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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Heavy Peat 1997-2010

Barrel Selection
13 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Wilson & Morgan
Distil: 1997 Bottling: 2010
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-05 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 67/100
Difference 22
Average 84


Total number of tasters 19
Excellent 0
Very good 6
Good 4
Medium 5
Bad 1
Bunnahabhain WM

Nose: first, the match, and the smell of wet rock. Peat and roasted meat accents. Ash and smell of the fireplace after. Old leather and precious wood. A bit of black olive and salt. Very engaging.
Mouth: roasted, caramelized, roasted, meaty, ashed, mineral. Beautiful variation on this peaty register ! Animal & leather. Pepper also. A powerful mouth, but quite melted and rounded.
Final: the roasted grain and flaming logs.
Conclusion: this one finally very focused on a single register (empyreumatic), but I like it ! A quite accurate work.

Color: Gold

Nose: fruity (fruit very ripe, pear type) is present at the input, with hints of polish everywhere. Dairy notes, nutty, caramel and leather complete a sober picture . With aeration the leather takes a large scale and imposes itself as the master of glass in the open sea (salt). Peat is revealed so slightly, then just teasing leather and medicinal thyme. Roasting arrives late - milk chocolate -.
Aeration is a developer.

Palate: Peat well stated that comes in a round and soothing mouth . Peat is integrative. One feels the contributions of almonds, the bitter spice just put on the chocolate milk. It's a beautiful cast.

Finale: Peat which is spread on leather, licorice and rubber. A sweetness mingles with other flavors (even chocolate). Good length.

In summary: If the peat is the stone basement of this whisky, leather spreads with venusta. Softer waves - mainly dried fruit and spices - fit intelligently. A very good whisky that shows the balance of distinguished peat and sweet notes.

Color: Light gold

The nose is growing on a beautiful peat mainly on the heath. And menthol notes appear. Everything is bold, powerful and ends on the leather.

The palate has a rich texture with peat as the first part. The alcohol is present. All is well structured. Alternating alcohol / flavor is taking place. Whisky is very well structured. Peat closed mouth and leaves an impression of freshness.

The finish is sweet though slightly bitter (cold ash) develops.

N: wet grass hay wet wool butter pastry
B: same as nose profile
F: Long anise herb butter beautiful balance

Color: Dark straw.
Nose: dry hints of tutti-frutti, smell of vanilla in the background, very full nose though.
Taste: Fruity notes of sour apples and cinnamon, it's not your average whisky, kind of firm but with a gentle touch.
Finish: Changing from the start with sour notes to a dry aftermath, not very long but interesting because of the dryness of it, makes you take another sip to make sure you're not fooled by your senses. Nice but strange.

Appearance: Yellow gold
Nose: Medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, peat, cold smoke, light animal notes (exercise yard), malty sweetness, quite simple but pleasant nose
Mouth: Medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, in the same line as the nose, peat and smoke dominate but without overhelming the other flavors
Finish: Medium
With water: Nose and mouth lose in intensity, the mouth becomes rather monotonous on peat
Conclusion: A whisky with not much complexity but enjoyable

Nose: cereal, a farmy side, animal and marine, I like that.
Palate: Quite fluid, probably reduced to 43/46% dry, it expresses aromas of peat and vegetal ash.
Finish: rather long, or peat is the live wire, but also a lot of licorice. When empty, a nice smoke clears the glass still with that animal side ...
Overall rating: certainly pretty young, even if my description might make it look a little too "monolithic" is a finely crafted malt and very pleasant, can be a bit "too" small. Reminds me of a coastal malt as Ledaig.

Colour : Gold

Nose : Very warm and peated. Some cold ashes and smoke.
Smooth and creamy. A hint of cold coffee and grilled almonds. After a while, mineral white wine. A little bit of coconut. Nice smell, somehow lemony. Smells like a Springbank. After a few minutes, we lose some of the complexity.

Mouth : To my taste, a little too diluted. We start with notes of cold coffee, moka, chocolate, grilled almonds. A bit weak, but pretty nice for a cold winter evening. Nice touches of lemon, some peat and a very subtle bitterness, quite nice. On the aftertaste, burnt tire and ash, a bit less nice.

Finale : Long, on grilled almonds.

Conclusion : Overall, a pretty pleasant dram, well balanced. The aftertaste is a little bit under, but very nice in general.

Color: Gold
Nose: Big peat, on cold ashes, not very elegant.
A little iodine and seaweed in the background, and some citrus. With a little water and citrus notes appear and peat becomes more discreet.
Palate: peat is again dominant, cold ash and slightly medicinal.Some notes of iodine and seaweed in the background. Quite rough as whisky, even with water, peat remains pervasive.
Finish: long on peat

Colour: pale gold.

Metallic nose, an aroma of orange juice brick, type Banga. Rather animal with odors of dried and salted meat and leather mixed with a drop of coffee.
Yes, clear the skin of a beast! One might even feel to be in a clothing store in the middle of leather jackets:)
Notes and firecracker powder as a backdrop. Not bad.

Mouth is fresh, ashen (cold ash), slightly spicy and very fluid. Ash is realy interesting. No boring or disgusting, well done:)
Subsequently, at the end o fthe palate, a mixture of ash and cheese rind old Cantal type. That's all that good!

