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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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100th Anniversary

12 years
Alcohol percentage
40 %
Distil: 1986 Bottling: 1999
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-05 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 60/100
Difference 29
Average 82,63


Total number of tasters 19
Excellent 1
Very good 4
Good 6
Medium 6
Bad 2
Ardmore 100 anniversary

N: light peat butter vanilla and licorice quince peach
B: fine and well-balanced vanilla nutmeg liquorice beautiful
F: Long live peat

Whisky beautifully balanced which explains the high rating

Colour: Gold-old gold.
Nose: Starchy, floral, rather grassy, malty, on pollen and some honey. Rather round.
Taste: Oily, creamy, grassy, with a light maltiness, some floral smoky notes, rather big and with a light fragrance. Complex. Diluted, it becomes even more complex, with some light fruity notes of the orchards. The finish is medium, grassy, with a touch of honey, some floral and smoky notes, and a slight bitterness.
Impression: This might not be everyone’s tipple, but I really enjoyed this complex, rather big, grassy and lightly peated whisky that certainly comes from a very old distillery in the so-called Eastern Highlands region. A very good dram.

Nose: oil, ripe pear, syrup, nuts. Very melted.
After aeration: Citrus and wax.

Taste: Oily, lemon, sugar, fruits, spices.
After aeration: Waxy.

Finale: Fat peat, motor oil, wet earth, blood orange marmalade, spices. Nice and long.
After aeration: Almost no peat, vanilla, very long, waxy. Much better balance.

Comments: A fairly oily whisky and whose peaty side disappears with aeration. It then takes a waxy side. Pleasant but lacks a little something.

Color: old gold
Nose: vanilla and honey, fruity scents of banana and a woody sweetness.
Taste: Fresh, notes of peanut and new oak, light fruitiness of pineapple and raisins.
Finish: Vanilla with oak and again raisins, very delicate freshness and hints of a good tawny port minus the sweetness

Nose: Very fresh, clean. Very marin with pronounced notes of oyster shells. It smells like hot sand ... We can distinguish a few notes of almonds and hazelnuts.
Palate: Full bodied, the attack is lightly salted with vanilla fudge, and then come to my taste, in proportion, with pink grapefruit in the background a little ginger. I love!
Finish: Quite long, both acidic and very salty.
Overall impression: A flavor profile which suits me. Again, I think collecting maritime influences of a coastal distillery Bruichladdich could be or Pulteney.

The first nose is woody and mineral. It calms down quickly, but by acquiring images of moorland. All is well built and developed on the vegetal: grass, fresh herbs, pine, spices with cumin and cloves first, and gingerbread. Really fun. The mouth presents a clear and precise attack. First the mineral (chalk, ash), and the heath (heather, light humus, Scotch broom), and then the sour grapes and fresh curd. The finish of medium length, has a nice bitterness, nuts, fresh almonds and other nuts as well as spices and a little mint.
A very pleasant expression with a nice bitterness in the background.

Nose: pastry, pie, cinnamon, vanilla, apricots. Remember a pastry that I used to eat as a kid but I cannot come to the name. Cakes with pineapple? Apricot pie? Tartlet with strawberry jam?
Mouth of lower quality than the nose. Fruity.
Final: on cinnamon

Color: Gold
Nose: salty seaweed and marked by aromas of apricot.
The palate is fresh, minty. The aromas are like the nose marked by the fruits of the orchard, this time peach.
The finish is peppery.

This whisky has a good balance but lacks a little power to make speak a nonetheless appealing pepper.


Color: Gold

Nose: very soft and round, with a buttery presence of a vegetation smoke ,some farmy hints. Rather monolithic at first. Autumn fruit basket and a presence behind citrus with hints of chocolate. The milk caramel then takes it - sweets -. There are also menthol and pepper.
With aeration, cocoa is dominating leaving in addition fresh pear lying on a bed of straw.

Palate: The palate starts is the chocolate malt and caramel before coming being jostled by the pure cocoa gives a hint of bitterness.

Final: milk chocolate, hazelnut are combined with the wet grass and a hint of cassis. Balanced with hints peaty lightly salted. Of medium length.

In short: A really charming nose, going to the pastry confectionery. The Christmas aspect extends to the mouth in a nice balance, a beautiful integration of alcohol. Too bad it lacks complexity. The finish deserved a little long. Finally, a good whiskey that has mastered a seductive nose. Its lack of complexity is partly offset by the accuracy of its aromas.

Colour : Gold

Nose : We start with notes of almond paste and peat. A little smoke, cold ashes. It's very round and nice. Crystallized lemon. Some white wine. Lemon and ashes take over quite rapidly. Some liquorice. A slight hint of "herbes de Provence" and chemical candy. Vanilla. The round side faints quite quickly and gives way to some austerity.

