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The rum

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Whisky & Rhum Epris Epris 13 years CS 83/100
1 10 WDTSRum_2013_02

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Epris 13 years CS



L'esprit rhum
13 years
Alcohol percentage
47,7 %
Whisky & Rhum
Bourbon barrel
Cask number
single cask 52
Distil: 31-10-1999 Bottling: 08-11-2012
47 of 198 btls
cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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WDTSRum_2013_02 83/100
Epris W&R
Personal Comment
Commentaire de Savoureur
yellow gold with greenish hints
medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol (slightly tongue tingling), dry and mineral, vanilla (which gives a touch of sweetness), old grappa aged in big glas bottles (called Demie-Jeanne in France), slightly tarry
medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, in line with the nose, highly drinkable an enjoyable, the first dry rum that I like really like

Commentaire de mars
Nose: Encaustic, menthol, medicine.

Taste: very fruity, menthol.

Final: Menthol, oil, fruits.

Comments: Alcohol is a bit aggressive at first with become well inegrated after some breathing. The style is a bit unusual but very well done.

Commentaire de Jean-Michel
Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Another clean and rather dry spirit, which I don’t dislike. Very little banana skin, freshly grated lime zests, and a good pinch of white pepper. And surprisingly salty. Opens up on some lovely grassy notes (a high end Tequila?). And something strangely smoky. Like an over-roasted toast with orange marmalade. Good stuff!
Mouth: Clean, soft, and very briny. The saltiest rum I ever tasted so far, actually. And still quite some white pepper. And an enjoyable over-average ABV (50% ?). This one is not for a sweet-tooth, but I like its purity.
Finish: Gets drier now, with waking-up tannins.
Comment: Are there some coastal rums like you have coastal whiskies? If so, this could be one of them.

Commentaire de Jmputz
Color: Light gold
The nose is discreet and marked by spices. A plant smell with a slight bitterness just as vegetal.
The palate is at first very nice but evolves rapidly bitter and spicy notes (nutmeg), causing an imbalance but increasing the complexity of the rum.
The finish is short, and is in line with the mouth.
Commentaire de Whiskywardrobe
“Nice bottling strength but looks to young and citrus to me”
This dram has a fino-like color.

Nose (83): (4)average. wood, smoke, citrus, sugar cane, cinnamon.

Taste (82): powerful, oily. citrus, honey, spcies, toffee.

Finish (83): (4)average. citrus, brown sugar, spices.

Commentaire de Durhum
Beautiful gold color, shiny and transparent.

On the nose it was something very vegetal andone is transported to the middle of fields of sugar cane. It is sweet, anise nose is with hints of sweet wood. The whole is then more mineral (soil, root, iodine), with a delicate floral surge at the end (citrus flowers) and fruity (exotic and fresh almonds)

The palate is pleasant, soft and delicate attack with a nice vegetal note of sugar cane mixed with vanilla, like at the nosing, I found this exotic fruit (mainly citrus), juicy, still with a hint of liquorice which brings a slight bitterness in the finish, punctuated by lemon zest, or even a slight peppery note.

the final is long and strong on citrus (peel) with a slight bitterness and a warming note of white pepper on the end.

intense rum, fresh, unique, and certainly in the distillery Epris from Brazil :)
Commentaire de Dagde
Nose: A chemical sensation at baseline (new plastic that turns on the polish) and egg custard with orange form the majority duo. There is also vanilla sugar and lemon that explode upon opening. The nose is somewhat evanescent, austere in some respects.

Palate: The entry in the mouth has a lot of lemon, a little vanilla and spicy varied notes (cinnamon, nutmeg, tonka bean ...) opening. Everything remains sweet which makes it easier to drink. These are the impressions (acidity, bitterness) that mark most mind that real flavors.

Final: Despite an undeniable alcoholic presence, taste fades quickly. It should also take a small sip to enjoy a real final.

Comment: A rum that is quite OK but the flavor composition is difficult to assess. A beverage that collapses a bit on the end and lacks a bit of edge.
Commentaire de Cosinus
Nose: dusty old furniture. It becomes more vegetal, like anise tea and green banana. Bergamot and then some hydrocarbon notes.

Palate: The attack is first frank but becomes softer with aromas of cardboard, and hydrocarbons. It becomes more sour but vegetal bitterness is also present which is maintained until the fairly long finish.
Commentaire de Cocojazzsta
Colour: Straw
Nose: very bright, with rod and rather dry woody side, bark, plant (herbs), fruity notes of lemon (zest) and pineapple. Some tar, lots of spices, fairly present alcohol
Mouth rather sharp attack, some citrus (peel) before the wood develops and coats the mouth, dry woody (astringency) and not very pleasant, sugar cane is present but brings less smoothness than in the other rums tasted. Great length due to wood and its astringency that takes a long time in the mouth, alcohol quite present.
Commentaire de Piazzolla
Nose: a bit feeble, discreet note of hydrocarbon but poorly integrated by lack of spine. Fig. Globally uninviting.
Taste: silky texture, fairly bitter attack. Little / no evolution.
Finish: rather short
Conclusion: A rum that does not tell much in addition to be slightly unpleasant due to bitterness here.
Commentaire de Jean-Marc
Nose: first nose revealing hints of bitumen, old plastic than giving way to notes of citrus, lime zest

Mouth in the same line as the nose

Finale: good length

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