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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Springbank (Longrow)

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Longrow CV 2010

No age statement
Alcohol percentage
46 %
=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-03 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 92/100
Lowest rate 76/100
Difference 16
Average 84


Total number of tasters 24
Excellent 0
Very good 4
Good 15
Medium 5
Bad 0
Longrow CV

Colour: Very bright gold, white wine. Oily with nice tears.
Nose: In the beginning very discreet peat, there seems to be strong alcohol above the other notes. But undercover there are very fine and beautiful wooden notes. Freshly cut saw dust, well rounded with vanilla and a very pleasant metallic note (like an electric motor in the model toy railway I know from childhood). Very well balanced and promising.
Taste: Wonderful round and complex, exactly what the nose promised. Soft peat combined with brown sugar and fine wooden and floral notes. Also marzipan and vanilla. Even a pinch of sea salt? No more metallic note here, nothing disturbs this admirable impression. Impossible to add water here.
Finish: Good and long, fine and round mingling between many shades of delicate bitterness and burnt caramel.
Conclusion: This is the dram exactly to fit my taste. Absolute Killer bee (Kinky Friedman). There is no more to say. Can’t wait to see what bottle it is.
Guesswork: If there hadn’t been already the 2 Longrows in this kit I did not identify surly (sad to say), my first guess would go in direction of Campeltown. Might be a original bottling around 46%. Or might be an Islay whisky made the Campeltown way...

The nose starts on linseed oil and fresh fish. White fruits from the garden are melting with a slight sea breeze and delicate peat. This nose is fresh and elegant.
The mouth is light, mineral and brings a little bitterness on the finish (charcoal).
A delicate malt, and a very drinkable one.

Colour: pale gold
Nose with a hint of smoke (ether) but is strongly marked by white chocolate and citrus. I see immediately a certain roundness / softness.
Mouth with an attack on the roundness. Then evolves with the pungency of alcohol. The aromas of white chocolate are present in line with the nose. The mouth then develops on the fruit: pear, peach. Crisp aromas fairly well supported by alcohol and smoke hint.
The finish is attractive, primarily on fruit aromas. The smoke disappeared.

Colour: straw yellow
Nose: quite floral on spices, a mild peat, almond paste and some fresh fruit in the background.
Water enhances fruit, the apple, and take notes vegetable and nuts
Mouth: Surprising on a mixture of peat, rubber and spice.
Some sweet fruit appear and peat fades, giving way to hints of nuts and chocolate.
Long finish on peat and chocolate.

Straw color.
Sweet nose, a little marine, dominated by white fruits and yellow fruits. A little vanilla. Light smoke in the background. Nice balance.
attack on soft yellow fruit, and the smoke is much more apparent.
Final: sweet, rather long marked by smoke and hints of vanilla.
Very nice.

Nose: Soft, sea air, tangerines, soft peat, creamy sometimes. Nice fruitiness, something grassy too.
Mouth: Very soft, orange, grassy, soft peat and crystalized lemon. Sea air.
The final is all the same, soft, sea air, acid.

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Phenolic and rooty. Gentian root. Slightly fizzy. Seems quite youngish. Wooops! That’s not my favourite profile… But it then gets softer with gentle notes of honey syrup and vanilla, balanced by the sharp freshness of the lemongrass and verbena. Lemon flavoured marshmallow. Finally, the whole shows up to be quite appetizing.
Mouth: Light and flowery attack. Then, the mouth speaks louder. Quite big despite the rather low ABV (43%?), and very satisfying thanks to the return of the stimulating citrusy notes. Verbena and lemongrass are back, along with a handful of lemon drops. A nice Bourbon cask, or so it seems. Gets even more complex with the intrusion of some liquorice flavoured gumdrops. And how smooth and fluid! It literally runs down your throat!
Finish: Fades away on some cold smoke and a discreet grassy bitterness.
Comment: An elegant peatiness, nice vanilla, citrus, verbena... Was Port-Ellen really dismantled such a long time ago? Sure? Well... Let’s bet a little bill on a teenage malt from one of its neighbors, Laphroaig or Bowmore.

