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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Springbank (Longrow)

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Longrow. Single Cask for the Nectar

14 years
Alcohol percentage
56,2 %
Distil: 1996 Bottling: 2011
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-03 82/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 92/100
Lowest rate 60/100
Difference 32
Average 81,54


Total number of tasters 24
Excellent 0
Very good 3
Good 10
Medium 9
Bad 2
Longrow 14 for the Nectar

Colour: Very pale, white wine.
Nose: The first impression is the one of fine, soft peat, combined with fresh fruits (green apple) and wood preservative, like a freshly painted wooden garden hut. Sawdust combining nicely with fine floral and herbal notes. Nothing irritating or disturbing in this maybe a little biting nose, it announces strong alcohol, might be a cask strength bottling.
Taste: Yesss! The cask strength is confirmed here on the palate. Nearly same as described in the nose, fine nifty peat, but not too pushing at all, less fruit but more wood and sawdust. With water added finer and more complex notes of dried fruits (banana, figs, walnuts) show up.
Finish: Beautiful. Herbal and bitter in nearly every region of the tongue. Mingling and mesmerising for a good long and pleasant while.
Conclusion: Very fresh and young, maybe no great dram but a very nice whisky for every lover of peated and wooden notes. Hard to guess if it is from Islay or one of those new well peated Speysiders. I think, I’ll tend more on the sea side, but am not able to tell a distillery, I guess this is no standard bottling (if it is, I am very curious). Exactly my cup of tea, glad to get this bottle...

Nose: Young whisky straight from the belly of his drum. The nose is still very "new-spirit". Very fresh, peaty, sweet and fruity, a subtle balance of the three. If it is a batch and not a "single cask", the combination of the three is very well done. Great job of "master distiller".

Mouth: Presence of Alcohol undeniable, is young and strong but not at all bland, as is often the case with young whisky. All the flavors of the nose can be found in the mouth, a little ash and salt come join them. It is very powerful and amazing. At the first nose I'd have not put more than 86, but with a mouth so diverse it gains 3 points. What could give 21 years of the distillery?

Color white wine. clear Almost colorless. Bourbon casks used Quite
Intense nose, fruity bright and tight, floral. I notice a very fine balance between alcohol / flavor / roundness.
Oily, creamy palate. Coconut, mango. Good presence of alcohol but quite balanced whisky.
Final rather short, slightly astringent (vegetal) then back on exotic fruits in retro-olfaction.


Nose: Pear, new make, candy sugar, malt porridge. The alcohol is well integrated, it's powerful and the balance is almost perfect. But it is not pleasant for the nose.

Taste: Pungent (spicy), apple, lemon, pear. After cooling becomes very lemony.

Final: New make, vanilla, sugar candy. Always spicy.
After aeration, the new make flavor tend to disapear.
Final average

Whisky well done but unfortunately not to my taste. Improves dramatically with aeration.

N: schnapps, clean, accurate, not very complex, young, after aeration was the tea infusion salinity very grassy, beautiful notes of licorice, white fruits and dried mushrooms appear.
B: good balance, clean on green and pu her tea salinity touch alcohol strength under control, notes of white fruit
F: very short, clean round balance.

Nose: Quite powerful and alcoholic. A bit closed at first, very interesting. Then suddenly exuberant and delicious fruity and citrus (orange, tangerine, lemon, brandy, pear brandy or quince), but surprisingly they are not persistent ... they come and go.
Against a background slightly woody vanilla notes, hay, grain porridge, and uncooked pastry.

Mouth: powerful, warm, balance a bit limited at first, but with the fruity citrus bouquet, with a slightly spicy oak biting, tingling, and slightly bitter vegetal freshness. Very long finish on the crystallized citrus and spices (ginger, white pepper?)

A priori, a young alcoholic malt quite high, very good, evolutionary, it lacks a little complexity.

The nose, fresh and invigorating, is dominated by citrus. Lemon, orange, grapefruit, everything is there. There is also a marine influence interesting leaning towards the spicy. Aeration allows notes of candied orange and almond emerge, with the background a slight whiff farmer, who can suggest a dry white wine. Water makes ferrous and shows hints of cold ashes. The nose is complex and interesting.

The palate is fresh, pungent, almost effervescent. It's strange. A little citrus emerges from all this though, but alcohol is not well integrated. This then develops mouth with notes of grain and peat smoke. Water calms it all, bringing yellow fruits.

The final is average and dry. Dominated by smoke, tar and citrus, it leaves salt appear after aeration, this salt is almost tacky without being disagreeable.

In conclusion, a honest whisky, with an interesting nose and pleasant finish, but alcohol is not integrated enough in the mouth.


Colour: white wine.
Powerful nose but without relief. Dominated by vanilla, some fruit (especially pears). Notes recalling unpleasant paper smell, cardboard. Light smoke in the background.
Powerful mouth, the power is felt. Smoke, slightly fruity. Adding water reveals more fruit.
Final rather long, rather intense on smoke.
Interesting but the nose is not up to par.

