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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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XVIII (46,3%)

18 years
Alcohol percentage
46,3 %
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-02 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 75/100
Difference 15
Average 84,65


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 0
Very good 6
Good 9
Medium 5
Bad 0
Bunnahabhain 18 WDTS

On the nose, undoubtly, we are dealing here a nice sherry, relatively complex. It reveals aromas of mocha, chocolate, nougat, praline, rancio, bitter orange, humus, resin ...
The mouth immediately starts on a nice touch of citrus (tangerine?) spoiled, perfectly melted with spicy notes, walnut and praline.
Slight bitterness on the final, long flavour, with a well-controlled power.

Very elegant sherry cask maturation, complex with a pleasant structure.

Nose: Basket of fruits, precious wood, vanilla
Mouth: Rosted Pineapple, vanilla, rum, soft spices, tobacco
Finale : medium, soft bitterness

Nose: A bit of exotic fruit with a hint of chocolate milk. Malty. All pretty wiped, nothing stands out. The scents are there but no click. Too bad.
Palate: Oily, sweet but slightly tangy nonetheless.
Finish: Long, full of subtlety, however. Exotic fruit, stealthy but pleasant. Brief freshness brought by flavors of licorice. Milk chocolate. Followed by the lingering bitterness and nuts. The whole is concluded with a sweetness impression quite nice.

Nose: Develops a fine sherry, with a good mastery of alcohol. Floral fragrances follow, all wrapped in a sweet marshmallows. Very nice complexity, good work of the barrel.
Taste: As tipped, alcohol is present, the attack is on the vegetal, herbaceous palate with a hint of thyme and pepper, somewhat surprising given the profile of the nose, sherry is much less present. With a little water, it just add a slight sweetness. Everything disappears pretty quickly, too bad that the mouth does not take longer in length.

Nose: Tangerine, mocha, coffee, dark chocolate with orange, dust and wood. Alcool is agressive.

Taste: Sweet, melted, tangy, lemony, chocolate and mocha. Alcohol is a little too aggressive.

Finish: Long on the mocha, chocolate and marmalade.

After cooling, get amromas of cold/iced coffee.

Colour: amber.
The nose is smooth with notes of sherry. Dried fruits, wood, orange notes. Sherry is not too heavy.
The palate is light, wood is found. Slight bitterness. Some chocolate notes.
Pretty long finish, quite intense. More class than the mouth. Woody.
Very nice.

Color: Amber
The nose presents an interesting mix of fruity, spicy, slightly woody notes, sherry and unfortunately also some hints of yeast. The set is still very pleasant and the great diversity of odours gives it a nice complexity.
The mouth is very expressive, with these mixtures of sherry, nutty tastes and persistent presence of sherry. The spices are very present. Passages between a subtle fruity acidity and a slight woody bitterness keep the senses and give your mouth the same complexity as that already found in the nose.
The finish is long and slightly dry prolonging perfectly the mouth and sherry notes mixed with a kind of colorful bitterness that characterized the mouth remain present for some time.

Nose: young soft sherry, fresh. Chocolate, coffee, some fruits. With a long time, it becomes very fruity, pinappel, peach, tropical.
The mouth is too soft, acid drop, fruits, bitter, ginger, spicy.
The final is slightly acid, fruits, a vegetal touch, bitter with hint of honey.

Nose: Quite rich and appealing. Lovely sweet sherry of medium age. Fragrant tobacco. A hint of coconut. Roasted almond peels. Coffee schnaps. Chocolate flavoured sponge cake. Saint-Epvre (macaroon cake with coffee buttercream). Chestnut honey. And some alcohol to sustain the whole stuff (around 54%?).

Mouth: We play the same score. Even softer. More honey, with a nice, creamy mouthfeel. Quite some soft spices (a hint of smoke now), and even a flowery side.

Finish: More burnt wood now. Gets a tad drier. Comes back on bitter cocoa.

Comment: A nice middle aged refill-sherry Speyside malt? Rather archetypal but very good stuff.

Color: Dark amber
Clean Sherry nose, clear, red fruit notes, lovely aromas of milk chocolate.
Balanced mouth on sherry, pleasant, milk chocolate comes bsck.
Correct end, medium length.
Well done and enjoyable whisky . The sherry is well controlled. However, I note a slight lack of complexity.


N: sea wind, sour cream, no specific complex
B: simple clean accurate, balanced, schnapps
F: long, schnapps is not much to say

The nose opens with scents of well balanced oak sherry trend, and subtle floral notes. After some time in the glass, notes of yellow fruit (peach) precede the dominant sherry. Then the chocolate and hazelnut flavors appear before a touch of vanilla, especially noticeable after aeration. Coffee is also detected at this time. Everything is well balanced and mild.

The mouth is concentrated, but still quite powerful. It is dominated by chocolate and oilseeds flavors. Aeration allows the mouth to sharpen. Then red fruit (cherry) and a bit of prunes appear. In the finish, lemon, at first very discreet, comes more and more as aeration goes. Too bad that the mouth does not develop completely, however.

