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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Thirty Six

W&M Collector's Edition
36 years
Alcohol percentage
58,3 %
Wilson & Morgan
Sherry butt
Cask number
single cask 5748
Distil: 1975 Bottling: 2012
271 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-01 87/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 93/100
Lowest rate 80/100
Difference 13
Average 86,86


Total number of tasters 22
Excellent 2
Very good 4
Good 11
Medium 5
Bad 0
Glenlivet Wilson Morgan

Color: Light Mahogany
Nose: The nose is greedy. Presence of dried fruits, cold tobacco, some rancio. Alcohol is present but fairly blends well in flavorings.
Mouth: Dry fruits, spices. It's hot, it's well done. Alcohol is still present but always as well integrated.
Final: Long, sweet, hot. The alcohol still there but not at all disturbing.

A fairly complex Whisky.

Colour: Dark Mahogany
A pretty cool nose. First tingling. This is a whisky that needs a little time to open. Spices, pepper, sherry. A very complex and very pleasant nose.
The first impression on the palate is most enjoyable. Then fireworks of flavors. Here is a unusually complex whisky. After a rather classic sherry entry, sudden acid notes appear to progress rapidly to develop on mocha and then becomes quieter and sage. What an amazing whisky.
Very long finish. Marked both by the mocha, sherry and spices, pepper. This whisky leaves an impressive feeling of happiness behind him. It presents so many contrasts, offers so much variety to the palate, that it will certainly not be unanimously apreciated. But for thrill seekers, this whisky is to be etched in the annals.

The nose is marked by a very sherry first phase, before a marine and very fresh mineral development. It is very well built, although it is a bit brutal. There are also wax, paint, pineapple and coffee. The complex, highly heterogeneous, however, is well integrated. With aeration, the balance between the sherry and the minerality is even better. Some oilseeds are emerging, maritime and pepper. Very interesting.
The palate is marked by sherry (caramel, coffee) before turning to more mineral tones and tart. We feel wax and very ripe yellow fruits that offset it all. As the nose, it goes a little in every way, but it's very well done, with a complexity to the appointment. With aeration, there is a beautiful development and farmer's chocolate attack.
The finish, long and rocky, is dominated by sherry (fine chocolate) and minerality. We also have a little smoke and citrus (grapefruit).

In conclusion, a beautiful marriage of sherry and mineral.

Colour: Pale Amber
Nose: Rich and expressive, both vinous and particularly floral, it reminds me of flowers that would have let macerate in alcohol. Failing to charm me, this nose surprises me and intrigues me. Aeration reveals gourmand notes of walnut tart. Water reinforces the greedy character (nuts) and acidic (Mandarin) sherry, which is confirmed at the second tasting, where malt was less and floral revealed slight sulfur notes.
Palate: The floral character is lighter here, unlike alcohol, whose power is being felt. Texture, fat, is very pleasant, but it'll require a little water. Water brings out nice and tangy spices.
Finish: Long, slightly tart and sweet, like candy, but also peppery.

Conclusion: A surprising whisky , interesting, but not to my taste.

Nose: a beautiful and melted. nose Could mislead about its origins because it reminds me a lot in a Cognac.
There are many fruits (dry and red). Influence of a beautiful sherry. Requires long aeration to prove. Coffee and cocoa. I almost felt like feel of peat and smoke. Maybe a bit of leather too.
Mouth: still concentrated on the sherry and many other flavors!
Finish: long on stewed fruits (figs, prunes).

Amber color.
Powerful nose. It is about sherry, precious woods, some dried fruit. Cocoa, slight hint of orange. Water brings out the fruit.
Powerful palate, dominated by sherry. Woody but no astringency.
Long, pretty intense. Sherry. A little cocoa-flavored.
Sherry well controlled but not very original. The barrel has done all the work.


