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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Bourbon Hogshead 1980

30 years
Alcohol percentage
44,7 %
Malts of Scotland
Bourbon Hogshead
Cask number
single cask 12429
Distil: 09-1980 Bottling: 01-2011
100 of 259 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2012-01 86/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 77/100
Difference 14
Average 86,05


Total number of tasters 22
Excellent 1
Very good 6
Good 10
Medium 5
Bad 0
Miltonduff Malts of Scotland

fresh and fruity nose. Attack on citrus like blood oranges with a hint of lemon.
The mouth is round, a little woody. Alcohol brings a strong presence of depth. The flavors are still on citrus but this time the chocolate tip behind alcohol.
The finish is long and powerful with notes of white chocolate and praline. the grassy side resurfaced providing a nice freshness to finish.

Altogether a very seductive whisky with a very fine balance between alcohol / flavor / texture.

Color: Gold
A fruity nose, very expressive. Ripe fruit, the peach, pear, but also intense floral notes. Pleasant and complex, here is an extremely promising nose.
First discreet on the palate, the taste is evolving rapidly toward some very nice notes of vanilla, fruit with a slight bitterness that makes it an even more pleasant by increasing complexity.
The complex, although quite mild acids appear discrete notes, is remarkably balanced.
The finish is long, and floral notes take over.

Another success. Very good whisky.

Nose: Powerful, fruity (mango), wax, polish, port.
Palate: Beautiful balance, sweet, powerful, lime, spices.
Final: fruity (strawberry, lime), cinnamon, various spices.

Comments: Beautifully fruity but a little too much spices (especially in the final), which are increasingly present along the tasting.
Aeration and the addition of water does not add much.
A whisky to drink quickly.

White wine with salmony hues.
Nose: Fruits, but which one? White glue (the one used by school children). Almond milk. Scented moisturizing crème. A little alcohol whiffs despite the rather low ABV (around 43%?). Time brings the wood on the forefront. A nice wood actually: Some saw dust but not too many, some vanilla just enough. And a superb balance between the softness of a high end acacia honey and the sourness of Haribo’s little jelly crocodiles (the yellow ones!).
Mouth: Very consistent with the nose. Starts on the softness of the vanilla and the sourness of a lemon drop, before a slightly woody dryness becomes more assertive.
Finish: Drier, it ends on a slightly woody bitterness that one will find elegant or to loud depending on his taste.
Comment: The overall consistency makes me think of a malt of noble extraction, entertaining as an old Glenrothes could be. A cask strength tamed by the time spent in the barrel. Anyhow, I like it.

Color: gold

Very sherry nose. it reminds me of 35 years Glenallachie TWE in fresher, younger. A good dose of honey flavor behind this magnificent that emerges is steady but volatile.
It's weird, but I find it hard to associate the color with aromas ... Like what :) Although further, the sherry aromas of ripe strawberries from the beginning, turn into strawberry ice cream (industrial, ice).
Rich, I found the smell of peanuts present on the sundae's of a unfortunately too well known fast food.
Some wood with these flavors and gives a very interesting nose. Although a slight lack of punch could disappoint.

Mouth fairly rough, woody, spicy (very peppery) and ... Very disappointing for me! Why such an austere palate with such a nose?
It will remain nervous and with a touch of bitterness. that's all. Finally ... Although ... Finally it is revealed?
Yes, it seems. It's greener, vegetal. Nearly menthol (I said nearly). Surprisingly with such a poor and such anaromatic weakness . And equally surprising with a nose more rounder and warmer, more sherry.
Very long finish with a very good return of just-picked raspberries that comes without warning ... And it is brought. Especially frankly it lasts a long time.

Comment: Not easy to note. I thought it had a very nice nose, very round and very rich. And, of course, I expected the same for the mouth ...
It really needs time to unfold. I was on the verge of not having anything in the sample anymore.
Finally, even if the mouth is radically different from the nose, it will still have fun!

