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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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20 years old

Single Cask Series
20 years
Alcohol percentage
54,1 %
Master of Malt
Sherry butt
Distil: 12-1990 Bottling: 7-11-2011
90 of 626 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-01 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 74/100
Difference 17
Average 86,23


Total number of tasters 22
Excellent 1
Very good 9
Good 7
Medium 4
Bad 1
Bunnahabhain Master of Malt 20

Color: Amber
Nose: Starts a dry sherry evoking a Fino or Amontillado, with notes of organic black mushrooms, burnt rubber and black powder growing on to more gourmet caramel frame, fresh walnuts and dried apricots. Very nice nose though slightly marked by alcohol before aeration.
Palate: The attack is fresh and powerful, with aromas and frankly organic sulfur but without being disagreeable. Black mushrooms, rubber, cocoa bitter, but also tangy mandarin here share the limelight, before the bitterness of the walnuts takes over and then do a subtle exotic touch takes you to the final.
Final: Rather long, it leaves the palate the memory of sulfur mixed with the exotic papaya and overripe bitter cocoa.

Conclusion: An excellent sherry cask to its eye more on the side of aromas and organic sulfur than to gluttony. Will not please everyone, but quite to my taste.

Color: Brown
Nose is perfectly balanced. All in smoothness, thi indisputable sherry-like nose is pleasantly complex. Smells of milk chocolate, sherry, mocha with a nice impression of freshness in the background.
The sherry is clearly dominant in the mouth also. here also a nice balance and freshness of the nose makes room to very discrete notes of tannins. The mouth is also quite complex, warm and leaves an excellent impression. Here too, a few notes of chocolate.
The finish is exceptionally long. Feel the warmth of sherry, these pleasant notes of chocolate and mocha persist for many minutes.

Color: Light Mahogany
Nose: Creme brulée, caramel, dried fruits with smoky notes... It is a sherry casked. Alcohol is very discreet, well-integrated. No loss to ventilation.
Palate: A good sherry very fruity, slightly woody, very nice. We find these quite nice smoky notes. Alcohol is also discreet.
Finish: Long, fruity, gourmand. Alcohol is a little present which further strengthens the finish... Really nice.

A nice whisky to taste (eg after a meal with a chocolate dessert).

Colour: deep amber, which promises a sherry with strong personality ! (hopefully anyway)
Nose: quite powerful, quick start on the firecracker and sulfur. Then come fine spices and scents reminiscent of Asian seasonings (soy, coriander leaf), and cinnamon, herbs and white pepper. Raisins and caramelized & buttery background. Roasted malty notes of fruit and toast. An ensemble that clearly evokes the oloroso dulce, a very elegant nose, exciting, with a certain 'patina'.
Mouth : after a fleeting passage through the sulfur, which installs a lot of wood sherry with raisins, caramel, salt, sweet notes of confectionery, honey and flowers. Successive waves of spices come impress the palate. Towards the end, pastry with honey & almond. A mouth melted and very enjoyable.
Final: on dry wood with a tendency to sulfur, flowers and a hint of liquorice.
Conclusion: A very greedy sherry, probably> 50%, with lots of character and quite complex. Only drawback: a bit dry at times and sulfur. Nevertheless, I loved it !

Color of maple syrup

Very powerful nose first. Fruity. Sherry (I hope this time I will not be fooled!).
Yes, undoubtedly sherry. But it is unfortunately masked by an excessive presence of alcohol! Hope it calms down with aeration .. And fortunately, it calms down a lot. For behind alcohol, sometimes a smell of Malabar just put in the mouth (the ones with the strawberry. Course).
It's quite sweet for the shot and well pleasing.
Pleasant, but quite volatile. The second nose, I find it a little too heavy. Caramel and coffee are a bit too present. But as to the tasting, I feel like a scent of sun-dried tomatoes in cans (which are bathed in olive oil) with a slight dash of curry powder. Then even a smell of green tomatoes too (with leaves). Basically I'm on the register of tomato :) I like because it is atypical. Why not add a layer: the smell of tomato also makes me think of appetizer cake called Pixi (small balls blown tomato taste) who often leave after Curly peanut taste!

The palate is powerful, slightly dry. But less than the nose. Woody and the continuity of sherry. But less exuberant in terms of flavors. A touch of bitterness at the end of course with a taste of coffee beans chewed in the mouth and a touch of honey.

Final very focused on honey. See even the honey sweets (like those bee shaped). But here it does not last .. Too bad it is not longer on the flavor! It is still very good and pretty cool towards its end. To return a healthy dose of hot and spicy mouth. Nice. And finally it returns to the character of honey its very beginning. Quite frankly.

Comment: Very good whisky. Nose very rich. Although a bit vague from time to time with a presence of alcohol quite disturbing at the very beginning. But later, the whisky out unveiled its wide range of flavors, for me, very nice.
Similarly for the final. Less rich but very pleasant. A good time spent.

