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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Undisclosed Islay distillery

Fran├žais | English


Born on Islay, House Malt

8 years
Alcohol percentage
43 %
Wilson & Morgan
Distil: 08/2002 Bottling: 01/2011
(Casks 9794-9800)
=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-05 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 78/100
Difference 12
Average 84,32


Total number of tasters 19
Excellent 2
Very good 3
Good 6
Medium 7
Bad 1
Undisclosed Islay distillery

Color: intense gold
Nose: Peat, on the cold ashes, and then moving rapidly toward rounder notes of sherry, chocolate and a hint of rubber.
Then the cereals are entering followed by spices.
Palate: The palate combination peat / rubber is perfect, just enough of both.
Cereals are present, the cold ashes, a little iodine and sherry notes greedy.
Finish: Long on flavor in the mouth.

Nose: beautiful nose on dry peat and a hint of bitumen. A fine blend of animal notes, quarry, leather and smoke. Ash and pepper. A dash of lemon juice? Wise, discreet, relaxed. Very nice.
Taste: smooth without any acidity, meaty and dry peat. Comes spices and pepper on the end with a little lemon juice until it becomes a bit "burned". Takes his time, but great development!
Final: meaty, smoky, smoked trout. Superb finish on this topic.
Conclusion: play on lands of the sample # 2, this register meaty and smoky, but more wisely, with discretion and sharpness. So, very elegant. I appreciate!

N: round toasted brioche pretty nice golden note wet peaty wood dust under
B: round brioche in peaty wet wood
F: short fine and superbly balanced

Nose: peat, fruit paste, herbs - much to win round ventilation. red fruit
Palate: attack on peat, slightly astringent, slightly dry, slightly smoky
Alcohol very well controlled.
Finish: long - mineral and ashy?

Color: Old gold.

Nose: A rather classic but flawless talking by the phenols here; Quite heavy but not heady. Unfolds on all kinds of citrus fruits (candied tangerine and mostly blood orange) enriched by coffee latte aromas that could be provided by a refilled Sherry butt. Perhaps do we have a little brand new plastic in there (supermarket pouch)? Alcohol is well balanced and supports what seems to be a high end product.

Mouth: Full bodied, thick and creamy. The peat is a bit dusty, but the slight acridity perfectly fits with the softness of a caramel sweet.

Finish: Lingering. Becomes a bit drier and evolves on the cold smoke of a bonfire put down by the rain before ending on the dusty side of a stale beer. Time for a second sip.

Comment: A bottle that should please those who liked this bunch of nice IB sherried Ledaigs and Laphroaigs that have been recently released.

Color: Gold
Nose: Sweet vanilla and caramel with fruit (citrus) and licorice.
Taste: Sweets and vanilla, fruity taste combined with fine oak and some toast.
Finish: Sweet with peppery notes, nuts and sweet licorice.

Appearance: Reddish gold
Nose: Medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, peaty, fruity (fruits from the orchard in the foreground, fruits from the underbrush in the background), dry dung of cattle
Mouth: Low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, smoke is dominating, the other flavors stay in the background, no bitterness, mid dry mid sweet mouth
Finish: Short to medium
With water: On the nose the peat / smoke turns towards cold ashes, more fruit, dung disappears, loses much intensity in the mouth and the finish becomes shorter
Conclusion: A peated whisky that is rather delicate, especially the nose without added water, the nose is the favorite part of this whisky

Nose: At first rather discrete and sweet, chestnut honey and salt, seaweed, island. It assumes something quite subtle but I can not define ... With aeration there is more black pepper.
Taste: Very smoky with still lots of black pepper and a hint of lemon. It reminds me of a Talisker
Finale: Explosive, on spices including black pepper.
Overall impression: The mouth is much more expressive than the nose. A nice mix of smoke and black pepper. A malt that I enjoyed.

Colour: Straw yellow, white wine.
Nose: nose first on a soft turf in both aqueous and oily, with notes of hay and mint, then enriched with notes of tobacco, leather, spices. Over time, the peat grows and is enriched with vegetal notes and a nice citrus note on the lemon.
Taste: oily, that mouth is not very expressive, turf course, but it is fairly low
Finale: As soon swallowing, peat wakes up significantly.

Comment: A fairly standard peat profile, which refers to Islay is well done, but without surprise. The addition of water weakens the nose while showing a slight bitterness on the palate and finish.

Color: Amber

Nose: Nice expression. Oily and rich: Peat ash is offset which comes on the fruit in syrup - pear -, lemon and cocoa, truffle and a hint of banana.

Palate: Peat ash elegant citrus coming swoon in dark chocolate. Slight lack of body and complexity.

Final: Chocolate, grain appearance and peat smoke in a no two charming and perfectly controlled. Salt, menthol and lemon are also part of but are very discreet.

In summary: A peaty happens to tame his temperament ash by a chocolatey coating flattering. This duo is effective, but deserved a little more flexibility to truly aromatic delight us. This success is based on a duality proven. Good if not revolutionary.