Color: White Wine
Nose: An explosion of exotic fruits in the first nose with, in addition, some pears (like "Poire Williams"). Very fruity at first but loses power after aeration. The alcohol is well integrated. It is now moving on cereal notes. A very pleasant nose.
Mouth: Another explosion of fruits, in the line of the nose. Alcohol is also well integrated. Again hints of cereals here and there.
Final: Average and equally fruity, as it might be expected.

A whisky fairly linear, but very fruity and quite pleasant to taste.

Color: gold
Nose: Mild woody notes of oak and vanilla, a little bit of old furniture but a lot of power and fullbodied, also dried fruits and caramel.
Taste: soft but full-flavoured, slightly drying notes of oak and raisins, full finish with light caramel and dried fruits ending with raisins and woody notes

The nose is marked by great sweetness, the yellow fruit (banana, lemon), honey and a little wood. Ample and warm, it also shows some peaks of hazelnut and citrus. Aeration puts greater emphasis on the yellow fruit, while traces of farm flavors are emerging, then salt and wood fire. All, however, lacks some precision.
The mouth begins on coffee and hazelnuts, before a little something very sweet and tart, reminiscent of cough syrup. Then, a nice fruity taste, marked by the green apple is shown before a finish of salt and chocolate. It is very soft and very heterogeneous. The set lacks a little power. With aeration, sweet flavors make more room.
The final medium length, is marked by the mineral and coffee. It was also a little Calvados and a slight fruitiness.

In conclusion, a good whisky, who is missing maybe a better integration of its many flavors.

The first nose is on the pear, the fruity and seems fairly simple, if not simplistic. Let us allow to aerate then. And it makes him the most good: fresh grass, peony, iris, violet. It is floral and very pleasant, delicate. Then develop fresh notes of lemon and peppermint, with an ounce of cinnamon and a hint of ozone. On the palate is soft, with spices (pepper) and dominated by exotic fruit bananas. Few notes of oregano, citrus and caramel received wages here and there. The finish is under the domination of mint with spice and liquorice hazelnut background.
Refined, it is a treat for the senses.

Colour: gold.
Light nose, very light. Soft, very fruity. Yellow fruit that saw the sun. A few exotic fruits, honey. Nice set, very appetizing.
Mouth less sexy than the nose, sweet, still on the fruit. Lack of power.
Moderately long finish. Very intense. There are some fruits. A bit malty.
Very interesting profile but obvious lack of power.

Colour: Pale, white wine, straw.
Nose: first nose on the apple / pear acid, then progresses to the mint through a peppery note. The anise too. Very pastry, so as "financier" cake. Evokes some succulent plants. A little pine resin. Over time, becomes downright salty while retaining its vegetal freshness.
Water does not really change the nose but significantly increases the homogeneity, balance and blend.
Palate: aqueous, significantly different from the nose, rich fruit, almost heady, with a pungency classy giving an impression of "old."
Water has the same effect on the mouth than on the nose.
Final: In line with the mouth, medium length and power.
Water has the same effect as on the nose and mouth.

Comment: A nice whisky, pleasant, with personality. With or without water, it depends, both have their charm.

Color: White Wine
Nose: Powerful and expressive on the fruit tart (pineapple in particular, just in between sugar and acidity) and coconut spiced with a dash of nutmeg or modeling clay for children Play-Doh. Exudes a nice sweetness and leaves even a glimpse of gourmand notes of milk chocolate. Yum!
Mouth: Less fruity expected, it develops a vegetal bitterness under control and still some nice fruit notes (yellow fruit, pineapple, grapefruit). This is not especially complex but well balanced with well integrated alcohol.
Finish: Medium length, on a slightly bitter green fruit very pleasant.

Conclusion: A very nice fruity malt, cheerful and bright. I like.

