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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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Traditional Cask

No age statement
Alcohol percentage
46 %
=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-05 83/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 75/100
Difference 14
Average 83,84


Total number of tasters 19
Excellent 0
Very good 3
Good 8
Medium 8
Bad 0
Ardmore Traditional

Color: Gold
Nose: Very nice nose on discrete peat nicely mixed with citrus and marine notes.
Some notes of vanilla and pepper in the background.
Palate: The peat is present in the mouth, less balanced.
Attack on the cold ashes, then it becomes more fruity and sweet.
Then moving on spices.
Finish: Long a nice mix of peat / fruit

Color: gold
Discrete and fresh nose and (traditional praline ice with small pieces). It takes time to open. I feel that something is hidden behind aeration, but it's too quiet for now. After aeration (finally it opened quickly) the smell of coffee are present with a texture becomes more waxy (clay Play-Doh well warmed in hand (hmm, those memories ...)) and discretely fruity.
I appreciate!

Mouth slightly sparkling in attack. Rather fluid and fresh. A different approach in terms of flavor because it seems to be more "baking" with a taste of brioche. Not galette des rois Brioche with pieces of candied angelica. And for that matter, why not add a taste of yeast. While delicacy by cons. It is melted and enjoyable. A clear taste of cereals is noticeable in the mid-palate with a reminder of the clay nose.

Final in the same tone as the mouth brioche. Unfortunately, it lacks biting persistence. Hum? A bit of dry peat at the end of course? It looks like so ...

Comment: The nose, delicate and well balanced, direct me back to childhood with the smell of dough (I keep smelling this nearly empty sample ))! Too bad it lacks a little punch. But honestly, I can not blame him because of the memories that it sends me back:) The mouth remains as enjoyable as the nose. More expressive, it also is more greedy than the latter. But the final makes me decrease the note ... Too bad I can not find it as good as the rest .... I think with a few% more, the whisky would have taken a good 90 ... Ore even more. Very nice whisky in any case!

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Peaty to very peaty, slightly farmy, rather subtle, maritime, on hemp rope and slightly vanilla notes. Very pleasant without the harshness or dryness usually associated with peated whiskies.
Taste: Rich, peaty, salty, maritime, on iodine, some disinfectant, seaweeds and tobacco, with a pleasant oakiness. Pleasantly balanced, with slight fishy notes. The finish is medium to long, peaty, maritime, slightly salty, rather round and mellow, oaky, on vanilla, seaweeds, some iodine and liquorice root.
Impression: A very Islay-like profile with the nice rich and complex peaty notes associated with sea brine and other maritime influence. The mellowness offers a soft delivery of the peat and generates a most pleasant balance to this whisky.

Color: bright yellow

Fresh nose with a hint of iodine. The aromas are floral and very elegant. Alcohol is well controlled. Everything is very pleasant and well balanced.

The palate has a slightly oily texture with hints of licorice (Cachou Lajaunie). Alcohol is present without being intrusive. The balance is retained. The retro-olfaction is with notes of white chocolate.

The finish is smooth. Again the balance alcohol flavor lasts. This is a very attractive whisky.

Color: Dark straw
Nose: Peat, vanilla lightly citrus notes.
Taste: Smooth velvety taste of peat and vanilla, warm aromas of yellow fruits like peach and banana.
Finish: medium long and mouthwatering with a sweet tingeling and a hint of cinnamon

N: beautiful elegant floral early linseed oil marzipan nice long and accurate
B: long and powerful floral anise
F: Long pretty accurate

Nose: very smooth approach, acacia honey, peat, wood fire. Not the least aggressivity in this dram, all in reserve. With aeration, I perceive as a floral touch.
Taste: Very expressive. The first moments, it is first sweet ... but very quickly the smoke takes over, rather medicinal! Ash in the background with a little apple and lemon.
Finish: Long, with an abundance of smoke and slightly citric. Remarkable!
Overall impression: The nose is a little behind but the mouth is very Ileach although a bit "close" (lacking a bit of consistency). Whiskey rising crescendo. It reminds me of a distillery such as Lagavulin, and even Laphroaig ...

Color: Gold.

Nose: Rather powerful. Is declined on the ripe fruit (apples, pears), cooked in butter - lightly salted - with a little lemon zest. It is as much at sea (the opening help on fish, algae). A noses of both marine and sweet pastry effective and has a good density.
With water pastry character takes precedence, with notes of hazelnut and praline extra.

Mouth: Strong alcohol (after dilution), the malt is present and is allied with the pastry fruit (pear tart). Spices make all a little bitter - nutmeg, pepper -. The water changes little to profile.

Final: revival of smoked malt sprinkled with milk chocolate and marzipan. Parsimonious addition of nougat is there to cement the sweet couple. The finish is rather short compared to the expectations.

In short: A beautiful nose that deserves to be left open. Its maritime and greedy propensities are intriguing. The mouth is a powerful pn alcohol (too much) but the profile is not without interest. The finish is cons below with respect to its length.

Nose: Powerful on orchard fruit, earthy peat, damp earth, garden vegetables, lemon, orange and dried fruits. Nice balance.
After aeration, it is quiet and the peat is less present in favor of lemon / orange and a mineral note.

Taste: lemon, sweet, sticky, slightly maritime and mineral. Notes of cereal and applesauce.

Finale: The note of damp earth come back again with the lemon in the background. Also notes stewed until the spices prevail and do take precedence over the rest.

Comments: Whisky pleasant to drink but unfortunately not in the style that I like. This is lightly peated with plenty of lemon and earthy notes (wet and greasy, the earth). I would have appreciated more peat and / or fruit. Maybe bottled too young?
Aeration brings up too many high notes of pepper and cinnamon on the finish and water brings out the smoky side.

