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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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The Classic Edition 1

No age statement
Alcohol percentage
46 %
Non chillfiltered
=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-01 82/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 90/100
Lowest rate 72/100
Difference 18
Average 82,1


Total number of tasters 21
Excellent 0
Very good 3
Good 6
Medium 7
Bad 2
Bruichladdich classic

Color: old gold

Nose: The nose is clearly marked by sherry. I find notes of polish and a sense of sweetness. The nose is also marked by alcohol.

Palate: The palate is complex, with a nice alternation between the spiciness of the alcohol and sweetness of the sherry. I found hints of chestnut honey and maple syrup

Final: good persistence. The finish is quite delicate. The sensation of alcohol disappears to make room for roundness, with a "jammy" side recalling honey and syrup which was present in the mouth.

Nose: Chocolate milk mixed with a little citrus and exotic fruits. A can of nuts. Light on rancio and sea.
After breathing, melon appears.

Taste: Sweet and fruity (tropical fruit). Bakkery, with a slight salty sea side. It is sweet with a nice balance.

Final: Sweet and fruity on the nose (same aromas than the nose). Milk chocolate and hazelnuts. A sea of softness.
Long but a little light, the final.

My favorite at the first tasting. A little below on the second even if I did not notice any big difference.

Gold color

Nose slightly sharp and fresh. It starts on a note of wood. It is fairly unobtrusive. Fruit flavors come later, and gradually make room for a note cereal and yeast

Fresh and spicy palate. Weird, I feel a taste of wheat flour, yeast. Moreover, it has a particular texture. This is not no repulsive, but strange. The fruit of the nose are slowly confirmed in the mouth.

Final rather long on a slight bitterness. The taste of yeast in the mouth comes then back.


Colour: Old gold, teak.
Nose: nose first on the sulphurous smoke and cocoa, dark chocolate, red fruit, cherry, "Mon Chéri". Very greedy. Slightly licorice. Seem venerable.
The addition of water weakens the nose, but harmonizes even more, makes it even more charming, somehow.
Taste: sweet, creamy, subtly Alcoholic, melted.
A few drops of water are enough to graze the surdilution.
Final: Light at the beginning, then moving on to be closer to the mouth and is reminiscent of rum.
Just as the mouth, the addition of water weakens the final.

Comment: Greedy, charming, very pleasant, very easy drinkable, if not very complex. A nice fade, harmonious as well. The water is not recommended.

Nose: on sherry, then lightly wooded apricot.
Taste: First Corinth grapes, then the cherry stone, wood and licorice.
Finals: Averaged over the stick of licorice and cold tobacco.

Nose: Red fruits (strawberries)
Mouth: Strawberries jam, peache, tickling from strengh casks. Hint of sherry.
Final: On peaches and apricots

Nose: Sweet and floral, grass and dried flowers on a creamy caramel. Light new spirit which directs me to a young whisky.

Taste: It remains on the flavours announced by the nose, grassy hops. Always sweet notes that set the tone.

Aftertaste: Dry and medium long, a grassy side. Too bad theat the cask did give not given it a more woody and bland side. This remains a good dram, I'd like to taste a more mature whisky from that distillery.


Color: Deep amber.
Nose: There's some sherry in there, but rubber band strikes first. Lots of rubber band. To much rubber band. Quite some dry fruits as well. Roasted almonds, skin included. Praline. Reminds me an early teenage Glenrothes. Then the wood becomes more prevalent. Acridity of charred wood. Licorice and ammonia. Salmiak. After a while, softens on th fragrance of warm cake, plum soaked in Armagnac, and orange marmalade. And perhaps a dash of grenadine syrup.
Mouth: More ooomph despite moderate ABV (46%?). Simpler than the nose, but at the same time more attractive, more consensual. Orange marmalade has replaced the rubber band, which just appears discreetly after a while. Creamy and well balanced.
Finish: Long, marked by a classy bitterness of citrus peel.
Comment: A very decent though somewhat stereotyped young sherry Speysider. And to much rubber on the nose.

N: hay, pear and apple fruit, vanilla, sweet caramel
B: white pepper, apple, sugar candy
F: long pear, apple, vanilla

The first nose show clearly the sherry dominance this whisky.
Beginning with wet grass, it quickly leads to a very
sherry, wood and chocolate mood. Despite the prominent sherry, the nose is pretty cool, gladly mineral. Ventilation allows fresh fruit notes to appear at the beginning (pineapple), while ending with Chili flavours. Well built, but nothing extraordinary.

The palate confirms the nose. Beginning with woody notes, it turns
rapidly towards gourmet flavors of sherry and milk chocolate.
Then a hint of peat precede the appearance of a bittersweet and hot (Tabasco) flavor, quite enjoyable. A well-balanced palate, although
relatively smooth.

