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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"

Blended Malt (Orkney)

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12 Years Old Orkney

Secret Bottlings Series
12 years
Alcohol percentage
40 %
Master of Malt
(Highland Park + Scapa)
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-01 84/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 73/100
Difference 17
Average 84,24


Total number of tasters 21
Excellent 0
Very good 7
Good 7
Medium 4
Bad 0
Orkney MoM

Nose: dry sherry, a little animal nose first, a note of toasted almonds, a hint of exoticism thereafter but lacks punch. Thereafter, surprisingly evolves with notes of metal and even fish!
Mouth: a nice progressive complexity of ripe fruit and exotic. Coconut. Seems old, refined and elegant. A little spice. Superb balance. A little watery?
Finish: medium with some milk chocolate in retro olfaction

Nose: on honey, mint and fruit (apricot)
Taste: first on exotic fruits, then fishing, then the spices, lightly smoked.
Finale: Short on white fruit

Color: Light Amber

Nose: The nose is at first spicy with hints of exotic fruits. I then noted the impressions of soap and wax.

Taste: The taste is strongly marked by fresh exotic fruits and mainly caramelized pineapple.

Finale: The finish is smooth. You lose the fruity caramel to stay on. Good aromatic persistence.

Nose: Fruity citrus, citrus with spices. Not very complex but well blended and balanced.

Taste: Chocolate and white chocolate. Very ripe fruit.

Final: Chocolate with spices, dried fruits and fresh fruits.

This whisky is not very complex but very drinkable with a wonderful balance. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks of aeration it collapses. To drink very quickly. I really enjoyed it.

Nez: Complexe. Blackberries, Black currents, raspberies, blueberries
Mouth: Exotic fruits, fresh figs, sherry.
Final: Dry fruits, dryness from sherry

Color: Deep gold
Nose: Balanced, on autumn fruits, spices and honey.
With aeration it is more sweet and greedy.
Taste: Very delicate, on the malt, honey and some fruit in the background, mainly pear and citrus.
Aeration enhances it and emphazises fruitiness in the mouth.
Lingering finish with hints of ginger.

N: chocolate, coffee, lettuce, forest, tropical fruit, orange, pineapple.
M: chocolate, coffee, tropical fruit, vanilla, roasted.
F: chocolate, coffee, pepper.

Nose: Fragrant, floral (violet, jasmine) with delicious fruity notes (gooseberry, orange, tangerine), oakand. Live, fresh, with a touch of freshness or coastal sea.

Taste: Multicolor: Floral (violet, lavender, rose) and fruity (morello cherry, blackcurrant, kiwi, peach, citrus). Very fine, elegant, fluid with a spicy oak perfectly integrated and tiny tasty notes of toffee, cocoa. Lacks a little body, and punch length (dilution too strong), but a delicious pure immediate pleasure whisky .

The nose starts on fresh heady flowers, but also medicinal scents. Then, yellow fruit (banana) and wood appear, to give this a wonderfully complex nose, all in a warm mood. Ventilation will allow peaks of pine resin and ether to come first, while the woody and fruity notes turn out surprisingly towards sherry and chocolate. The nose is very charming, almost greedy.

The first palate reveals notes of sweet, all in a suave ambient. We think of rum. Earthy peat, spices, bitterness and smoke will come next. Another beautiful complexity, although less marked than in the nose, a mouth of an average power. Ventilation will allow more woody flavors to appear. Finally, touches of mint tea can be perceived. A mouth below the nose, too bad.

The final, average, is a first step on a very sweet / fruity (rum) profile. On the second time, the wet peat and a touch bitterness take over. Ventilation allows greedy notes (Chocolate) to show.

In conclusion, a whisky rather technical, pleasing to my taste, but will probably not win unanimous support. A nice favorite.

First impression of complexity and balance: initially made of strawberry jam, India wood (between cinnamon spice and white pepper), turpentine. With a little aeration, the aromas become richer with some vanilla, smoked tea, sweet exotic fruit (mango, coconut, banana) and a pleasant and mild acidity. With even more, discrete plaster hints made ​a timid appearance, apple cutter, the hazelnut, sweet almond. On the palate is crisp, slightly drying effect, with apple and damson plums kind of pastry cream, rare spices (even the wood from India) and the vegetarian chili (chili and flavorful that pic not). The moderate final, with a good length, opens with spicy notes found in the mouth and enriches with a nice fresh pineapple and ginger freshness
A cosy whisky, pleasant and balanced taste. Nice to taste and to drink.

Colour: Old gold, teak.
Nose: 1st nose, light, very light. It is very soft and smooth, but difficult to decipher. Seems sherry. Very nice and promising, but fails to develop.
Taste: sweet and creamy, pleasant, harmonious, but like the nose, so we can not melt analysis.
Finale: In line with the nose and mouth.

