Nose: Fresh and marine (seafood such as shellfish). Light. Apple tart. Grassy or minty with aeration.
Palate: Silky pleasant. Rather thin and elegant but too far back. Not found the real ocean side of the nose. Evolves between malt notes and nuances revealing advantage of maturity (spicy / woody-vanilla).
Short finish on a slightly bitter malt.

Conclusion Very (too) well done. Clearly lacks the character for my taste. Easy to drink without displeasure so far!

Nose: Clean, malty, on strong notes of freshly catched fish.
Taste: Soft to very soft, malty, with some coconut, pineapple, salt, other maritime flavours, and some smoke. The finish is short to medium, on toffee, ginger, and some coconut.
Impression: The nose was rather unusual with its strong fishy notes, but the whole is rather pleasant.

Colour: Pale Gold
Nose: Melon is dominating, then milk chocolate is included in a lemony acidity - it seems to have bits of lemon Perrier in front of you -. The nose is notwithstanding quite evanescent and aeration calms it very quickly.
Taste: Everything is very fade. You could tell milk chocolate cereal. Is also identified with cinnamon and lemon again what happens later on. The sweet balance is quite successful. Too bad it frankly lacks punch
Final: Fairly short at the sparkling lemon. A slight tingling tongue occurs.

Conclusion: A small whiskey unpretentious peach by its lack of horsepower. The lemony aroma rather special off the beaten track. It can easily be booked for an aperitif.

Colour: Old gold
The nose presents a mixture of malted and yeasty hints and is struggling to evolve more varied and rich into notes. Additional notes of pepper and sour candy.
The mouth does not contrast with the nose. The attack is pretty sweet on the malt mingled with hints of yeast. Softness and little complexity. Metal hints are added to the initial sweetness. A very straight whisky which is missing a little relief.
The finish is long and relatively unobtrusive. Here again, no surprise but after several minutes, the intensity appears to increase and some slightly bitter nutty notes appear.

Colour: gold
Nosing: touch of hay, heather. Herbal notes, winey. Later on some fruit, lemon.
Tasting: spicy, a little pepper. Some bitterness.
Finish: light touch of cereal grain. Very light

The nose, very expressive, is dominated by vegetable flavors, mixed with honey. We also have a little land, all in an atmosphere still quite warm. With aeration, there is the appearance of almond powder, yellow fruit and smoke. But overall lack of strength and precision especially for full expression.

The mouth starts with milk chocolate and yellow fruits. Quite involved, it develops later in a farm atmosphere on plants and I do not know what to warm. More powerful than the nose, it shows after ventilation of minerality and spice.

The final red fruits, is of medium length. There is also the hazelnut and ripe yellow fruit somewhat. It's pretty rough.

In conclusion, a whisky that is restricted by lack of precision, although it is not unpleasant.

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Soft and fruity. Orchard fruits. Golden Delicious apple and perhaps some nectarine. The wood has already brought some vanilla roundness that conceals something grassy. Quite some honey and quince jelly. Crispy like nougatine. The whole is delicately spiced with a pinch of peat.
Mouth: Soft attack, perhaps even a bit weak (43%?). The mouth develops on a coffee-flavoured hard caramel sweet. Then, the peat comes back on the foreground, more prominent than on the nose. The whole lacks a bit of power and personality though.
Finish: Short, marked by a slight astringency.

Comment: The effort in mixing peat and fruit is laudable, and the work has been done with honesty, but this malt lacks a bit of passion.

Color: Gold
Nose: Lemon, Vegetal, tea
Mouth: cereal, malt, hints of strawberries, mint, flowers
Final : Bitter

On the nose notes of verbena, citrus, wood and humus. Not very appealing, it's nothing to say. With aeration, the profile becomes cooler, with herbaceous notes of melted butter and distant touches of peach and dust. The palate is soft, sweet and the whisky is fast becoming rough, and very - too - bitter. The finish is the same level. Distant licorice, vanilla synthetic on background of alcohol and astringency.
With water, notes of mint and pencil eraser appear fleetingly.
In short a whisky that has a nose and a mouth just interesting / final still below. One can not accuse him of any other major flaw.

Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Fairly discrete, requires a lot of aeration, we have herbaceous notes of marzipan, candy and pear.
Mouth: little expressive mouth too, some grain, alcohol, sugar and new spirit.
Final: short and dry
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