Colour hay
Nose: lemon, hint of smoke, clean
Mouth: lemon, touch of chili, buttered, toasted
Final: short balanced


Nose: very (too?) melted and gentle, fruity (peach), light honey / vanilla. Too much reduced?
Mouth: very nice, consistent with the nose with medicinal notes in addition! Lacks a little density, but we feel a certain complexity (fruits, flowers, spices, grains ....).
Medium final, quite in line with the mouth.
Conclusion Very nice, balanced, but ultimately a little frustrating lack of power / density. Mean age (about 15 years).

appearance: dark Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, acidity (apple vinegar), black tea, mineral, austere, slight fruitiness and vegetables develop while breathing, beautiful individuality
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, taste also on the line mineral, austere, acid, very "old style"
finish: medium
With water: The nose shows the same flavors and loses a little intensity, the taste is less balanced (more acidity), I prefer without water
Conclusion: A beautiful "old style" whisky with lots of individuality

Nose : early on strange sensations & synthetic : hydrocarbon fuel, burned products, wood glue. A little sweet almond brings all things to more consensual, candied fruits caramelized in the oven, with notes of banana flambe. A very acidic side making me thinking of lemon, vinegar but even the cheap wine... A frank necessary aeration found wood and tomato a little young (and acid), pastry and roasted notes, and the strange smells dissipate a bit, leaving a dubious impression on this nose.
An hour later, we capture the Granny Smith & mint.
Palate: on herbs and licorice, with salted caramel. Continuing with honey, spices, wood is very present (chip), then a round sherry with dried fruit & flowers and a hint of leather. The whole is homogeneous and delicious, much more than the nose!
Final: sherry (oloroso) with salt and a little sulfur, however long.
Conclusion: Nose scary, but knowing redeem himself largely with the mouth which is nice.

Color: straw yellow
Nose: Nice nose, finesse, first on honey and sweet notes.
Then one feels the influence of sherry but with elegance on the nuts, marzipan, caramel and dried fruits.
Palate: Starts on cereals, hints of new spirit and sometimes chocolate, spices and nuts.
Final: on medium with slight bitterness.


Colour: straw
Nosing: exotic fruit, hay
Tasting: intense, fruity, mango, peach, some floral notes and a certain roundness
Finish: medium, sweet, fruity

An enjoyable round and easy drinking whisky

Color: straw yellow.
Nose: Very perfumed. I perceive almond and frangipane, custard. After aeration, it becomes more lemony and grassy.
Palate: On my first tasting, the mouth was hot and very herbaceous, very bitter also, to finish on a grapefruit juice. Curiously the second experiment gave me a more faithful to the nose malt, custard.
Overall impression: The second tasting helped me finally to reassess upwards this malt which had left me a mixed impression. Probably a Speyside!

Nose: spicy, honey, wax, apple juice, wood too
Palate: tangy, robust and sweet; a continuation of the nose
Final: final wood and vegetal aromas.

Colour: Pale Gold
Nose: Alcohol very present. Its fresh exotic preeminence (pineapple, pomegranate, coconut milk, lime) gives the acidity. There are also hints of polished wood. A nose not too flashy but that takes us in the tropics with great pleasure.
Palate: Alcohol is too far forward, very spicy - ginger, a hint of chilli - with a dominant barley. A bit dry overall.
Aeration brings moderate residues exotic - a bit of coconut, pineapple -. It also has more porridge. The whole is always overloaded with ethanolic impressions.
Final: Rather short on the spice and cereal. The palate is just off.

Conclusion: The nose of fresh fruit is traveling but the mouth has a little successful integration alcoholic because of spices giving a big boost too. The promises of sunny beaches are proving to be an escape rainy country. Inevitably, we come back disappointed ...

Colour: Straw
Nose: Fresh, floral, slightly fragrant and clean.
Taste: Grassy, fragrant, slightly malty and bitter, with some cooked apples and some gentian. The finish is short, round, fragrant, floral and slightly bitter.
Impression: Not a bad whisky, rather simple fragrant and with a short finish. Not really my style.
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