Comment: Very close, though very enjoyable. Very balanced and melted. Perhaps too in order to analyze it. Very easy drinkable, the addition of water, without actually revealing it, makes it even more fun, more easy drinkable, and makes it even more frustrating not being able to dissect. Definitely a great potential once it is open. Adding water does nothing.

Amber color.
Sweet nose of sherry. Greedy. A bit of wood (but not too woody), spices. Nice balance. Some fresh fruits bring a little freshness. Pastry hint (orange cake).
Light mouth with notes of classic.sherry Still this delicacy. A little fruit. Very slight hint of smoke.
Short finish, very short ... TOO short! Some woody notes.
The nose is very interesting but the rest is sorely lacking power.

Nose: Really needs time to open. Basket of fruits, exotic, cereals, toffee, acid drops
Mouth: Too much diluted, fruity, spicy, exotic (slightly), lack of punch. The final is spicy, fruits (exotic), and lack of punch.

Color: Yellow copper.
Nose: Here is one that has a little trouble getting out of the glass. Let's wait a bit. OK. Patience paid off. Remains very light (where is the alcohol?), but gets more expressive now. Pleasantly flowery, with a nice fruitiness and delicate touches of honey. Diluted orange blossom honey? Gets more complex. Delicate peat (whiffs of sea breeze), and even a touch of liquorice.
Mouth: Fresh and juicy attack, though a bit weak (probably no more than 43%). Unfolds on gentle notes of fresh oranges, enhanced with a pinch of salt. As for the nose, a very discreet and natural peat arrives then, like these whiffs of damp earth mixed to the cold smoke that come out of the chimneys during summer rainy days spent in the mountain. A coastal whisky, but the honey and fruit lead us more towards the Northern Territories than on Islay.
Finish: Sustained by tannins hidden in the background so far, it shows a slight astringency and a subtle woody bitterness.
Comment: A flawless malt, nicely complex, but a bit too shy. Highly drinkable, perhaps even a bit to easily drinkable. A handful of additional degrees wouldn't have hurt.

Colour : Amber

Nose : Very nice. This dram smells like sherry. Beautiful hints of almond, milk chocolate and rancio. Very fruity, tastes like a Longmorn. We then shift towards hints of leather, wood varnish, black tea even. We could stay for a while, it is not disgusting. Very well integrated alcohol.

Mouth : Not bad, the mouth follows, even if the dilution probably erased some of the complexity. Still pretty fruity, on the sherry and the varnish. A little bit of coconut at the end. A bit marked by oak. But still neat.

Final : Medium, on coconut and light varnish.

Conclusion : a nice dram, that I would have like less diluted. A very nice nose, a mouth that doesn't completely keep up, but interesting anyhow.

Dark gold

Nose starts with a juicy pear. After a note of cold candle wax but very discreet. It evolves into woody notes and coffee.

Mouth fluid, oily limit. Quite hot and very sweet. A taste of ground coffee and fruit. Then a taste of bottled water (?)

Final still soft as the mouth. A look back at more honeyed notes. But really too short.

Nose: Nice nose of Earl Grey tea, delicately fruity on the yellow fruit (ripe plum). Small acidic peak. Slightly spring. Beautiful barrel wood.

Mouth: quite mild, creamy, wet oak. Nothing spoils the taste, but nothing makes it exceptional either.

Final: fatty residue on the tongue and palate, a little bitterness of the endive. Good integration of alcohol.

Colour: Old gold
The first nose is discreet but reveals lovely floral notes and spice, good intensity after a few long moments.
On the palate, an interesting contrast between ripe fruit and some nice woody notes, giving it a nice complexity. Nice contrast, although the whole remains extremely smooth. Pear with a hint of coffee. A little too sweet to be perfect.
The finish is of good length, marked mainly by the taste of chocolate and coffee that originated in the mouth.

The nose is sweet, on marzipan and ripe fruit (mirabelle plum / pear) in a malty background and a light spiciness. The mouth is mellow, fruity and spicy. The finish does not bring much more, it is quite nice but not very long.

Color: Light amber

Nose: The first nose has a nice tangy fruity, full of green apple. It is quickly joined by malty aroma and a more synthetic rubber . The whole remains weak. Aeration brings him round, with hints pastry. The sour aspect tends to fade.

Mouth: The mouth, after an attack a little watery, does not lack power but a bit of expressiveness. It presents a mixture of fruity sweetness (very sweet apple), bitterness and pungent green spicy (white pepper). Alcohol is, however, feel.

Finish: Medium length, slightly bitter. Without expression.

Conclusion: A proper whisky, nice nose, but lacking complexity. In addition, alcohol needs to be better integrated in the mouth.

Appearance: yellow gold
Nose: low intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, malty, orange confit, roasted barley
Taste: low intensity, linear, keeps its flavors from the beginning to the end of the mouth
Finish: short
Conclusion: Basic whisky, interesting profile, it's a pitty that the whisky has not more aromatic intensity
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