Color: White wine.
Nose: nose 1st poorly defined, spicy sour notes, evokes a bit of pili (pizza spice). Fresh hazelnut, peanut butter. Slightly annoying nose (alcohol?). Chemical Lime, Lemon Pulco. With time the harmonized on lemon butter.
Adding water exacerbates the sour side to the detriment of other flavors.
Mouth: quite clear, a touch of lemony acidity. Oily and silky texture. Cream of the smoke. Slightly burned the palace over time. green notes A little sour, gin.
Adding more water rounds the mouth and harmonises it greatly. Any aggression disappears.
Finish: Very smooth, a veil of smoke, medium length, leaves a pleasant impression.
Adding water to thicken the final and makes it warmer, but much less pleasant. A handful of ashes appears, almost astringent.

Comment: After starting A little disconcerted, he improves with time, but without becoming really good. An interesting profile for the analysis, but not seductive. Water is not recommended.

Nose: Quite light, with hints of marzipan. Peaty notes appear next, then a fairly light smoke passes.
Palate: Slightly peppery, floral too, and slightly woody. Notes of mint.
Finish: Warm, fairly short and slightly peaty.
A very nice whisky.

Colour: Pale yellow with greenish glints

Nose: Wow, that's weird ... it sounds young, even very young (new make?). Butter, cereal, honey, white fruit. It smells a little yeast also ... It is rather grassy, wet hay but mild peat too.

Taste: A bit of peat, smoke, rather peppery, also on wet hay. Rather powerful, It is more powerful than the nose.! I found that there was the matter.
It's pretty good! Once again it seems young ...

Final: Rather short, Petrol, white pepper, a little sour and salty too ...

Colour: Straw
Nose: The first nose is a bit aggressive. After this impression we are dealing with a dry whisky, austere but expressive. Margarita cocktail, a little iodine, the mineral (chalk). Maybe some peat as well. It seemed at first close to the sample 1, but ultimately proves less austere, with in addition a faint smell of cologne evoking a gin that is pervasive in the long run. The water makes this flavor less pronounced.
Taste: Powerful, perhaps a little too without water. Fresh and lemony, a bit salty and still this feeling that somebody put gin in my whisky. A feeling of warmth in the middle palate spicy (white pepper). The texture is halfway between oily and fluid. The set is pleasantly nervous. The water makes it more drinkable, but also more oily without erasing the power and the heat of mid-palate. The second tasting confirmed this finding.
Finish: Long, mineral and subtly bitter, always with this very special scent of gin.

Conclusion: A well made whisky, but with a particular profile will not please everyone. If you like gin, go for it!

appearance: clear Riesling, thin and wide legs flowing fast
nose: mild to moderate intensity, alcohol present (limit annoying), antiseptic, plant (roots), stable (ammonia), pastery
Taste: attack is a bit discreet but taste explodes a few seconds later on strong chilli sauce, the plant side dominates besides the chilli
finish: average, especially heating
With water: 3 drops of water: alcohol is very present on the nose and mouth with 1/3 water: whiskey becomes more drinkable but looses in personality, for me the best without water
A whisky like the advertising that runs on German TV for Fishermens Friend: "If they are too strong, you are too weak"

Color clear white wine
Nose marked by alcohol, spicy with vague odor of cheese. A little fruit and maybe a floral side. It is quite present by the alcohol, that nose ... This makes me the same stinging sensation then after staying too long in a perfumery to smell perfume .... It takes time to open. Um, I think that I will leave it here. Too bad it is not richer, but it is at least fair and balanced. Yes, there is still a smell after letting the whisky rest a little . The one of the candy "Car-en-Sac" With water added, it becomes rather flat and not very expressive.
The attack of the mouth is spicy but not aggressive. Warm and fluid. It has a particularly good woody taste and really is very interesting. After several trials in the mouth that special taste feels really good, but impossible to put a name on it! It's infuriating! Then it moves on dry wood, nothing transcendent.
Long and warm, in the continuity of the mouth and floral (lavender? Eau de Cologne?). It remains quiet as the nose and it takes a little time to grasp. But it is very nice.

Comment: Quite difficult this review this whisky. On one side, nose lacks richness and expressiveness for me, but it is fair and balanced even if the alcohol stings a bit at times.
The mouth is somewhat the opposite. It is more expressive, more present, but a little less balanced (dry wood to the finish coming at once without even prevent, this is quite disturbing).
And the finish is quite strange ... For the first pass, I had detected hints of lavender and the second, nothing at all ... Figment of my imagination or evolution of whisky? I do not know but I ldo not chnage my notes.

Nose: Aggressive alcohol, acidity, medicinal. After a long aeration on lemongrass and wax.
Mouth: Always on alcohol but the mouth is more pleasant, sweet, the licorice, lemon.
Finale: Short, lemony and slightly smoky.

NOSE: Fruity & mineral (white fruit, ripe plum). exotic touch (pineapple?).

