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Why advertise on this site?

To give visitors of this site a more complete information.

The aim of the site is just to share the single malt whisky passion and to promote this very special drink. As a consequence, this site is only informative, and even if it is rather complete and documented, it will never be possible for a visitor to buy any bottle directly from this site. And yet, according to the site statistics and the e-mails I get, lots of people are looking for bottles, and would like to know where they can find them.

On the other hand, lots of commercial sites who can fulfil their needs exist, but in most cases the information about distilleries, and even about the bottlings is rather poor. Yet the current trend for consumers is to know more about the items they buy.

Opening this informational pages to selected advertisements can help this visitors to find what they are looking for: information, and the way to buy whisky.

To promote single malt whisky

An advertisement on a site where the right kind of people are coming, and which has a good reputation ( see the reactions on the guest book ) can only be very positive for an announcer who sells the right stuff.
Many whisky lovers do not have the chance to have a good retailer round the corner (or they do not know there is one..) are looking for shops where they can buy some bottles (even slightly) out of the ordinary.
Advertisement banners on this site (which claims a great objectivity) can also help concerned distilleries to promote their products.

To help this site to survive by contributing in the costs

After the first year of existence of this site already, more and more visitors say they really like it. And the visitors are single malt lovers throughout the world. In the meanwhile, this site exists for over 10 years now...
I cost me hundreds of hours of hard work to achieve this result. Beside the huge amount of work for starting and maintaining this site, the financial effort is great too. Bills for hosting of the site, software and hardware which are needed for doing the job are just paid by the author of the site.
And what about the bottles? May I recall here that only bottles I own, and I can tasted by myself are represented on this web site. This costs a lot of money too.

How to advertise on this site?


Advertisement banners on predefined areas on the pages is the way to advertise through


The site contains two kinds of pages: general information pages and pages directly dedicated to specific distilleries and their bottlings. All the pages exist in two languages: English and French.
Banners can be placed on top of pages (there is room for 3 concurrent banners, 200x75) or on the right or left margin (room for 1 banner, 150x75)

The program displays the banners randomly, according to some criteria to define (like relative weight -(importance of the campaign)- , and so on)


The banners can be pictures, text or flash animations. A click on the banner brings the visitor directly on the advertisers web site.
The possibility to check in real time the effect of a campaign is provided. A user id and password is given, and logging in on a special page on the site shows the number of banner displays, the number of clicks, and even the IP addresses of people who have clicked.

Which advertising on this site?

Only Scotland or whisk(e)y related advertisements.

All banner requirements not related to whisky or Scotland will be refused. No advertisement for casinos (for instance) will ever be found on this site. Advertisement is considered as part of the objective information provided through this site, and this principle will be respected.
All advertising related to whisky or distilleries are welcome on this site. Also advertising concerning Scotland (travel information, travel agencies, etc...) will be accepted as well.
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Whisky is an alcoholic drink. Let's prefer quality to quantity as the abuse of alcohol beverages can damage the health. Consuming alcoholic drinks during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can seriously affect the health of the child. Consumption of alcohol impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

This site does not collect any private data from it's visitors. Is is purely static.

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