The final is on sherry and wood. Of medium length, wax, marzipan, praline and spice also appear.

In conclusion, a very decent whisky, suffering no deffect, but that does not really have a strong point neither.

Appearance: red gold to pale amber, wide legs that flow slowly
Nose: low intensity, well-integrated alcohol, fresh vegetables, sweet spices, half ripe fruit, nuts, slightly burnt caramel, maple syrup
Taste: flavors as on the nose but more intense, highly drinkable, I like the mouth more as the nose
Finish: short to medium
With water: no change on the nose, drier on the palate, I prefer without water
Conclusion: A real pleasure whisky

Color: Amber with copper highlights

Nose: Very fruity, fresh, exotic, pineapple, ripe mango. Also somehow nutty. Spices, cinnamon, cloves ... Hints of mountain honey ...

Taste: Fresh, sweet, smooth. Less complex than the nose I think. On the tatin apple, caramel or burnt sugar.
Cooked fruits like apples caramelized in the oven. A slight honeyed caramel candy in fact ... Very easy drinkable!

Final: Rather short, still on the caramel for me ...

Color: Amber
Nose: Starts on a spicy bouquet, pepper, cinnamon and 4 spices and dates and notes of barley water.
Some notes of sulfur which decrease with aeration or the addition of water, which makes the nose more balanced.
Taste: Not very defined and fairly marked by alcohol.
It has sweet notes of honey and cereal and then moves on pepper.
The added water improves it by reducing alcohol and developing the flavors listed above.
Long finish on sherry, nuts and chocolate.

NOSE: a dry sherry, a hint of smoke, sherry vinegar, not my favourite kind of whiskies. A little spicy if you insist.
Mouth: rather smooth, sweet and the influence of sherry rrows with a rather bitter and toasty notes whicha are too dominant. More interesting than the nose but still not my kind of whisky. Significantly better after at least 30 minutes of aeration: very sweet, a little on the sweet honey even if the finish has a burnt still bothers me. A slight exoticism but too much grilled notes / sherry for me.
FINAL: medium in phase with the mouth.
Probably will appeal to lovers of dry sherry, even if it does not seem to me remarkable so far.

Color : Bronze

Nose : We start with prune, carrot soup and a vegetably kind of nose. It smells like sherry, no doubt. I detect some peat (very subtil ?). Varnish. After a few minutes, nice evolution toward perfume, red berries and some dry apricot. Very nice ! It's smooth and subtil...

Mouth : A mix of prune, carrot soup and varnish. Compared with the nose, it starts off kind of disappointing. Very well integrated alcohol. After a few minutes, we find our perfume and dry apricot (a lot) back.

Finale : Long, warming, on the apricot and a little wood (not much).

Conclusion : A very fine whisky, which seemed closed-up at first but evolved very well towards beautiful fruity notes (apricot mainly)

Color: Caramel golden

Nose: The first nose is light, not very expressive but pleasant. Some new rubber, the sweetness of barley sugar, a dash of soap (the real one, with olive oil). Bit complex, but the whole is better than the notes suggest. Aeration reveals pretty sour notes. A few days later, the fruity side becomes more powerful, with pear beginning to be overripe. The rubber is gone. The whole is much more expressive.

Palate: The attack is watery, but the middle is gaining fast momentum. A very slight smoke appears to be present, and the new rubber and a pronounced bitterness that seems artificial too. Some spice mid-palate (nutmeg) and a drug issue too (aspirin). At the second tasting, fruity and tart were done well represented.

Finale: Short and not very intense, just a slight bitterness left.

Conclusion: A decent malt, pleasantly cool.

Color: Teak.
Nose: ointment sensation at the first nose, fatty impression. Alcohol of rose. Woody. Crusts of stale and overcooked bread. One manages to feel fruity notes, notes of leather, coffee, but all this is ruined by a persistent pungent note, a little carton, matches wood.
However, after a few minutes, unpleasant notes fade a bit without however disappearing and leave floral notes express themselves a little more.
Adding water harmonizes the nose and balances it significantly.
Palate: The palate is relatively in the continuity of the nose, somewhat out of balance.
The water drowns the mouth from the very first drops, virtually nothingr emains.
Final: The final is in the extension of the nose and leaves a pungent unpleasant woody and bitter.
Water soothes and harmonizes the final, but without a miracle. A good length though.

Commentary: Lack of harmony, notes quite unpleasant, lack of expressiveness in the mouth. Difficult to find qualities.
Water helps move.

Coulour: Amber
The nose is very soft and discreet. It begins with very slight scent of honey. Then evolves into peach .. No, on the peach syrup diluted with water. Pffff ... It takes really time to open, or is all said already? Oh yes. This fruitiness evolves on cereals and this takes it over now.

Fresh, bubbly woody. A lack of character and richness little noticeable.

Final too short. On cereal and woody tones.

Comment: Really discreet too! the aromas of the nose is much too refined to me. The mouth is almost absent, same for the final.
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