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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"



The ultimate single malt collection 2004

The Ultimate Single Malt selection
6 years
Alcohol percentage
60,2 %
The Ultimate Whisky Company
First fill sherry
Cask number
single cask 5440
Distil: 29-06-2004 Bottling: 08--3-2011
281 of 625 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
links & average quote
WDTS2011-02 85/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 91/100
Lowest rate 78/100
Difference 13
Average 85,1


Total number of tasters 20
Excellent 1
Very good 8
Good 5
Medium 5
Bad 1
Tamdhu 2004 WDTS Ultimate

Nose: Wonderful fruit acidity, which unfortunately fades after aeration: Green apple, lime, mango, passion fruit.
We have also marshmalow, licorice and wood.
After breathing and addition of water appear aromas of nuts, wax and milk chocolate.
The flavors are well blended.

Taste: Very sweet and oily. Wonderful balance with a nice fruity. Slightly too aggressive.

Final: Sweet, fruity, floral (I thought for a moment to be at a florist). Aromas of precious wood, licorice, chocolate milk, a little pepper. Sweet and very long finish. Avoid adding water.

Appearance: yellow gold, thin legs that flow fairly quick
Nose: moderate to heavy intensity, alcohol present but not disturbing, toffee candy and candied fruit, fresh bread, sugary sweetness, fresh mint, very light peat (or green tea?)
Taste: moderate to heavy intensity, woody dryness (very present but not overwhelming) in attack, medium to strong pepper added shortly after, bread and sweets come again in the end
Finish: medium to long
With water: less intense, less pepper, less woody dryness, the whisky loses personality but wins in roundness
Conclusion: A very different malt in the mouth and nose, drinkble with and without water, I like both

The nose is very delicate and excellently cast. After a strong initial contact, alcohol, all in a warm vegetable and citrus mood (grapefruit, lemon), the nose opens with gentle floral and cereal notes, which coat a fine mix of vegetal flavors, accompanied by citrus, light peat and iodine. It is complex to perfection, very well balanced and powerful as it should. Cereal flavors give way after aeration to more gourmet scents like almond paste or coffee, and all soften. A very nice nose.

The palate is high on tar, smoke and peat. A bit biting, it proves to be less refined than the nose. Very cool, near monolithic, that mouth then turns into toffee, until a tip of chili come to increase this sensation of biting. Aeration allows grain to appear at the beginning of mouth, and a hint of chocolate also enters, especially after adding water.

The finish is excellent. Long, it is heavily loaded with salt and chili. Nearly burning hot, it allows the flavors of sugar to make their appearance in the middle of this power after aeration. The water softens it again with praline. It is pungent and powerful, like it or leave it.

In conclusion, a more powerful and biting whiskey than the nose leads to think. Tough, it may not please everyone. Personally, I do not have much to complain of, except maybe the rough side of the mouth.

N: Apple cream, butter, lining the mouth well and good amplitude balance, over time it gains in finesse and balance like.
B: structure melted, cream, fruit white, beautiful
F: short on the resinous, it's old it's very balanced point of sulfur

The nose reveals a very greedy and powerful malt. We have here a wonderful blend rum / raisin / caramel featuring lots of spices. This nose strongly suggests custard (vanilla/caramelized sugar) and butterscotch.
On the palate, the attack is powerful and turns immediately to caramel and custard aroma.
The finish is long and powerful.

Very greedy whisky, powerful but never aggressive.

Gold color

The nose is not too expressive at first. It is strongly marked by alcohol later, the presence of alcohol is clearly identifiable. It then evolves on the fresh shredded coconut. Or even the shredded coconut in a bag for making cakes. For cons, the burning sensation caused by alcohol is still regrettable. The second nose is still spicy with notes with rather strong new plastic and subtle hints of coffee. With added water and afer some areraton, it becomes more focused on the black pepper, liquid coffee becomes ice and hints of yellow fruits. And oddly (or not?) it seems to me slightly peated from one moment to another. And ho! All of a sudden I'm back and a slap in childhood with a very pronounced odor Karaneige candy!

Mouth is very spicy (black pepper like at nosing) and rather woody. Astringent and rather sweet. With water added , it becomes more rough.

Quite long finish and a return on the palate spicy side (always the same pepper).