The final is on sherry and spices. Of medium length, ventilation brings notes of hazelnuts, going to very warm mood, which will be confirmed by notes of
red fruits jam and milk chocolate.

In conclusion, a charming whisky, warm, fairly complex, but not
showing anything extraordinary to get him out of the lot of sherry-typed whisky.

Nose: polish, old furniture, probably a sherry cask, dry. Apparition of hot tire marks (or burned) thereafter. Wood burned too. White pepper. Less typed the 2nd tasting: more oriented soap. I wonder if the seal of the sample I got was not playing tricks ....
Taste: greasy texture, not very expressive, especially the toasted notes (match / tires). Interesting over time Herbaceous with a few herbs which are difficult to discriminate.
Final: average vanilla (Yarrow)

Color: Gold
The nose is relatively complex between fruity notes and a scent of cut nettles, less acidic than the grass, but very enjoyable. A very light woodiness appears, then a hint of smoke and the whole makes room within a few moments to beautiful floral notes.
Initially quite shy on the palate, the whisky slowly evolves towards metal notes first and then to woody ones to present and fimally to clear notes of coffee. Despite these developments, it is not particularly complex, but is very nice though
The finish is long and warm, dominated by memories of coffee. Well, roasted coffee beans that you bite ... hmmm

Amber color.
Light nose, sweet. A bit vinous. A little sweet. Yellow fruit / ripe white. Sherry notes. Wood.
Soft palate. Slight bitterness. Light fruity. Some wood.
Final fairly long, sweet, sour, woody. Apples.


Colour: Old gold

Nose: The first nose is alcoholic. Let's give him some time to aerate. It opens gently smells burnt plastic and rubber which are mixed with mineral notes of baking lemon (Brioschi Effervescent Italian). The latter fade quickly to make way for a smooth blend of Indian spices. No significant change in the second tasting.

Taste: The palate is soft but not lacking in power. Rubber and sour notes are the game. Sherry is also present, although it is far from a sherry monster. The sour notes have disappeared the second tasting, giving way to a green fruitiness .

Finish: Quite long, but somewhat spoiled by the sharpness of the alcohol back then. It grows on a still green fruit.

Conclusion: A malt interesting, somewhat complex but not easy to define.

Appearance: yellow gold
Nose: low to moderate intensity, alcohol limit disturbing at first nosing, changes to an alcoholic freshness after 30 minutes of breathing, green tea, fruits of the undergrowth
Taste: low to moderate intensity, sweet pepper, linear, fruits are most evident in the end of the mouth
Finish: short
Conclusion: Fairly basic whisky, consensual, pleasant to drink

Nose: Needs time to open, young sherry. Hint of sulphur that are not irritating. With time, moccha, raisins, orange.
Mouth: acid, young fruits, young sherry, mustard, grassy, raisins. The final is quite agressif, acid, mustard. Too young.

The nose starts on the cereals (porridge) and raisins soaked in rum (hint of alcohol). I also feel a certain sweetness, sweet wort, almond paste, and a dusty side (old cloth/old paper). After aeration appears a little nuts aroma.
The mouth is slightly sweet and tastes like a mix of cereals and nuts. The overall seems a bit rough. The finish brings a slight of bitterness and a relatively simple and short final.
A young whisky, reduced, without much personality.

Color: Dark Gold

Nose: very little expressive. One feel the almond or marzipan. A slight scent of wet grass or straw. Finally, it evolves on notes of honey mixed with alcohol. Provencal herbs.

Taste: A mouth that enhances a bit the level of the nose in terms of expressiveness. However, there are hints of straw very farm, a slight taste of carrot soup. Alcohol is not too present. In contrast, there was some bitterness hints and a little smoothness in the finish which compensate .

Finish: quite short on sugar and oaky bitterness.

Whisky without a true personality, quite medium. One can find some nice touches but the whole lacks some character.
The addition of water drops will not improve the dram.

Color: Deep gold
Nose: Floral, on the nuts, candied fruit and discrete spices.
After aeration some autumn fruits appear.
Mouth: slightly expressive, Cereal and marzipan.
Short finish and some alcohol impression.

Nose: Demerara sugar, caramel, roastedor flambe fruit (apples, pineapples, citrus fruit), cinnamon, brandy and water and also some not very pleasant artificial notes (cardboard, oil?).

Taste: Very sweet, fruity, pineapple and flambé banana with rum, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, you're more into the world of rum than whisky! Tip of Kahlua, very rich, but a little sickly... more reminiscent of a complete maturation in rum casks or sweet wine tthan a finish, cask dominates the whisky too obvioulsy.
May be interesting to accompany a meal or an exotic dessert ?
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