Mouth : We remain on roasted almonds, but with a beautiful ash taste in addition, which comes to coat the whole thing. Superb.
Pretty well integrated alcohol. Notes of white wine, cold ash, smoke. The whole thing is quite lemony.

Finale : Long, on ash and roasted almonds.

Conclusion : A sweet and peated piece of candy. Not very complex, it goes down quite quickly, but very good for a winter evening.

Appearance: Yellow gold
Nose: Low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, dusty, alcoholic freshness, fruity (ripe fruits), malty, black tea, slight vegetables
Mouth: Low intensity, alcohol well integrated, as the nose the mouth has lots of flavours but without beeing aggregate
Finish: Short to medium
With water: Nose and mouth lose in intensity, the mouth loses in complexity but becomes more consistent on fruity flavours
Conclusion: A complex whisky but without beeing able to charm me, especially because of the lack of harmony and intensity

Colour: pale gold
Nose: Quite pastry, almond paste, some spices and notes of cereal.
In the second nose, the sherry on the nuts and spices is more present and notes of brandy, pear or plum.
Palate: The palate is more fruity than the nose on yellow fruits and citrus.
Then a few notes of nuts appear, and the almond paste.
Final: Medium and slightly bitter.


Nose: Cereal + Pastry with notes of iodine / marine background. Indolent. Balanced but confused.
Palate: delicate on a certain bitterness and evolution on the cereal malt. ... Too evanescent. A little pear? Probably too small anyway.
Final short and slightly bitter.
It lets himself drink (easily), but not much feeling side.

The nose is first marked by nice, fruity acidity (apple), with a light wax and a little mango. It's fresh and inviting all at once. Over time, the nose becomes stronger and woody. It has honey, dry sherry, wood, paper pulp and a little peat. The set is suitable, even if it lacks a little complexity and power.

The mouth opens on exotic fruits. Smoothly it then shows flavors of apple, then wax, and milk chocolate. Everything is a little messy and lacks of power, that ventilation does not settle, even if the are emerging hints of wood and plants, which make it a little more austere and as difficult as ever to identify.

The final short, is dominated by the apple, with a little pepper and yellow fruits after aeration.

In conclusion, a whisky that has no flaw but lacks complexity and personality.


Colour: Straw yellow, white wine.
Nose: nose first hard to describe, vegetable soup, perhaps? Grilled pie dough, cabbage, white bread, margarine, slightly white vinegar.
Taste: oily, but does not express much.
Final: an extension of the mouth, a little more expressive, with notes of nuts, margarine.

Comment: Not much to say but not much to complain about. The addition of water does not change much.

Nose: Strange. The first nose burned on plastic and cellophane. Fortunately, the peat comes, with a leather salty, hints of heather, citrus and bitter lemon and some spices too. Background on the topic apple-grain. With aeration, notes fade quickly but not completely.
Mouth: very bland, seemingly very diluted. We find the impression of scorched tire, diluted in water. Some cereal, some fruit (banana?). A little spicy. Best in the finish with the late arrival of peat and smoke. But how flat it is !
Final: on peat and wood. But short ...
Conclusion: Lack of relief, harmful flavors ... Could do better.

Color: Gold
The nose, slightly farmy seems marked by notes of yeast. It's not particularly the kind of profile I like. Hints of peat and a distant hint of fruit.
Mouth contrasts with the nose. No more those unpleasant notes of yeast. The mouth is well balanced, with hints of mocha mixed with granola, and relatively low complexity. Nice though.
The finish is long and pleasantly marked by notes of milk chocolate.

Color: Pale gold.

Nose: Fourth phenolic of the set, and at first nose, it doesn’t seem to be the most interesting one… A mix of phenols and grain. A peaty malt from the fields, with lots of crushed and soaked cereals, and notes geranium. And also a bit of dust from an old barn.

Mouth: Really light. Huge reduction on the horizon. A silky mouthfeel, but apart from diluted phenols and a hint of honey, it significantly lacks of flavors and punch. A hint of lemon, perhaps?

Finish: Phenols help it to last a bit, with notes of dust and the bitterness of a stale beer.

Comment: A young malt that plays the card of delicate phenols, but doesn’t achieve in avoiding the defaults of youth. Sophisticated or weak? I’ve chosen my side…

Colour: intense golden
Strange nose. Somewhat animal, organic. the smell of "coffee liégeois"? Smells of hot caramel are evident. With this, a little background of peat and ash. Then the aeration, there is very little over ... Some indescribable flavor, perhaps?
Palate: medium hot and spicy woody. For the moment there is not much apart from a distant bitterness.
Finale of time. More pungent than the mouth. But still a shocking lack of flavor.

Comment: .. Not much to say in conclusion. I did not like. I felt nothing.
Several possibilities. Or whisky is really bad, or my sample was a concern .. Or my taste. In any case, the second sample for this and my conclusions are the same.
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