Fairly mized impressions. The nose started well with its clear coconut hints, then alcohol burn came a little dull the first impression. But things get better afterwards.
Too bad I the mouth and final were not at hte level of the nose. But I still put a good rating because everything seems to me consistent and I really enjoyed the nose (especially the sweet note at the end!)

Colour: Old gold.
Nose: 1st nose has trouble starting, oiled, then wakes up after few seconds, Sweet and Sour notes, almost fish sauce. Then abruptly switch of the nose to praline notes, maraschino, amaretto. Roasted coffee beans. Boiled coffee. Mixes with almost meaty notes, evokes a bit Viandox .. Liqueur, apricot kernels. On a subtle and succeeded way, all is full-bodied with tiny touches of leather tanned and vulcanized rubber.
After a moment, all blends to evoke a mixture of alcohol fruit (raspberry, cherry, cassis) of constant power.
The addition of water favorably aligns the nose, a nice melted praline dessert and coffee.
Palate: Rich and oily, boots on the coffee without sugar, then evolves into a bit more sour notes, bitter enough to give a nearly venerable classy feel.. Alcohol present but well integrated, no aggression.
Water energizes the mouth is a definite plus. The mouth is the perfect extension of the nose and more expressive, more crisp, tiny alcohol burn.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth.
Water generously develops the final, following on the palate with a nice presence of smoke

Comment: Relatively rich and complex, it lacks that certain something to really stand out. A slight lack of harmony, balance. A little wild and ancient in its own way.
The water enhances it undoubtly and erases its slight defects while revealing it's quqlities. The effect on the final is almost spectacular in the amount of smoke revealed

Color: Gold
Apart from a slight tingling quite pervasive, especially at first, the nose is very pleasant. Lots of fruity notes, ranging from plum to the pear, thus covering a wide range of odors. The nose is delightfully complex, especially when after a few minutes some discrete woody notes are added.
If the rest of the tasting is worthy, we definitely deal with a great whisky.
On the palate, the fruitiness is slightly more discreet and it is first caught by a relatively aggressive acidic side. Once these initial impressions over, we go back quite quickly over very pleasant sensations. A nice feeling of warmth and hints of plum jam always with the nutty flavor in the background. First, surprisingly, that mouth is moving towards some interesting notes combining acidity with hints of strong coffee. Very surprising
The finish is long and in perfect agreement with the mouth. The notes of coffee mixed with quite marked acidity that persist for many minutes.


Color: Amber

Nose: Rather complex. First nose rather winey. Then comes an avalanche of spices, notes of nuts, almonds, too.
I felt some iodine, salted butter caramel style. Also a some coffee. This is followed by notes of tropical fruit notes and then slight menthol or camphor ...

Palate: Warm, creamy, thick, there's matter, consistency! An attack "sweet and sour" sauce, Asian style pork caramel. Balsamic vinegar.
Followed by a iodine and fruity mix with a gaggle of spices ... hard to describe, but it's good!

Finish: Quite long, hot, but slight woody and somewhat dry ...


Color: golden amber. Thin and regular legs.
Nose: Captivating, very smooth. Currant, Demerara sugar, butter. Elegant sherry . Very "rummy" nose. After an hour of aeration appearance of a bizarre note (funny) but not disturbing: green celery .
Taste: Very smooth, syrupy. Alcohol well integrated.
Final: Aromatic and long. Mocha brown Candico. Creamy come back. Persistence of ripe banana.


Color: Light Amber
Closed nose, marked by alcohol, sherry expressed by notes of wood and chocolate.
The mouth is characterized by a soft attack and development of alcohol. Leather, cherry brandy. Back to the softness in the final, van Houten cocoa powder.
This side gives a little dusty drought
Well balanced and interesting whisky .

Color: Gold

Nose: The first nose is alcoholic and not very expressive. Leaving it some time, it opens a little, but nothing too fun. Caramel, vegetal notes (grass cut for a few days), a bit of citrus acidity, but the whole remains a boardy despite fresh mint touches in the background. The alcohol vapors are still very present. A little water will do him good. It is then more sweet with powdered sugar, and especially less boardy. The liveliness brought by the tangy notes also more apparent. Few days of aeration made ​​him much good. The profile is substantially the same, but the defects have faded in favor of quality. Is its freshness and vitality that now dominate, with a beautiful combination of mint and lemon. Vinous notes after adding water.

