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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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23 years

The Maltman
23 years
Alcohol percentage
43 %
Meadowside (The Maltman)
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-05 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 77/100
Difference 12
Average 83,79


Total number of tasters 19
Excellent 0
Very good 3
Good 8
Medium 8
Bad 0
Macduff Maltman

Appearance: Yellow gold
Nose: Medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, basket with ripe fruits, malty, refreshing (like Tiger Balm but less intense), light solvents (disappear while breathing), hints of caramelized almonds
Mouth: Soft attack, then getting stronger (-> medium intensity), alcohol very well integrated, fairly dry start on bitter almonds, becomes softer in the mid-palate, in the end of mouth the fruits takes over
Finish: Short to medium
With water: On the nose the fruityness is even more present, in the mouth less dry and the fruityness appears atthe mid-palate, one of the few whiskys that I prefer with a few drops of water
Conclusion: A whisky that plays on delicateness and complexity, nose and mouth in the same high quality, a little longer finish would have made the psychological breakthrough towards 90 points

The nose is wooded with herbs and a nice marine character. Then a clear vanilla flavored character is expressed with yellow fruit and sugar. Very pleasant and seductive. On the palate the attack is receding on wood, tannins and fruit green (unripe). These fruits ripen in the mouth to give a smooth red fruit very pleasant. This transformation is done on a dried fruit canvas, licorice and fresh Paris mushrooms. The final, a good length, is essentially dried fruits expressing bitterness balanced by some clear and precise plum and vanilla.
A beautiful harmony, austere whisky and very pleasant to taste.

Color: Dark straw.
Nose: dry oak, vanilla. Hints of fruit but oak prevails.
Taste: Vanilla, oak and dry fruit.
Finish: Dry and long, vanilla and oak with hints of dried fruit, very smooth in the end.

Nose: fresh vanilla and caramel. These flavors fade quickly and reveal beautiful notes of bergamot.

The mouth is very surprising, a little watery but also full of cardamom and turmeric (curry), the mid-palate has a slight sweetness.

The finish is smooth and slightly sweet with flavors of white chocolate

This whisky is very interesting


Nose: Apple, orchard flowers, menthol. Oily and waxy. Highly melted. With a little water appear notes of lime, more menthol, more oily and waxy. More pleasant to drink.
After aeration, the apricot appears.

Taste: Floral, slightly lemony, menthol, melted, pleasant, fresh.
Appearance of strawberries after aeration.

Final: Sweet, citrus, spices, vanilla, mint. Long and slightly aggressive. Much better with a little water (softer). Aeration brings out the spices.

Comments: A whisky with a nose that I like and which one never tires me. Wax / honey / floral. The palate is a continuation, but lacks a little punch. A little too much spices on the finish (cinnamon, cloves, thyme, bois bandé,...)

Nose: Very fragrant, flowers (rose and violet) and ripe fruit, including peach and apricot. To this is added a little vanilla. At this stage, we could already now bet on a classic Speyside.
Palate: Quite oily, both floral and herbaceous, a little nail polish, cherry. The spices are more prevalent, with a little mint aeration.
Overall impression: The nose is enticing, seductive, and I could not resist! Several distilleries could develop this malt, Glenlivet, for example.

The nose opens with aromas of apple, honey and vanilla. It's fresh and tangy. There are also some traces of farm and plants. The freshness remains one of the main features of the nose, later evolving into the pastry cream with a beautiful highlighted honey. Good ventilation makes it warmer, more woody. A beautiful mixture of honey and fruit.

The mouth opens on a beautiful trail sweet, sweeter than the nose. Then, notes of hazelnut and wood appear, before giving way to ripe apple, followed by farm notes and a little of toffee. A beautiful single plan. After aeration, there is also a bit of strawberry and sherry. It's a bit eclectic, but it's not bad.

The finish of medium length, is acidic, always with the apple. We also have a few fruit skins and a slight sourness.

In conclusion, a good whisky, lacking a bit of personality and complexity.


Nose: cooked apples, Calva and a salted touch. A blend of floral lavender and potpourri scent that reminds me the soap (not great ..). Lacquered wood, precious wood and rosewood. A bit of licorice. Cereal base note. Despite the soap, rather elegant.
Taste: woody and glossy with some bitterness. A lot of smoke mid-palate with insistent peppery accents . We find the floral blend, a bit heavy, from mid to the end, and also grain and tarte tatin.
Final: a note of smoke and leather, mixed with flowers. Salt and a little dry.
Conclusion: probably a low alcohol content. Quite a good malt.

N: chard apple lemon ginger anise licorice
B: meaty anise salty wet grass
F: short

Colour: Straw yellow, white wine.
Nose: The first nose is both fruity and pastry, evokes small tarts strawberry jelly, and then quickly pass on a note of leather, until the pastry side returns. The set is enhanced with a very pronounced tangy note, which also refers to a fruit vinegar. Aeration makes it clear anise and salt.
Taste: oily, following on the nose, but with a more subdued expression.
Final: the perfect extension of the mouth, with a slight hint of bitterness, gradually gaining momentum.

