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When were distilleries built?

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The distilleries in the historic context of their creation

Most of the distilleries which are currently active were created during the XIXth century. Some of them are older, and some of them were built in the second half of the XXth century.

The first half of the XIXth century will see the birth of a lot of distilleries. The invention of the "Coffey Still" (or Patent Still) will make blends possible, which will have a great influence on the export of whisky.
The second half of XIXth century was marked by the greatest ecological disaster which ever affected the French vineyards: the phylloxera. The effect of this disaster was a lack of Cognac. So a lot of people began drinking whisky instead. The effect was the creation of lots of distilleries in Scotland.

First half of the XXth century was an extremely disrupted period, with two world wars, the advent of communism in Russia, the Wall Street krach, prohibition in the United States, and so on...All this factors were harmful for industry, and particularly for whisky distilleries. No new distillery was founded during that period.

1750 Death of Jean-Sebastien Bach
1754 Birth of Louis XVI
1756 Birth of Mozart
1759 Death of Georg Friedrich Haendel

Treaty of Paris. This ends the "7 years war" between France and England. France will let England some colonies in America and India

Death of Louis Racine
1765 Birth of Nicephore Niepce, father of photography
1768 Birth of Chateaubriand
1769 Birth of Napoleon Bonaparte
Birth of duc de Wellington
1770 Birth of Ludwig van Beethoven
1773 Birth of Robert Surcouf
1774 Death of Louis XV
1769 James Watt, Scottish ingeneer patents his steam machine
1776 Independance declaration of United States
1778 Death of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Death of Voltaire
1779 Death of James Cook
1782 Birth of Niccolo Paganini
1783 Treaty of Versailles. England accepts the independance of teh United States.
Birth of Stendhal
1784 Invention of the automatic weaving loom by Edmund Cartwright
Promulgation of the Wash Act
Death of Diderot
1788 Foundation of the "Société des amis des Noirs" (Society of the friends of the Blacks) in France. This was the first anti slavery association.
1789 French revolution
Declaration of the Human Rights
Birth of James Fenimore Cooper (author of "The Last Mohican")
1790 Birth of Leopold I, first king of Belgium
1791 Slaves Insurrection in Saint-Domingue
Death of Mozart
1792 Birth of Rossini
1793 Execution of Louis XVI
1795 Napoleonean wars (beginning of)
1799 Birth of Honore de Balzac
Death of George Washington

1800 Birth of Charles Goodyear, inventor du pneumatic
1802 Birth of Alexandre Dumas
Birth of Victor Hugo
1803 Birth of Hector Berlioz
Birth of Prosper Merimee
1804 Coronation of emperor Napoleon
Birth of George Sand
Birth of Eugène Sue
Death of Emmanuel Kant
1805 Trafalgar battle
Austerlitz battle
Birth of Ferdinand de Lesseps
Birth of Gerard de Nerval
1807 Abolition of slave trade in England
1808 Birth of Thomas Cook (first travel agency)
Birth of Napoleon 3
1809 Birth of Louis Braille
Birth of Charles Darwin
Birth of Abraham Lincoln
Birth of Felix Mendelssohn
Birth of Edgar Allan Poe
Birth of Joseph Haydn