Palate: The attack is powerful. There is a lot of alcohol, enough to claim a drop of water anyway. One manages to overcome it by turning it into his mouth. We're on a vaguely tastes bittersweet aroma mixed with chemical apple flavour and a sour touch. Water erases actually burning alcohol, but does unfortunately not much on the aromatic plane. As the nose is much better after a few days, fresh and tangy (lemon drops, lemon verbena), especially with a drop of water,

Finish: Medium length, it is sour, the lemon drop.

Conclusion: A malt that lacks definition. The aromas are perceived a little rough, especially in the mouth. The addition of water significantly improves nose.

Nose: Brown sugar, caramel, sherry. With a long time, banana, a lot. Malty, creamy, spices, almonds, kind of bizarre.
Mouth: Punchy! Banana, spicies, apple, malty. The final is all the same.

Color: Gold
Nose: Starts on caramel and cough syrup for children.
Once caramelized wave passed, it has nuts, spices, pepper and some vinous notes.
With aeration, it becomes more floral and vegetal.
Taste: Caramel is not present in the mouth, phew thank you.
It is warm with hints of chocolate, candied orange and coffee.
Lingering finish of pepper and chocolate.
Too bad the nose is too marked by sherry.

Color: old gold.
The nose is not very expressive, rather closed. Lack of exuberance. You feel the power. Notes of sherry, light sherry. Caramel. It seems quite young. Water brings out a fruity, floral.
Powerful palate. Strong woody spices. The taste is astringent (amplified by the addition of water).
Long, pretty intense finish. Wood, a little fruit, a little spice.
I do not really appreciate the profile. It looks like a young whisky passed through a hyperactive cask!

Color : dark gold

Nose : We start with vegetables soup (especially carrot). Behind that, a small touch of honey and wax. Smells like crystallized fruits (quince) and fresh almond. After a few minutes, we begin to get whiffs of sour cream or lassi (that indian yoghurt). Pretty herbaceous. We finish with roasted chestnuts and crushed banana with sugar.

Mouth : We stay on the herbaceous side at first, carrot soup and a little honey. The alcohol is here, warming. A little smoke to be found here on the background. Smells like roasted almonds. Some kind of oaky bitterness.

Finale : Long, warm and bitter.

Conclusion : A pretty interesting whisky, but not to my taste. The alcohol helps giving some body to this dram.

Nose: Walnuts, grain whisky,like solvent, mulled wine on the vinous or port, caramel (added?) Bacon crisps. Alcohol is very present, probably a young whisky. A few drops of water it becomes rounder, more enjoyable.
Taste: A cask strenght undoubtedly strong presence of sherry, dried fruit (grapes), coffee bean, slightly peppery. Even with water the alcohol is very (too) present. An elusive whisky, too strong for my taste. Only sherry aspects dominate, masking other flavors.


Colour: Pale amber.

Nose: Strange. Toffee, but also something citric and sour. Orange flavoured fudge? Raspberry vinegar? pomegranate? All kinds of odd tasting chemical sweets. Baked apples. Apple pie and its vanilla/cinnamon ice cream. marzipan. Something farmy too. Taned leather. Complicated, and surely uncommon, but in a way that doesn't completely succeeds in hiding rooty notes that reveals a certain youthfulness. And even if the alcohol is quite well integrated for a malt that prrobably reaches 60%, you'd better like it hot!

Mouth: Quite hot. Water please! More marmelade, now. And still some leather. Orange fudge. Milk jam. Almond jam. A coffee with a cloud of milk. Corossol ice cream. Creamy, but really hot.

Finish: Long and tough, sustained by the heat of the alcohol, the return of the apples and cinnamon, and a hint of sour milk.

Comment: A tough malt drawn from a cask that gave a lot, and gave it fast. A bit too violent for my taste.

NOSE: mineral and slightly fruity. At one time too watery, too alcoholic to another, in short very versatile. Slight hint of rum.
Palate: Very sweet on entry, more vegetal evolution. A bit of yeast and malt. At the discretion of ventilation, Marzipan appears. A little alcoholic.
FINAL: medium, mainly on vegetal bitterness .
Neither good nor bad. Neither complex nor simple. Really hard to know what to think, but for my part, I think this is not for me.

Nose: seedful fruits, pastry, vegetal
Mouth Stawberry jam
Final : Short
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