This personal site is dedicated to Scottish distilleries and their single malt whisky. Or should I say "whiskey"? Whisky or whiskey ... What is the difference ?

This site offers general information on Scotch whisky, its making, its history and especially you can find tasting notes on over 2000 bottles for now. These notes are mostly personal, but a great place is also made to the visitors of this website who wish to share their impressions about whisky. The number of described bottles is in constant evolution. This site also hosts a very active whisky forum (in French) which a wealth of information about the whisky. Feel free to participate. (the English version needs to be some more animated...).

Whisky-Distilleries Tasting Sessions

Whisky-distilleries.info has launched a project at the beginning of 2011 intended to give producers an opportunity to present their products to consumers through the site. A team of about 25 whisky enthusiasts (with a quite different level of experience) is committed to produce tasting notes and a rating given to each bottle. Above is the table with the53 bottles that received the most points. As we received now a large number of bottles, we decided to categorize them in 3 ranges based on the price of the bottles: the daily drams, the whiskies for connoisseurs and those only passionates are ready to acquire.
This classification applies only to bottles proposed by producers as part of this exercise in blind tasting. To access the full picture, just click on the flag corresponding to the desired language.
We hope to receive more bottles in the future, and this table will be adapted as and when the sessions.

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Carte d'Ecosse

Interactive map of the Scottish whisky distilleries

Click on the picture on the right to view an interactive map of Scotland with access to various distilleries by region.

There are over 100 distilleries on regional maps and each is described on this personal (and completely independent of the industry whisky) web site. These descriptions concern the history of the distillery, with many photos and the whiksy is clearly described in clear and understandable tasting notes.
In operation Distillery, mothballed or permanently closed, it will be listed in the table of the owners of distilleries .