Birth of Frederic Chopin
Birth of Robert Schumann
Creation of the Krupp company
1811 Birth of Theophile Gauthier
Death of Bougainville
Birth of Franz Liszt
1812 Russian Campaign
Birth of Charles Dickens
1813 Birth of Giuseppe Verdi
Birth of Richard Wagner
1814 Exile of Napoleon on Isle of Elbe
1815 Waterloo and end of Napoleon wars
Slave trade forbidden by Vienna Congress
Birth of Otto von Bismark
Birth of Eugène Labiche
1817 Birth of Pierre Larousse (French dictionnary)
1818 Birth of Charles Gounod
Birth of Karl Marx
1819 Birth of Herman Melville (Moby Dick)
Birth of Jacques Offenbach
Death of James Watt
1820 Beginning of Conquest of the West in United States
Birth of Friedrich Engels
1821 Death of Napoleon in Sainte Helène
Birth of Charles Baudelaire
1823 Promulgation of Excise Act
1824 Birth of Anton Bruckner
Birth of Alexandre Dumas (son)
1827 Death of Robert Surcouf
1828 Birth of Leon Tolstoï
Birth of Jules Vernes
Death of Franz Schubert
1829 Birth of Geronimo
1830 Independance of Belgium
Algeria conquered by France
Independance of Greece
Death of Simon Bolivar
Invention of the Coffey still
1831 Canuts revolt
1832 Birth of Gustave Eifel
1833 Birth of Johannes Brahms
Birth of Alfred Nobel
Death of Nicephore Niepce
1835 First passenger train in England
Birth of Marc Twain
1838 Birth of Georges Bizet
Birth of comte Ferdinand von Zeppelin
1839 Birth of Paul Cezanne
Birth of Georges Leclanche
1840 First Opium War (England against China)
Birth of Alphonse Daudet
Birth of John Boyd Dunlop
Birth of Claude Monet
Birth of Auguste Rodin
Birth of Tchaïkowski
Birth of Emile Zola
Death of Niccolo Paganini
1841 Birth of Auguste Renoir
1842 Death of Stendhal
1844 Birth of Anatole France
Birth of Friedrich Nietzsche
Birth of Rimsky-Korsakov
Birth of Paul Verlaine
1846 Birth of Buffalo Bill
1847 Birth of Alexandre Graham Bell
Birth of Thomas Edison
Death of Felix Mendelsohn
1848 Abolition of slavery in French colonies
Death of Chateaubriand
Manifest of the Communist Party (Marx and Engels)
1849 Death of Frederic Chopin

1850 Birth of Louis Stevenson (l'Ile au trésor)
Death of Honore de Balzac
1851 Birth of Aristide Bruant
1852 Death of Louis Braille
Death of Thomas Moore
Death of the Duke of Wellington
1853 Birth of Vincent Van Gogh
1854 Birth of George Eastman (founder of Kodak)
Birth of Arthur Rimbaud
1855 Death of Gerard de Nerval
1856 Treaty of Paris, (end of Crimea war)
Birth of Sigmund Freud
Birth of George Brenard Shaw
Death of Robert Schumann
1857 Death of Alfred de Musset
Death of Eugène Sue
1858 Birth of Courteline
Birth of Rudolf Diesel
1859 Birth of Pierre Curie
Birth of Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)
Birth of Jean Jaurès
Birth of Edouard Michelin
1861 Begin of Secession war
1862 Birth of Claude Debussy
Birth of Auguste Lumière
1864 Convention of Geneva
Birth of Louis Lumière
First apparition of phylloxera in Gard
1865 End of Secession War
Death of Leopold 1 (fisrt king of Belgium)
Death of Abraham Lincoln
Birth of Erik Satie
1867 Birth of Marie Curie
Death of CHarles Baudelaire
1869 Invention of the dynamo by Zenobe Gramme
Birth of Mahatma Gandhi
Birth of Henri Matisse
Death of Hector Berlioz
Death of Charles Goodyear
Canal of Suez
1870 Death of Charles Dickens
Death of Alexandre Dumas
War between France and Prussia
1871 Commune de Paris
End of war between France and Prussia
1872 Birth of Amundsen
Birth of Louis Bleriot
1873 Birth of Alfred Jarry
1874 Birth of Arnold Schönberg
1875 Birth of Maurice Ravel
Death of Georges Bizet
1876 Little Big Horn battle
Death of George Sand
1877 Birth of Louis Renault
Birth of Emiliano Zapata
1878 Independance of Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgary and Romania
Birth of Andre Citroën
1879 Birth of Albert Einstein
1880 Birth of Guillaume Apollinaire
1885 Birth of Sacha Guitry
1888 End of slavery in Brazil
1889 Invention of petrol motor (Daimler)
Construction of Eifel Tower in Paris
1890 Wounded Knee battle
Death of Vincent van Gogh
1891 Death of Arthur Rimbaud
1894 Dreyfus Affair in France
1895 Death of Louis Pasteur
1897 Death of Alphonse Daudet
1898 Birth of Enzo Ferrari

1906 Foundation of Labour Party
1909 First crossing of the Channel by an aeroplane
1914 Archiduc of Austria killed in Sarajevo
First World War
Jean Jaurès killed
1917 'Octobre Revolution in Russia
1918 End of World War I
1919 Beginning of prohibition in United States
1929 Wallstreet krach
1933 End of prohibition in United States
1939 Beginning of World War II
1945 End of World War II
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