Taste: bitter and then gently smoked and the fruits appear quietly. A little spicy. Development (too) timidly exotic.

FINAL: warm and a little hot despite a probable reduction.

Pleasant even if it lacks a third dimension!
A young one with the allure of older?

Color: White wine
The nose is first rather fruity, pear brandy, with a slight alcoholic tingling . Apart from this dominant pear alcohol and nice freshness that is associated, one can guess distant peaty. This nose does not seem to announce a great whisky. But let's wait the mouth.
In the mouth, the same impression of(strong) pear alcohol which seems to be moderately integrated. Again a certain freshness despite this undeniable alcohol.
The finish is of medium length, always in the same fresh and fruity notes.
A good aperitif malt provided you add water to cool the ardor of alcohol.

At first nosing, it’s strange and quite aggressive. This whisky seems unripe. It’s resiny, on juniper berries (gin?) and a tad alcohol. After breathing, always this vegetal side (juniper), melt with a strange fruitiness, which evokes a stale orange juice and fade flowers.
On mouth, attack is nervous and a few acid. There is citrusy, vegetal but not very clear.
The finale is medium with a slight bitterness.
Not my favorite style !

Nose: hay, prickly in the nose, floral tones along with fruit like oranges.Also a little bit earthly and salty tones making it interresting but the shortness is the failing factor, but still... a very more-than-average starting.
Taste: Spicy, earthly tones (delicate), saltyness (delicate), flowers in the background and ending with peppers e.g. 'bite'.
Ending: firery, peppers mixed with vanilla but heavy on flavour. Lots of sensation on the tongue due to the spicyness, please don't confuse with sharp 'n edgy.

Colour : Hay

Nose : We start with some floral notes and a nice lemon acidity. I really feel like I have some fresh lemon juice in my glass !
Behind that, we find some hints of roasted almonds, dry peat but the citrus fruits win. A slight whiff of ripe exotic fruits. The alcohol stings a little. Finally, an unpleasant smell of cardboard or porridge that stayed a bit too long in milk.

Mouth : We stay on lemon and caramel. It's pretty rich, slightly stinging and very sugary (like caramel or candy-floss). In the aftertaste, some kind on non woody bitterness, kind of chemical. Hints og green apple. Overall, still cardboard and porridge.
I'm not very fond of this chemical side. With a drop of water, some ripe exotic fruits, but it's very light.

Finale : Long, slightly bitter, on lemon candy.

Conclusion : I was very enthusiastic about the lemony nose, I was not as thrilled about the mouth. Nice bits but overall, I am not seduced.

Nose: Expressive, a grappa! Fruity, tangerine, orange. Clove, grapes.
Mouth: Strong attack, orange, cloves, spicy, grapes.
I don't like it very much.
The final is unchanged,note the coherence.

Colour: Very pale. White wine? OK, but rather a Fino Sherry than a late harvest, then!
Nose: Ouch! Better to say it right now: That’s not my landscape. So grassy and grainy! Like having your nose stuck in the field when playing rugby. Autumn leaves under the rain. Sweetness of the water chestnut. Porridge and mash. Soaked grain. Clean baby burp.Slightly fruity, but even this fruitiness is difficult, austere, for “grown-ups” only. Grape marc. Juniper. Bitterness of an orange marmalade. Brrr… I shiver…
Mouth: Starts on rather sweet and mild notes of icing sugar and vanilla-flavoured gumdrops, before developing on a more citrusy range (lemon pie, tangy taste of an unripe blood peach). Then, the alcohol takes your mouth (we are over 55%). Hot it is! Balance is really on the blade. Bites like horseradish, and something coastal with a pinch of salt and a hint of cold smoke. Rooty flavours are still present, with a little liquorice now, and still that juniper. And a big rooty bitterness that takes no prisoners (gentian?).
Finish: Long, drying, sustained by this bitterness that increases over time.
Comment: Please look further than the quotation. Some whiskies are like Suze or Fino Sherry: From noble origin, pure but uneasy, they have their aficionado. As far as I’m concerned, I’m fonder on sexier ones. Just a matter of taste.

Color: White wine.
Nose: Citrus, lemon. A little yeast, pear brandy and the fruit itself. Juniper berries. Pine. The nose of a very young whisky, or even a new-make.
Taste: Dry and hot. A little pear. It confirms my impressions. This is a cask, rough around the edges. Wholesome water (see for Gaviscon after)!
Finish: Dry, malty. Many cereals. With water, it's a little nicer, sweeter. A little vanilla.

Comments: Really I did not like. I hope this is actually na immature whisky because otherwise I would even give it less points. I have not finished my drink, it's the first time.

Color: White wine
Nose: Dominated by the grain, some sweet notes, pear brandy and a vegetal touch.
Taste: Not defined, especially in the cereal and alcohol.
Acidity appear then the lemon zest.
Final medium, sugar and cereal.
Immature whisky.
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