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"Whisky-Distilleries (blind) Tasting Sessions"


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10 years
Alcohol percentage
40,0 %
=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTS2011-01 81/100

Tasting detail data

Highest rate 89/100
Lowest rate 75/100
Difference 14
Average 82,38


Total number of tasters 21
Excellent 0
Very good 1
Good 10
Medium 7
Bad 0
Benriach Curiositas

Color: straw yellow
Nose: First peat and the peat is mixed with citrus fruit and background touches of iodine.
A stylish Islay and quite fruity.
Taste: Peat is a little more present on the cold ashes, then quickly reaches the citrus lemon on the finish with spices.
Long and pleasant finish.


Nose: more smoky than peaty, warm ash, hydrocarbons in the background. Subsequently a beautiful elegant peat appears.
Mouth: a bit dry peat / smoked , oily texture, evolution of white fruit (or exotic?). Nice balance. Just a little watery. Eventually the light fruit are always more present in balance with the smoke.
Final: on liquorice and less bitter than most peaty. A bit spicy / peppery.

Colour: pale gold

Nose: The nose opens with a fine peat and hay. Just then a slight sensation of alcohol..

Taste: The texture is slightly oily. The mouth is subtended by a fine peat, white fruit and white chocolate.

Finish: The finish is smooth, marked by notes of citrus (grapefruit). It remains on the fineness of the peat which is present from the beginning to the end of the tasting. I note a good balance between alcohol and flavor. Good persistence.


Appearance:yellow gold
Nose:mild to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, smoke, peat (mostly sweet peatyness), grains, light citrus fruity, refreshing, antiseptic bands after breathing
Taste:low intensity, delicate mouth on the same aromas as the nose
Finish:short to medium
Conclusion:Smooth and pleasant whisky from the beginning to the end

The first nose is complex with a sulfur dominant . Wood and varnish are mixed with the acidity of cassis. It starts good, I rather like this profile. With a little aeration mixed fruits and thin peat impressions grow, with rare spices as companions: strawberry, cinnamon, dried figs, ginger, nuts and dried fruits. With even more cooling, the mineral side appears (cigarette ash) and fruitiness evolves on the white fruits, vanilla, and iodine. So present, that iodine, that I nearly missed it. Well, almost missed it.
IThe first mouth it is elusive, difficult to identify with rare spices, wood, caramel and clear almond notes. The finish of a very good length and intensity begins on a beautiful white pepper, cayenne lampion pepper continues on peat, liquorice and almonds.
Coherent whole, deserving a little more present. mouth .

Color: Straw
Nose: Nice peat a la Laphroaig, medicinal, woody, fruity. Lots of vanilla, and a dash of white pepper. Iodine, and medical gauze. A little liquorice in the background. Dried orange peels, and crystallised kumquats.
Mouth: Still this nice combo of phenols, vanilla, and citrus fruits. A hint of gentian, a good splash of soft lemon juice, and this kind of herbs used in those monastic liqueurs. Continues on a little ammonia. More liquorice than on the nose. Creamy and tasty, but falls a bit on the finish (would deserve some more %).
Finish: Long, on cold ashes, with lemon drops coming back, and the persistence of the liquorice.
Comment: A well crafted and tasty peaty malt, displaying a fine balance between phenols, fruit, and wood extracts.

Nose: the lemon, then a discrete tar, iodine and ending on liquorice.
Mouth: we find back the nose impressions, with lemon and seafood quickly covered by peat.
Final: average peat and salt.


Here's a whisky which does not betray its origins. On the nose, I smell peat, smoke and iodine, mineral, lemony and spicy notes. All seems rather dry.
The mouth is not too timid despite the apparent reduction. Peat and spices are present. The finale reminds me the fires of my childhood.
A young whisky, which is simple but pleasant. Certainly from Islay, Laphroaig perhaps ...

During the service, the nose gives off a nice fruity orange peel bitter with a light peat, smoke, plum jam, rubber. This is intriguing. Aeration keeps this first paddle in the background and enhanced with light fruitiness (yellow peach, plum, apple, pear, orange juice) of woody impression, a clear mineral reinforcing, eraser, of toast and hazelnut. On the palate, the smooth attack is quickly turning to fresh plaster with wood spices on a background of caramel. A slight bitterness with grapeseed darken this picture is still not very flattering. Only a touch of sweet almond smoothes the mouth, just enough to mask the bitterness. The final starts on the same notes but herbs and spices enrich the panel: eucalyptus, caraway, mint and also a note of caramel. This development ends with a sharp bitterness and the harshness of the mouth that pierces ago.
This is far from a fun-whisky, but I like these austere facets. Reserved for lovers of "difficult" whisky.


Color: Yellow Gold
Nose: 1st nose slightly peaty, smoky, slightly sour-acid, vinegary. Peat grows along with citrus notes. Then evolves with notes of sweet honey and mint. Touches of lemon zest. Crusts of bread. Almond powder. A few juniper too. This nose down greatly in intensity every few minutes.
Mouth: very sweet, smooth, with a very gradual rise. There are the notes referred to the nose. Alcohol very well integrated. As the nose, mouth drop significantly in intensity after a minute or two.
Final: Very mild, barely noticeable, on a slightly peaty smoke, but with good length.