Ashy final, as the mouth. It keeps the same profile due to its light pungency. Then perhaps a floral touch? After a while, it heats back inside the cheeks, but not aggressive. And still the taste, with the same texture, the cheese rind. Very good feeling that takes in length.

Comment: Satisfied all for short. I think, and it is personal in nature, this is the kind of whisky in which we must not seek to take the lead on what it contains, to grind our brains ... If you like this kind of profile, it will be good, well done, that's it. What more? A good daily dram

Color: Bright gold.

Nose: Phenols, citruses, and cake fresh from the oven. A unified whole, quite mouth-watering I must say. An orange liqueur with some island spirit. And a touch of milk chocolate. In the background, a slight gamy hint brings a pleasant twist.

Mouth: Matches the nose. Starts on a soft and tasty peat, and goes on with orange peels liqueur. Lots of herbs and spices (the one you find in… herb liqueurs). Full bodied and creamy, it tastes like an Ardbeg with a splash of Grand Marnier (or is it Cointreau?).

Finish: On soft violet liquorice (Florent), it’s a bit shortish, and fades out on a slightly acrid peat.

Comment: A nice combo of peat, fruit, and herbs used for liqueurs. Very satisfactory indeed.

The nose is first malted and lightly peated. A strong character is expressed with wild moorland in the background: some heather, some freshness , wind (does the wind smell ?)... There is also wax, burning rubber. The sea is clearly present (iodine and salt) on a distant background of strawberry. On the palate the attack is mild. Come together: black pepper, sulfur, yellow fruit, flint and salt. The finale offers a beautiful articulation with the mouth and is expressive: peppermint, salt, licorice.
Very harmonious but little interest.

Colour: Straw yellow, white wine.
Nose: nose on a first impression of animal fat, lard, pot-au-feu, cabbage, green mint syrup, mint diabolo. Power fairly constant, the nose evolves on leather, tobacco, coffee roasting, always with the good of country kitchen.
Taste: oily, there are notes of bacon, pot-au-feu, cabbage perceived on the nose. Gradual onset of peat up to an explosion in swallowing.
Final: On turf, in line with the finish becomes warm.

Comment: An interesting profile, with the notes of traditional cuisine, almost earthy, rustic side, another way to be greedy? The addition of water reduces the nose, but wake up much peat on the palate and finish.

It emerges from a nice cool peaty nose, with embers, cold ashes, and many citrus (lemon and grapefruit). This set is not invigorating powerful nor the most complex. Aeration highlights the side of the coastal thing: algae, fresh mint and sea breeze are added. We then ultimately get a decent, and very fresh nose

The palate is cereal with a touch of brownsugar and chocolate, especially after a good ventilation. Pretty quiet at first, the mouth then turns stronger, well supported by a fine turf, followed by smoke and tar. This whisky has a nice presence, despite a possible reduction that prevents it from being fully expressed.

The finish of medium length, is dominated by smoke, salt and farm flavors. Earthy peat appears after aeration, as well as a tip of chili.

In conclusion, a good peaty whisky, no more, no less, playing more on the refinement than on the power of its aromas.


Color: Gold
The nose is marked by the cereal, a discrete peat smoke, but alas, with disturbing notes of yeast too. It is well balanced and flawless for those who are not hindered by those yeast odors, which unfortunately is not my case. Fortunately these hints disappear after a few moments.
The mouth is marked by a dominant peat but very far from unpleasant. Nice evolution to citrus notes that are quite discrete. A certain lack of body, however, iprobably due to dilution. A few degrees more would have made the greater good.
Pretty final, marked both by the peat, milk chocolate. Rather long and very pleasant.

Nose: Pear (compote, jam), lemony, slightly smoky with a little solvent.
After venting the peat side improve. Better balance as well.

Taste: Lemon, biscuit, apple, spice

Finish: Lightly smoked, biscuit. Air fruity with spice mix. Vanishes slowly. The peaty side gain after aeration and the final is longer.

Comments: Another peaty lemon, the balance is better than in the previous (ardmore traditionnal).
It is sweeter and it's perhaps what's help! Lemon is also better integrated and more smoked (wood smoke). Win a lot with aeration! And is more drinkable with some water, but also lighter.

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Very peaty, farmy, young, slightly dry, on seaweeds, sea brine and hemp rope.
Taste: Sweet and salty, very peaty, maritime, on seaweeds, hemp rope, tar, some vanilla and a few drops of fruits from the orchards. Diluted, it is more on toffee and horse stables. The finish is medium, peaty, young, rather sweet and juicy, peaty, on freshly pressed pears and green apples, with some farmy notes and hemp rope.
Impression: A young (?) heavily peaty with a pleasant sweetness. A pleasant easy drinking peated whisky.

Nose: A bourbon cask just emptied and only a discreet veil of peat in a first time. Sweet / salty. No surprise and hardly no evolution.
Mouth: a a little toasted note, oily texture & silky, not very expressive, as the nose.
Finale ... no comment. 6 th sample in my line-up still tasted with little character, I get tired!
... No comment.

Nose: farmer, sulfur, brine, peat, pear spirit. After a long aeration, I really feel to smell a jar of pickles.
Taste: Smoke, drink. Mouth much better than the nose.
Finish: long on smoke
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