Comment: The nose is very promising but a mouth below. The addition of water weakens any point of view this whisky

Colour: Gold-old gold.
Nose: Smooth, round, on sweet and juicy fruity notes of mango, guava, banana, and orange and some peat smoke.
Taste: Light, juicy, oaky, grassy, fruity, with some peat smoke, passion fruit, guava, tangerine and orange. The finish is medium, slightly oaky, with the same fruity flavours as on the nose, but less intense and on vanilla.
Impression: The nose is very pleasant and fruity, but the whisky becomes lighter on the palate, thinner and slightly more on the wood (vanilla and some sawdust).

Nose: exotic fruits (lychee), citrus, a little camphor and chlorophyll.
Confit with aeration, changing nose. A touch of mustard?
Mouth: fruity follows much, some citrus, a little light on the palate. A pinch of salt?
Finish: long on the fruit (peach)

Nose: First round and fruity (peach-apricot syrup) with a surprising edge vinegar. More on honey later.
Mouth: mouth on the yeast, a little spicy, less fruity than the nose. Fun but frustrating lack of density. Exotic light in the distance.
Final oilier than the attack, not very long. Retro-olfaction on tobacco!
Promising but disappointing finish. I can not say more than he expressed himself!

Colour : Gold

Nose : We start with notes of honey, wax, yellow fruits, exotic fruits (mango, guava). Behind it, a slight smell of lemon and lime. A nice sourness, which makes you want to taste the thing ! Some coconut, powdered coffee. Some green almond, not ripe enough. Finally, hints of forest fruits perfumed chemical candy (blackberry, raspberry). In the end, some vanilla. Not very complex, the nose becomes quickly binary.

Mouth : Quite disappointing. It stings, the alcohol is very present. Sweet almond, yellow fruits. It warms the mouth. It lacks roundness, exotism (which we found at the beginning of the nose). Still this forest fruits yogurt. Vanilla and a little bitterness.

Finale : Quite bitter (almond), rather medium. Some vanilla, but not much.

Conclusion : A very interesting nose, but a disappointing mouth, which is monolitic and not very round.

Color: Medium gold.

Nose: We’re sailing on the same seas than for sample 3. A kindly appealing nose, marked by virgin wood (including acetone, carpentry shop, green banana, pineapple leaves…) Far from being unpleasant, but very modern.

Mouth: We stay in this modernity made of soft spices (nutmeg), warm sawdust, and not much else. Turns to be a bit drying and slightly weakish.

Finish: Wood is still plays the frontman, along with a hint of soft violet liquorice at the very end.

Comment: OK, this one will run down your throat easily, but I don’t feel there was enough risk taken in crafting this malt to help it standing out from the other competitors.

Colour: Old gold
A nice fruity nose with hints of peaches of great sweetness that is moving towards the scent of acid drops. A soft mixture of sweetness and acidity. The nose is relatively balanced and linear.
The mouth is first in the continuation of the nose but soon appear relatively unpleasant bitter notes. Neither smoothness nor pleasant acidity announced by the nose are at the rendezvous. The mouth is relatively metallic, and very much set back from the nose.
The finish unfortunately prolongs perfectly the mouth, far from pleasant notes that we promised the nose.
After a fairly promising nose that I enjoyed I was rather disappointed with a mouth and a medium finish unbalanced.

Colour: straw yellow
Nose: rather discreet and very round.
Attack on the fruit, peach and plum syrup, then quickly becomes sweet.
Some anise.
Mouth: mouth shy on fruit and nuts.
Not much to discover.
Final: too short

Very fruity nose in the first approach with sweet yellow fruit. No..., cider apples. Pleasant nose. Very sweet with a texture, close to waxy aroma and a hint of liquorice with the aeration. Moreover, with the latter, it becomes a bit fresher than in the first nose. The smell of coffee are present with a little alcohol and a veil of cereals.
Mouth: Fresh, sparkling. Nice approach in attack with a very volatile taste of cider apples (same as the nose). Meanwhile the sparkling taste of apples makes even think at some brut cider. It will continue on apple peel with a slightly green and dry wood. I find it lacks punch.
Final: sparkling as it returns warmth to the mouth, long enough but discreet. Here we find the flavours of apples we met before.
Comment: Easy drinking whisky. I did not have much to add except that I liked moderately.


Colour: Golden.

Nose: Quite an expressive and enveloping roundness. It's delicious with hints of candied lemon, sweet melon well. We feel vegetal and orange in the background. character Vented notes vegetables arrive - fennel, zucchini -.

Taste: Watery, monolithic. A bitter citrus - orange sweet - binds to the tips malted assertive as you go. The palate is oily and less greedy than suggested by the nose. Not very complex, especially lack of originality greatly.

Finale: Short listing the candied orange. Hazelnut disappears faster. The tip aniseed knows a reminiscence.

In summary: We shall recognize a promising nose. The rest is boring. Mouth moderately successful on a mixture fall fairly calibrated. The short finish really does not help his business. Rather transparent.
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