I remain just a little less enthusiastic about the mouth that is a notch below its aromas.
Which earned him a slight loss of points.

Colour: dark amber
Nosing: big, sherry, chicory coffee, fresh figs, floral notes and some sulphur
Tasting: sweet, fruit cake, drying tannins, complex and intense
Finish: long, sherry notes

A real sherry monster. Aberlour a'bunadh or a Glendronach (single cask)?

Nose: Nuts and especially walnuts, red fruits and exotic, prunes, matches (slight at first, more after breathing. A big plus for me)
Mouth: chicory, lemon, nuts, grapefruit
Final: Chicory, mocha, lemon touch. long

Comments: Powerful sherry with an alcohol well integrated (less after aeration). The balance of the sherry is wonderful.

orange color
Nose: dense, hay, mahogany, motor oil, hazelnut and walnut green, beautiful developments, cream butter, beautiful, freshly cut wood, pine resin, toasted, chocolate beautiful.
Mouth: pipe tobacco, delicate wood, this round is a little behind the nose
Finish: intense, on the wood, chocolate and chili

May be a Glendronach, Strathisla or Glenfarclas superb nose but mouth and final in retreat, typical of this kind of whisky
90 for the nose

Color: Gold with bronze highlights.
Nose: opulent, a lot of depth. I feel pine honey, resin, baked apple with cinnamon, and camphor also in my glass.
Taste: Oily, offers a nice balance. Following on the nose plus a animal side, leather.
Finish: Long and persistent.
Overall impression: Not a very conventional malt but that gave me much pleasure. He must have some twenty years. I come down to a "Highlander" aged in a sherry cask.

Amber color.
Nose rather reserved, gentle, sherry (not too dry). The wood is present and adds complexity. Something organic, humus? Some red fruit. Gourmand.
Powerful palate, rich. Wood. Some fruit. Nice balance.
Long, pretty intense. Woody, slight astringency but little gene.

Dress: Amber, old gold.
Nose: first nose highly caramel and rubber. Leather, tobacco and even some touches of roasting. After some time, it returns to the initial notes of chewy salty caramel. Gradually evolves into the caramel chocolate but always with a rubbery component.
Adding water brings both more fade, balance and harmony at the same time allows the nose to open up a little.
Mouth: sweet but very quickly pungent, alcoholic. Much of the fruit than the nose, and less on the caramel.
The water has only a slight effect on the mouth. A little more easy drinkable, but still a certain character.
Final: As a follow of the mouth, warm, very long and powerful, becomes acidic.
Like the mouth, the water has little influence on the final. More roundness and progressiveness.

Comment: Almost a whisky of character with some power. Very pleasant and almost greedy. Maybe a little bit aggressive without it, wateris more profitable to him by calming just enough to make it more noticeable these beautiful notes.

The nose is clearly marked by greedy sherry. At first rather discrete and dry on the wood, almonds and hazelnuts, it then shows some heady flowers. Little by little, dark chocolate appear, with a certain pastry softness. We have to wait a long period of ventilation so that nose shows its full potential. It then brings chocolate, old leather and ash.
The palate is all about chocolate, coffee and roasting. Of average power, the mouth is marked by a pungent aroma, almost effervescent in the middle of these very sherry flavors. Again, an extended aeration allows a very interesting development, with milk chocolate, ash, chestnut, salt and some pepper.
The final average is about oloroso sherry and heady flowers. A little mint? With aeration, it is softer, on chocolate and spices.

Finally, one very trite sherry-typed whisky, but that is almost transformed by aeration, which we then to do a good dram.

Nose: It smells strongly of sherry! Leather, wood, sulfur. Walnuts, grapes, plums, figs, berries, a little coffee. Dilution brings out the wood and red fruits.
Mouth: powerful and concentrated. Wood, red berries and chocolate. Dilution develops red berries.
Finish: long continuity.

Comment: a young Speysider sherry cask and very pleasant with an alcohol under control. The default? May be a tad too much wood and not necessarily very complex.

color: amber
nose: full smell of almonds and nuts, raisins and caramel
mouth: warm powerful taste of raisins, chocolate and coffee, caramel comes in late but comes with power, the finish is slightly dry and very long with notes of caramel, coffee and dark forest fruits.

Color: Dark Caramel
Nose: Leather, rubber of Glendronach, good presence of mocha, dark chocolate and a little chestnut. Aeration allows room for nuts (hazelnuts, cashews) cappuccino in appearance but still waxing. Powerful and evocative hues with vinegared the most beautiful effect (pulling a little on the blackberry). No exaggerated complexity but it's damned effective.
Taste: Thick and compact. The power of sherry is felt well but was released gradually. Nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts) give a slight bitterness but are associated with sweet chocolate and coffee, haloed in the aspect of "chemical" nose. Dense, well-balanced.
Finale: Short. It tends to go down very quickly. Rubber and espresso. Notes come in savory aftertaste.