Color: Amber, old gold.
Nose: first nose immediate and clear, with hints of tangy fruit and slightly sour, fruit vinegar (raspberry?). Pastry, sponge cake. Lively but not too, a hint of alcohol? Finally evolves on notes of alcohol fruit, like cherries in brandy.
The water effect is perhaps a little lost in power and vivacity but this is largely compensated by an expressiveness that is both more obvious and more harmonious and balanced. More melted also.
Mouth: creamy, but alcohol occurs very quickly, but without becoming aggressive. Alcohol fruit (cherry, raspberry). Slightly astringent.
The water does not fundamentally change the mouth but softens it, while revealing some nice fruity notes.
Final: In the line of the mouth, warm, but the power decrease quite quickly although the length is respectable.
The water calms significantly the final, but without upsetting the profile.

Nose: Orange and orange zest, citrus, orange liqueur (you'll understand that it is orange in all its forms), appearance of exotic fruits after a while.
Taste: Lemon, citrus, nuts after aeration.
Final: Lemon, lemongrass. As for the mouth, appearance of nuts after aeration.

Comments: Nice balance between the lemony side and some sweetness.

Color: Amber
Nose: First lovely vinous notes, on the rancio, port, mold cellar and fino.
Then there are figs, dates, chocolate, a little honey and spices.
Mouth: The cask marked this whisky, we have a slight astringency.
Begins with flavors of nuts, bitter chocolate, spices and concludes with some fruity notes.
Final lis rather long on a mixture of sweet and tart.

appearance: light amber
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, solvents (wood varnish) dominates at the beginning, becomes much less present after 20 minutes of breathing, cow stable, dryness like Amontillado sherry, a little almond paste (marzipan) sweetness
taste: medium to high intensity, alcohol present but acceptable, taste very oriented towards Amontillado sherry flavors and some solvents
finish: medium
With water: more marzipan on the nose, the alcohol is better mastered in the taste and the whisky is more complex (much more stable flavors present), I prefer with a few drops of water
Conclusion: A whisky that is much influenced by the barrel without being killed by the barrel. For me it is a sign that this whisky was bottled at optimum maturity

color: light amber
nose: vanilla, caramel and slight saltiness with toffee (butterscotch)
taste: full flavour of yellow and dark fruits together with vanilla and caramel, the finish is quite powerful with taste of slightly charred oak and coffee, a full dram with a long finish including a little pepper

Color: Caramel
Nose: tiramisu (chocolate, coffee and marsala) and de facto in nature greedy, creamy. The balance comes from the contribution that alcohol prevents it from being cloying. With the opening of the dominant coffee and cocoa is needed and there are cherry stones. A very nice nose that manages to be a powerful sherry but worked (at the crossroads of sweet and vinegary.
Palate: Powerful, well lining the entire mouth. Ultra-greedy, bitter chocolate (cinnamon coated) just stop the excessive sweet sherry (red fruits). Coffee is a bit in the vise of flavors but we detect a little less glamorous notes of felt. There is also a minty freshness that appears just before the final.
Finale: The bitterness of cherry pits, always with lots of sugar. It also recalls marinated cherries.

Conclusion: This big sherry has a really well balanced and charming nose. The palate is unilateral but maintains that pretty expertise. It lacks a few cons by madness and malleability in the mouth to compete with the heavyweights of the genre. A very nice whisky, however.

orange color
Nose: chard apple, quince schnapps, candied plums, liquorice, mint, currant,
Mouth: apple chard, powerful, currant, dark chocolate, this woody (too?) Butter, melted caramel and cooked
Finish: long but diffuse, balanced,

Nose: bright, slightly spicy, distinctive sherry (dry fruit, balsamic vinegar ...) but with a malty structure (a relatively young whisky?). Indolent although slightly rounded. Notes of varnish that could suggest a Japanese!
Mouth: sweet and sharp. Probably a cask strength, in any case, presence of alcohol. Development in line with the nose (dry fruit), and better (not the acidity of vinegar). Good enough even if ultimately elusive.
final: on quality bitterness (herb).
Conclusion Nothing exceptional in my opinion, but probably a good sherry whisky , with an interesting character. Worth tasting..