Colour: Straw
The nose is clearly marked by notes of peat, a nice smoke and underlying hints of dried fruit.
Peat dry, not too intrusive but nicely present.
The first mouth extends perfectly the nose but subsequently becomes more complex, combining these first impressions of the slightly acidic notes, fruity and oddly enough, first an obvious presence of alcohol that fades fairly quickly and eventually provide an aqueous side to the whole.
The finish is pleasantly long, subtle. It seems mostly dominated by beautiful notes of nuts. The weakness that was manifested in the mouth is completely forgotten.

N: nice white fruit peach, apricot, not very intense, well balanced, discrete, and notes of coffee, white chocolate, rich and complex.
B: very balanced, notes of coffee, tobacco, peach great range and beautiful exotic wood, cream, very wise
F: short clean and balanced.

Color: Straw Yellow
Nose: Peat, smoke, butter, cream, ash. Also fruit like apple or pear or even a bit exotic (pineapple). Slightly metallic.
Mouth: again peat, smoke, but mixed with a fruity, citrus side this time. Rather pleasant, with hoary notes, liquorice, easy drinkable, but less charming than the nose and rather watery ...
Final: More or less long, smoky, slightly bitter, cold ashes, liquorice ...

The nose is ferrous, dominated by citrus (lime). Then it evolves into a higher register and meaty marine at a time (Tarama). It is a bit monolithic, and alcohol is not fully integrated. With aeration, powerful notes of tar smoke appeared, reminiscent of an industrial complex. It also detects the papier maché and sludge. All remaining very ferrous. It is quite austere, and not necessarily to my taste.

The mouth begins to yellow fruits and apple, which is rather strange in view of the nose. Then, dense peat if not powerful, before a late citrus and spicy. Aeration allows the turf to grow again, and lemon to show early in his mouth. It is well built, but this sense of austerity remains.

The final average is dominated by peat and tar. We also have a sparkling side was reminiscent of lemonade. Aeration highlights the salt and further develop the tar.

In conclusion, a well constructed whisky, without flaw, but a little too austere for me.

Nose: Peaty, sweet sherry, although the color does not augur well. The sweetness is close tp honey, indicating the presence of a bourbon cask. The alcohol is well balanced. Surely an assembly, rather a finish.
Palate: Peat, licorice and honey, a touch of dried apricot. A little more alcohol than did foreshadow the nose (46/48%). There is also the young whisky in your mouth, I think it is a blend of young and old barrels.
The finish is short on the licorice / mint. Not my whisky profile

Nose: Small acidity, lime and apricot and fishing. The end on the tea and spices.
Mouth: on liquorice (the stick), spices and lemon, a light peat.
Finale: Quite short, peat.

Colour: Gold
Nose: Fresh wood, almonds, vanilla, fresh herbs, slightly salty and floral notes of a field in the spring.
Taste: Vanilla mixes with a delicate nutty flavour, mild salty taste, fresh flowers mixed with light peppery tones
Ending: Lots of vanilla from the oak, light peppery taste combines with a citrus like fruitiness, the finish is not so long.

Nose: Peaty, slightly meaty, fresh sea breeze and beautiful vegetal freshness, yellow fruit and on vanilla citrus background.
Lack of complexity but frank, fresh, crisp, appetizing.

Mouth: Free, peaty, navy, very spicy (ginger) and salty, appetizing.
Rather powerful with a nice finish on citrus that makes it more rounded and balanced.

Peated whisky clearly typed / marine, very tasty and good even if its obvious youth deprives it complexity.

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: floral and vegetal first. Slightly honeyed. Develops on pastry notes, but fails to please on long term. This nose collapses after a few minutes.
Adding water awakens this weakening nose, with more tart and more harmonious notes.
Mouth: quite oily, seems peat and smoke, but the palate is quite tight and hardly lends itself to analysis.
The water can not brighten the mouth and on the contrary, makes it even more difficult for dissection.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth, a little smoke.
Just as the mouth, the water does not wake up this final.

Comment: A profile so round and smooth, no rough edges, it's hard to get something. Nothing offensive, but no fun either. Water and improves the nose.

Nose: Predominantly peaty, fat peat, a little bit farmy and slightly spicy. A little bit of flower perfume.
Palate: True to the nose, with the same peat and a hint of pepper. Alcohol quite present.
Finish: Medium to long, predominantly peaty.
A good loyalty from nose to finish.