Conclusion: The final descends abruptly removes some pleasure to this dram that seems to come back to artificial notes (wax, rubber). The nose is very pleasant, the mouth is dense but lacks a little finesse and length. But a big nice sherry.

The nose is clearly marked by sherry. And here's a whisky that clearly announces that it will take time to express! A little aeration here and prune, lemon, chocolate, black pepper and a fine peat arriving jumble. Finally poorer than expected, it is nonetheless very pleasant. Traces of camphor and curd began another stage: the balance with candied orange plaster, a plum that grows stronger, eucalyptus tannins, of peach jam, mango ... On the palate it is woody, yet on the sherry and yellow fruit but well expressed on the sharpness tannic. Gingerbread. The finale, with a good length, is made ​​from chocolate that hints net caramel, camphor, and a slight bitterness.
In summary, the nose is very seductive, but the mouth and are in the final sentence. Anyway sherry rounded corners and leaves a pretty good impression.


color: gold with copper highlights
The nose is of great finesse with a hint of iodine, which brings the tension. The aromas are of citrus fruits like grapefruit, which gives freshness.
The mouth is but slightly oily. Alcohol blends quickly. The aromas are floral with a grassy side (artichoke).
Develops on the final notes of dried fruit with roasted hazelnuts.

I am not deceived, but I feel a good quality whisky.

Colour : Golden brown.

Nose: Quite some toffee. And those who roam around here might know that I don't fancy toffee in my whisky. Well, let's be honnest: that's not the worse we've came across. Dry fruits join in. Pralines on the beach. Sultanas. The usual big guns of a big and robust Sherry that remains short in details. A Sherry that becomes very meaty and quite concentrated now. Vegemite. Viandox. Sauce that comes with the Chinese Pekin duck (a mix of hoisin sauce, dark soy sauce, and sugar). Oxtail stew. Thick it is, but balanced with something nicely soury that reminds me of these big fat slightly mushy red apples that don't deserve their names (Red Delicious).

Mouth: Pralines are still there, and so are the dry fruits (do you know "Figolu"?). Quite some sultanas again, and the usual spices (mostly cinnamon). Tea time in England including the burnt toast with the bitterness from the orange marmalade. Quite some burnt wood. The cask may have been heavily recharred. And what about the alcohol? Well, it has never been disturbing in any way. Quite a performance for a malt that probably reach 55%!

Finish: Long, sustained by the burnt wood and something slightly aniseed and salty. Quite "Japanese" in its style (provided you forget the toffee ;-) )

Comment: A big nice Sherry, quite archetypal but not that caricatural at the end, and that reminds me of some old heavily sherried bottlings from Bruichladdich or other, younger, from Bunnahabhain. A bit "massive" to my taste, but should be enjoyed by heavy sherry fans.

appearance: medium amber
nose: medium to high intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol (manifested mainly by a freshness like "Tiger Balm"), peat, smoke, sherry aromas of plums, raisins, wine cellar, balsamic vinegar and a dirty touch (sulfur and burnt caramel), I like this default when, as here, it does not dominate the nose but increases its balance and complexity
taste: medium to high intensity, alcohol present but acceptable, taste dominated by the bitterness of burnt caramel and sulfur, completely unbalanced
finish: medium to long
With water: Nose also unbalanced by an excess of "dirt", taste even more unpleasant
Conclusion: An extreme whisky that certainly find its lovers. For me the nose is great without water and is well worth 90 points, the taste is another universe

Nose: Not my preference for the side of burnt sherry. Appears to be already dry on the nose! Evolves on a greenness reminiscent of molasses. Rounds at aeration and loses some unpleasant notes for me.
Mouth: attack in almost Sulphur, moving slowly toward the bitterness of molasses, which foreshadowed the nose. Not my style of whisky. Too ripe Bananas.
Final bitterness of the mouth ....
Conclusion Really not my kind of whisky (too unbalanced on the bitterness) although some may be able to love ....


Color: Dark Amber
Nose: A good dose of caramel and spices, hints of distillation and slightly sulphurous notes of odor of burnt cake.
Mouth: A a little too active cask or too long maturation.
Palate rather astringent, then on the rubber we have a bit of honey, chocolate and a little licorice.
Final: medium with vinous notes.

Colour: Amber
Nose: Yeasty, slightly meaty, sulphury and vegetal. A sherry monster with strong yeasty-sulphury influence.
Taste: Rich, juicy, very fruity, on orange, tangerine, brambleberries, treacle, dates, some sulphur and vegetamine. The finish is long, sticky, syrupy, on sulphur, vegetamine, corn syrup, tangerine, brambleberries and orange maramalde.
Impression: A sherry monster, with too much suplhury-vegetamine flavours to my liking. For the sherry freaks.
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