Colour : Gold

Nose : We start with some floral notes, creamy honey. We continue with apple whiffs (apple liquor), vanilla (custard). Some pear as well, sweet almonds. Pretty round, very well integrated alcohol.

Mouth : We find the same roundness, with a small aftertaste of smoke or grilled almonds. Still custard, with this nice taste of vanilla. In the middle, a little sour taste undermines a little the pleasure. It remains attractive, even if it's a little plain.
After a few minutes, becomes somehow a bit herbaceous.

Finale : Medium, sweet, on grilled almonds.

Conclusion : A nice dram, a little too classic, but flawless. Not very original though.

The first nose is malty, with low acidity, wood, and a marine character. With aeration it operates on the pine, toasted cereal, traces of honey, dried apricot, coffee. I also found some red currant jam. The acidity is confirmed, nicely balanced by the mango. The first approach is fun and intriguing. On the palate is soft and sweet and then switch quickly to the bitterness. Hints of mint and tar blend. And the bitterness is expressed in all its forms: walnut, licorice, tannins ... The finish is first on a specific licorice with caramel. A distant fruitiness does not mask a burning sensation, burning of the pepper unfortunately without the taste.
A whisky that I would call interesting but of no fun, despite my attraction to pronounced bitterness.

Appearance: Yellow gold
Nose: Medium intensity, alcohol present but not disturbing, marine freshness, flavored black tea, grainy softness, light fruity like jellies
Mouth: Low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, dry mouth, soft bitter (skin nuts or tea brewed too long, cereals and soft pepper in the finish
Finish: Medium
With water: Nose and mouth losing intensity without gaining in complexity
Conclusion: I like the nose better than the mouth that lack of balance in my opinion

Colour: Straw yellow, white wine.
Nose: Nose first sour and alcohol, malty, then almost nothing. Restarts on herbaceous notes, old dried hay, plant, vetiver, notes cheese or farmer rather discreet in the background. The impression of alcohol eventually fade after a few minutes, but the nose is very strange. In previous notes have been added the praline, cream dessert with pistachio, the financier, white bread. All this makes a rather confusing mixture, though not unpleasant
Mouth: creamy, sweet, progressive, peat, a kind of bitter sweet (chicory?)
Final: In the wake of the mouth

Comments: Quite a strange whisky, which is expressed on unusual notes , although not unpleasant to the nose. The mouth and the final are, against, very much less interesting. The addition of water off the nose, softened mouth even more and enhances the bitterness in the final.

Nose: peat at the beginning that fades quickly, peach, wood, shortbread, caramel.
Mouth: powerful fruit, a little bit of wood.
Final: average

Nose = First (too) light, fresh and pastry-like. Mineral. Lack of expressiveness.
Mouth: sweet and moving on a slight bitterness. Very aromatic.
The final not more present than the mouth.
This WDTS is quite disturbing because (too) uniform by the lack of expression of the majority of participants. This sample has no default, but provides no specific pleasure.

Color: Medium gold.

Nose: Quite phenolic and quite decent. This one was probably drawn from a Bourbon cask, and significantly reduced (43%?). It starts on light peat and quickly develops on soft notes of mashed plantain, orange juice, and an exotic touch (hint of guava?). Careful: Some fruit there is, but in homeopathic doses. Don’t expect a huge exotic blast! Unfolds on fresh putty, not unlike some Caol Ilas middle-age bottlings.

Mouth: The peat is subtle and delicately fruity (orange toffee), sweet and “easy” but never weak. Good mouthfeel despite the reduction. A little touch of violet in the mid-palate. An additional drop of water enhances fruity aromas ala Ardmore.

Finish: Turns to charcoal and ends rather bitter.

Comment: A rather delicate and fruity peaty malt. Pleasant, even if it won’t be enough for me to go up the wall.

Colour: Old gold
The nose is clearly marked by peat. It is relatively austere at first and then appear quite discrete notes of vanilla and a hint of ripe fruit.
Peat is also present in the mouth, feeling of milk chocolate. A bit monolithic. Evolves relatively slowly to bitter notes
The finish is initially quite powerful, strangely dominated by a kind of acid peat (although the feeling was definitely not present in the mouth). But it vanishes relatively quickly and is of medium length.

Nose: first impression mixed. Hints of peat mixed with weird smell: something between a baby's scent, blazed bananas, solvent, cornflakes, a scented candle, old dried flowers ... In the second test, I find this a much more peat with notes of licorice and "cachou", mixed with coated pill & candy. A touch of lemon too. Strange notes not far, unfortunately... Better but still not good.
Mouth: very poor, with an attack on "the scented soap in a pool of water on the soap dish". Sickly sweet with strange notes found on the nose, bordering on rude. Ends with the peat. At the second session, it's a more assertive peat, but remembering some rather bitter tea brewed too. But I still find these unpleasant flavors mid-palate ...
Finale: It's better, more traditional (smoke & spice)
Conclusion: an experiment gone bad? A profile I do not like? Some elements that remind me of the Ardmore one in the previous WDTS session ... The second attempt was better without being converted.

The nose is dominated by pastry flavors. Fairly light and without much relief, we can feel amid the dominant spice which will tend to disappear, rubber and paper pulp. A slight peat? Anyway, it's pretty austere and linear. Aeration allows the appearance of citrus (oranges at first, then lemon), sugar and very light vanilla, it is true not helped by the collapse of the nose due to good ventilation.

The palate is nice, on very greedy chocolate liquor. Subsequently, it has yeast, cereal and paper pulp. The set is very soft and very austere. Alcohol is also present. After aeration, it has also a little smoke. But all is through.

The medium length final, is dominated by yeast and light pastry flavors. It also has fruit and spices.

In conclusion, a whisky too sweet and austere for my taste.

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