Comments: A nice introduction to the whisky world of peat. Reminds some of Islay whiskys. Very easy drinkable, but without complexity and lack a bit of expressiveness for my taste. A pleasant aperitif whisky, or peat for the summer. No fault, nothing unpleasant, but nothing transcendent either. The addition of water has no influence.

Nose: Lovely soft, peat and sweet malt, a young malt. A bit farmy at first, some yellow fruits, vanilla, quite maritime.
Mouth: Start too weak, too much diluated, peat, sweet malt, maritime, seaweed. The final is maritime, seaweed, peat. A promissing young malt.

Nose: A bit of rubber (maybe a deterioration of the cap of the sample), saltpeter, white fruit (apple and pear). Freshness of raw vegetables (cauliflower), sweet and slightly peaty.

Taste: Fresh, licorice, green fruit not yet ripe. Peat and salt. Nice consistency with the nose.

Final: Moderately long, on the licorice, salt and ash. Coastal whisky. Easily drinkable, initiation to salty whisky, to be drunk chilled as an aperitif 16/18 ° summer.

N: Dry hay, tea infusion
B: sugar, certain elegance, white fruit, peach, plum
F: Short, dry hay, green

Not very interesting simple lack of body and complexity can be Speyside 10 to 15 years

Bouquet: Powerful and forthright, peaty, smoky, meaty, barbeque with herbes de Provence. Invigorating, full of salty sea air / iodized advanced medicinal and citrus notes.
Lacking complexity but very expressive and devilishly delicious.

Taste: Modeled on the bouquet: peat, smoked fish, with its invigorating fresh herbal notes and spices (ginger), on nice woodsy vanilla, with a nice balance (nice level of integration and beautiful wood). Quite a long finish of citrus and sea salt.

Summer is back: all at your barbecues, and this is the best whisky to whet your appetite!.

Nose: Fruity on apples and pears
Mouth: Keep on with apples and pears
Final: Short without any highlight
Whiky Classic style of young product

Fruity nose with pear / grapefruit with farmy notes. In the background we have anise, mint and licorice. It's oily, powerful, slightly spicy.
After breathing appears green apple notes.

Taste sweet, spicy and oily. There are lemon, mint, spice and mineral dust.

Final sweet spices. Licorice, baked apple. It is lightly smoked. The finish is long, warm and coming down slowly.
After aeration, smoked side grows with earthy notes.

This whisky is a bit too aggressive to my taste with one side a bit harsh (flavors a bit gross). It's not all bad but one must love his whiskey a little rough around the edges.

Gold dress
Nose is marked by mild smoke (ash, grilled). A little vanilla, slightly fruity. Somewhat complex.
Sweet, very sweet fruit on the attack and the smoke (at least this nose).
Final long enough, less intense, the smoke.


Color: Gold.

Slightly peaty nose. Rather delicate and discreet. Even too. It evolves towards a more cereal.profile

Mouth is rather bitter. Some notes of ash and Car-en-Sac sweets. A bit flat for me, it collapsed quickly.

Moderately long finish with a little spicy return in the mouth. We keep the bitterness of the mouth and perhaps a hint of ash.

Color: Gold
Nose: It opens with an interesting mix of white-fleshed fruit (apple tart, pear) and peat. Phenols are growing in power, on herbs. Aeration allows the expression of discrete notes farm (manure). It seems more peated during the second tasting.
Palate: The attack is watery. Develops around the mouth of a light peat and notes of pear brandy or new-make. However, it lacks the power necessary to fully express themselves. If it appears the peat is more present at the second tasting, it still lacks much power.
Finish: Medium length, slightly bitter and slightly peaty.
Conclusion: If the smell is pleasant, the mouth is not up to snuff, too small for my taste.

Colour : pale gold

Nose : at first, very nice nose. Very warm and round on hints of crystallized apple, coffee with milk and peat. It then loses its complexity to go to a mashmallow sweetness. Nice whiffs of lemon and almond.

Mouth : doesn't hold the comparison with the nose. Very (too) aqueous without keeping its finess and complexity. Feels like lemon, smoke but altogether very weak. Overall oaky with bitterness.

Finale : medium long, aqueous on an oaky bitterness

Overall a very average dram, maybe too diluted. Nose is quite nice but the mouth is very weak.

The nose opens with fresh and woody notes. Discrete, it becomes very floral, with sweet pleasant key (vanilla, lemon, marmalade). Ventilation will allow the floral notes, already present, to dominate the set, and let the memory of a sweet nose, but not very expressive after all.

The palate is dominated by woody notes. Bitter and discreet, it then sees appear fruity notes and a hint of earthy peat. Ventilation allows a sweet sugary, almost sticky set to make its appearance early in his mouth. Despite a different profile, the same conclusion applies to the nose: sweet, but not very powerful.

The finish is average, on the same woody / bitter aromas. A bit of smoke and salt, but it is certainly very discreet. A tip of farm flavour after ventilation, and still this lack of strength.
In conclusion, a whisky certainly pleasant, but which lacks complexity and especially power.

Color: Gold
The nose is fairly linear marked by peat and fruit with a light citrus acidity that fortunately brightens up this first nose which is rather austere.
Like the nose, the mouth is very linear and has very little complexity. Peat dominates citrus. All without frills. A piece of peat soaked in a little stale orange juice ?
The finish is relatively short, perpetuating the impression ofa bit simplistic peat and after a few moments ... nothing anymore.
This whisky is not for lovers of single malt, but a good appetizer.
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