Colour : Gold

Nose : Some peat, smoke, grilled chestnut. Some rhubarb, lemon, oyster. Meat juice. Despite the aqueous character, it's pretty elegant and complex. Earthly. Pu Er tea. Quite medicinal after a while.

Mouth : Very (too) aqueous. We remain on peat (a lot), grilled almonds, cold coffee, cold ashes. A slight touch of lemon. It's rather good but it lacks precision and dynamism. Maybe the dilution didn't help.

Finale : Long, bitter, on roasted almonds and peat.

Conclusion : A very good dram for peat lovers. We can regret the lack of complexity of the mouth compared to the nose.

The nose is marked by peat tannins and distant. Then arrive oil, a small marine character with the freshness of the open sea and red fruits. On the palate the attack is clear. It is the mineral, peat, salt, seaweed, "juice pipe", licorice, a hint of banana, ephemeral (the tip of banana). The finish is on the same notes with a slight meaty and a little smoky. A hint of caramel too. The length is medium.
A rather pleasant whisky, but for the peat (as you probably know, I do not appreciate peat...).

Nose: mineral and lightly peated. Discrete animal notes (wet dog, farm).
Mouth: medicinal, peaty, smoky, oily and slightly sweet. A real beer side later (barley & yeast). A hint of fruit (apple?).
Final drying on a little smoky / peaty
Like most other samples, not very distinctive, more versatile, however. In all cases, not bad but not a favorite either.

Colour: Old gold.
Nose: Very peaty, round, sea, seaweed, some tar, iodine, wood and vanilla.
Taste: Light, weak, on salt water, tar, peat and some algae. Subtle. The finish is short to medium, soft, weak, peat, tar, maritime, with a bit of hemp rope.
Overall impression: A relatively low intensity whisky (diluted?) That reminds me of some old Caol Ila where the peaty whisky dominate less than normal which give the marine side the occasion to express itself.

Colour: Old gold
Peat and citrus fruits as well as subtle hints of wet hay characterize the nose. Although the medium complexity, the nose is rich and also has a nice balance, despite the overwhelming dominance of peat. Do not put in the hands of opponents of the peat (if any ...)
The mouth is slightly recessed relative to the nose, and one detect some signs of weakness. Here too, a massive domination of peat, with the finish some nice coffee notes.
The finish is long and hot, closer to what the nose than the mouth. Here too, beautiful notes of coffee, mocha.

Color: gold supported.

Peaty nose. Even very peaty (earthy?). A small fire of dry grass burning. A little potpourri too.
In this burning smell, I smell given off by a piece of paper burned with lighter (smell of yellowed edges of the flame). Subsequently, a sweeter smell, caramel is present.

Fresh, ashy. Yes a lot of cold ashes in the mouth. It is quite flat and I found a taste of mineral water in the middle palate.

Final fairly soft, ash and peat as the rest but simpler. By cons, it becomes a little more pungent on the end (although it does not last long).
The aromas are present for some time giving it a long just fine.

Comment: I liked moderately. Not rich enough or complex. The mouth is too flat. Only the final aims to be the most persistent for me.
In any case, it will remain peat / ash from A to Z. I think a too much reduced whisky.

Nose: Anis, pear, peat smoke and earthy. Mint and lemon in the background. Better balance after aeration.

Taste: Earthy, anise, mint, cereals, spices. More earthy and sweet after aeration.

Finale: Peat smoke, fruity, mineral. Long.

Comments: Yet another peaty with a touch of lemon. The mineral and spices are present and not to my liking (but probably will appeal to some). It also lacks complexity, I think. Adding water is not really recommended (more light and anise) but he benefit from some aeration.

The nose offers a friendly meeting between leather, dry sherry and peat. The brand is powerful, complex and integrated. This good impression persists in the development of these flavors: leather and sherry will go to something more mild and sweet (toffee), while peat unveil nice and powerful notes of smoke and tar. Aeration will get the nose smoother, with eucalyptus. A very nice nose, no doubt.

The mouth is rather disappointing compared to the promises of the nose. Less well built and above all much more flat, it starts on light marine peat, then goes on toffee. Aeration increases the feeling of the begining : the flavors collapse and never get harmonious. However, mandarins appear, and toffee grows. But still far from what the nose made us expect.

The final is short, dominated by tar, with a tiny tip of dry sherry. There is also acid sweets, and a memory of cold ashes.

In conclusion, a whisky unbalanced, with a beautiful nose, and then a commun mixture of sherry and peat.


Color: gold

Nose with a hint of smoke. Alcohol is now quickly joined by notes of citrus. The nose ends with a disagreeable impression on the freshly cut grass and artichoke.

The palate is fresh on the cereal and fresh fruit.

The finish is medium, and fresh fruit

Comment. I am baffled by this whisky. I do not know what to think. I assigned the lowest score of all my WDTS more to mark my disappointment as to assign a specific number.
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