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New version of the site

Why a new version?

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Gone are the days when a website visitor could simply using a PC. Today, more and more people visit their internet on their smartphone or tablet.

Also started an update run... As you can imagine, a site as big as whisky-distilleries is is not easy to migrate with its more than 600 pages, which sometimes lack structure. So I decided to put the site up to date as and when pages are adapted. In other words, for a certain period, the old and the new style will coexist. The new pages are marked by small logo on the left new page

The idea is to allow optimal viewing of all media: PC, tablet or smartphone. Although this is a very fashionable among web developers, it is nevertheless very complex, especially for amateur webmasters to which I belong.

This new layout allows you for example to hide the Google ads by clicking on the red cross (remember however that this is only the financial resources of the site ...) to display the list of distilleries or regions by simply passing your mouse over the transparent icons on the right, or rather not to display these lists by clicking on the red cross, not to mention transparent arrow at the bottom of the screen that allows you at any time to return to the top of the page etc ...

After having explored the new opportunities, I'd love to hear your opinion ...

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Whisky is an alcoholic drink. Let's prefer quality to quantity as the abuse of alcohol beverages can damage the health. Consuming alcoholic drinks during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can seriously affect the health of the child. Consumption of alcohol impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

This site does not collect any private data from it's visitors. Is is purely static.

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