Colour: pale gold.
Nose: very expressive while remaining sensitive at first. It releases the aroma of petals blown bacon:) This is also a little oilier than the first nose (the fat of the petals feel pretty good when the package is just open).
Subsequently, it is more metallic, or even very distantly farmer. By cons, it still lacks power. I think he was reduced too much, too bad.
It remains still a bit fruity and / or odor of honey oaky and discreetly. See a bit of caramel. I do not add water for fear of extinguishing the fire already suffocating.
Mouth: very fresh, slightly sparkling. More framed the nose. but perhaps less rich. It is more limited with a gourmet taste of candy, licorice (which reminds me of the roller 2m sold during my childhood).
It becomes too mineral towards the end. It collapses quickly.
Final spicier than the nose and quite fruity. But really too short.

Nose: Pear too ripe, applesauce chard, dusty. Aromas of stagnant water or wet earth after rain that disappear after aeration.
Slightly lemony flavor and aroma of poplar wood.
The alcohol is well integrated and balance is very very good.
With water, it loses in complexity and takes notes of rice paper and resin.
After aeration, weak aromas of toffee, lemon and nougat.

Taste: lemon meringue. A little bit weak at the beginning of the mouth but quickly becomes powerful. Light aromas of grain and spice.

Final: Lemon, very dry, slightly spicy and tannic. Very long.

Whisky very weird who do not like water. The nose is really gaining airing but it weakened the mouth and final.

Colour: Pale yellow.
Nose: Lemon. Salty. The nose has quite acidic notes. Maritime with everything that goes with it. With aeration, it is more rounded. Salted butter caramel, vanilla. Bread. Mint stealth.
Palate: Oily, diluted (43%?), rather weak.
Finish: Smoke, honeyed, medium length. Trace of nuts.

Comments: Not much to say. The nose saves it a bit. Not my kind of Single Malt.

Colour: Straw
Nose: Very powerful. Peated, but not excessively, develops an almost medicinal freshness (menthol, Valda tablet) coated with very smooth notes (almond syrup, candy pine sap) and supported by the scent of a good Williamine. Some farmy notes (manure) complete the picture. Interesting, but the whole miss some balance.
Palate: The attack is almost watery before returning to power. By cons, in terms of aroma, more expressiveness would be welcome. It seems to be young in the mouth, with lots of brandy pear and always fresh notes already detected in the nose.
Finish: Long, cool, but somewhat spoiled by the taste of alcohol. There is peat like already deteted in the nose.

Conclusion: A potentially interesting but the whisky gave me the impression of being a little young. It literally collapsed with water, which is a shame because alcohol is still present.


Colour : Gold

Nose : We start with nice whiffs of caramelized apple, some calvados, citrus fruits (lemon and orange) and some peat. It's straight-forward, subtle even if it is not very complex. It's a bit salty to the nose (salted butter). Slight touches of roasted walnut. Well integrated alcohol.

Mouth : We continue with caramelized apples (tarte tatin), salted butter and calvados. I think it's a bit weak. Maybe a too strong dilution. Bitter orange and marshmallow. It's a bit aqueous and somehow sugary.

Finale : Medium, on calvados.

Conclusion : A medium whisky, too aqueous but which shows nice qualities. Interesting but too diluted to my taste.

Nose: Mineral and round (yellow fruit). Bitter herb. A little spicy. A hint of smoke.

Palate: lovely oily texture, slow and too prudent evolution. We find the hint of smoke from the nose. Very bitter and herbaceous. Austere.

FINAL: short and bitter ... in line with the mouth.

Pleasant, easy access, but not to my taste and lack of complexity in my opinion.

appearance: pale yellow, thin legs that flow rather quickly
nose: low intensity, well integrated alcohol after a few minutes of breathing, white fruits, vanilla, peat in the background, sour like curd milk (disappears at breathing)
Taste: low intensity, moderate bitter and sour mixture
finish: short
With water: no change on the nose, the mouth is less intense but the bitterness has become less and the fruits are more present
The nose is discreet and not very complex. However it is pleasant, this in contrast to the mouth that is definitely not to my taste.
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