The nose is at first woody with notes of pineapple, apricot and dried mint. It develops a nice fruity. With aeration, a creamy side comes first, with prune and ti'punch (rum, lemon, sugar cane) in good order. Quite complex and pleasant. It becomes more delicate, more aerial with the time. Palate is crisp and woody with raspberry and licorice. A slight bitterness is offset by the cream. Then we change registry: caramel, spice and iodine, sea salt The finale begins on these mornings marine notes of bitterness (even licorice, which also expresses his sweet side) and anise. The finish is medium length.
I did not really like this whisky but I find it interesting by combining sweet and salty.

Nose: strange sensations of shoe polish, leather, glue and solvents. Opens on the baked apple, lemon grass, oak, walnut and almond crushed. Slightly floral (lilacs?). Aeration reveals quite a bit of caramel.
Mouth: powerful. Cognac, lemon & pear. Hot spices (curry). One side chemical (plastic) very transient, then a wooded & hot set to finish on the toasted hazelnut and a touch of smoke.
Final: bitter wood, ashes and a few sweet notes of caramel and candy
Conclusion: Not bad. Lack of complexity. Average nose with 'shoe factory' side, which lowers its note.

Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Smooth, floral, round, on Christmas spices, tangerine and orange.
Taste: Smooth, juicy, oaky, floral, intense, rather spicy, on Christmas spices, tangerine, orange and diverse floral notes. The finish is medium, rich, spicy, on honey, light floral notes, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange.
Impression: A good and intense whisky.

Colour: Red copper – slightly cloudy
Nose: Takes a little time to open up. Slightly hot. We’re probably not that far away from 60% (57%?). After a while, starts unfolding and at the same time, gets rid of all unnecessary grease, thus becoming a tad archetypal. Remains lots of dry fruits (roasted almonds galore), pralines, and strawberry jam sticking at the bottom of the pot.
Mouth: Hot, velvety, coating. The alcohol speaks loud, but doesn’t burn the palate. Tastes good, but a bit monolithic yet. And slightly drying at the end. The cask (Sherry, probably) was very active and time didn’t succeed in polishing the edges. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this one isn’t out of his teens.
Finish: Long, marked by the ZAN liquorice.
Comment: If you’re seeking for a slightly pushy sherry whisky that wraps up your palate, this could be the one. Assuming it’s fairly priced. But one can fancy more delicate malts…

Colour: amber
Nosing: big, sherry, oaky, some sulphur
Tasting: strong (definitly cask strength), immense flavour developments, raisiny, very spicy, gingery
Finish: very long, with lots of sherry, becoming sweetish and perfumy

A nice heavy weight sherry monster. Although a little too spicy for me

Amber color with green hues (as Amber Rivesaltes)
The nose is marked by white fruit and fresh apple. With aeration the notes of apple turn and go on stewed fruit.
The overall impression is of a certain sweetness but I notice the unpleasant feeling of bitterness (the grilled nem)
The palate is spicy. Alcohol is very present at the opening and then fades and gives way to aromas. Back to the stewed fruit and baked apple. The caramelization happens next.
The whole lacks a little character and density. There was a little watery side.
The finish is marked by the bitterness as found in a overcooked caramel.

In total there is something embarrassing in this whisky. On the one hand the seductive sherry, the other a real shortage of material in the mouth.

Color: Amber
Nose: Quite interesting and rather complex, with mushrooms, smoked tea, herbs, menthol, hazelnut.
Taste: Powerful and structured, but less complex than the nose. First of Granny, and the cherry pit and finally an avalanche of spices (pepper, clove).
Finish: Quite long and very peppery.
Overall impression: A curious and elusive whisky that appeals to me but I do not appreciate. Reminds me of a malt as Glenrothes

Perfumed nose with a presence of alcohol a little too present. Sherry it is but it's a sherry. straightforward, tough
It will take time for him to express ... Unfortunately, the alcohol takes over everything. It fails to settle down, that's a shame.
Palate is pungent, dry and nervous attack. Woody. Astringent and really powerful. Even too much.
A taste of cold coffee and something bitter that reminds me of that taste especially after chewing, inadvertently, a pip fruit.
This final is very present, spicy and hot.
Aftertaste of coffee without sugar very tight well led. This gives a bitterness that will give a significant length.
Maybe some peanuts ...

Comment Although too powerful. The mask any alcohol. At least I'm sure the 40% required! It's a shame.
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