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Distilleries and independent bottlers

Only links to distilleries or independent bottlers who have contributed to the information on this site are added. Contribution can be validation of the data or reciprocal links.
Very exciting site with web cams showing the distillery and lots of information. Online Shop.
Dalmore Nice site of this traditional distillery.
Isle of Jura Web site of the only distillery of Isle Of Jura
Speyside distillery Speyside The closest distillery from the source of River Spey (and the home of Scott's Selection)
Bladnoch Bladnoch The most Southern distillery of Scotland. And one of the last distillery which does not belong to an international concern.
Ian McLeod Site of one of the most important independent bottlers and blender

Douglas Laing One of the most important independent bottlers.
Vintage whisky malt company The Vintage Malt Whisky Company The makers of Finlaggan and Cooper's Choice collection.
Belgian Whisky Pur.E distillerie The first Belgian whisky distillery
Cadenhead Adelphi One of the smallest independents in Scotland. But one of the bests.
Glann ar mor Glann ar Mor French whisky distillery, in Britttany


Books and pictures

Whisky Maps Whisky maps of Scotland Useful travel maps to help discovering the Scottish distilleries.
CG Export consulting Malt whisky yearbook
A very complete and essential book over the whisky distilleries around the world (but especially in Scotland)
Robin Brilleman Robin Brilleman Site de l'auteur de "Schotse Malt Whisky" (en Néerlandais)
Ian Macilwain Broombank Photography Site of a professional photograph who has amongst others made thousands of pictures of distilleries. Some of them illustrate some pages of this site.

General information sites

Scotch Whisky Epxerience Scotch Whisky Experience Located on Castle Hill, it is one of the premier tourist attractions in Edinburgh
Malt Advocate Malt Advocate A great site, a great magazine... This is the main American site dedicated to whisk(e)y.
SWA The Scotch Whisky Association The Scotch Whisky Association was formed to deal with the many issues which confront the industry as a whole, and to represent its collective interests in the public arena, both at home and overseas.
The Scotch Whisky Association's members are distillers, blenders, brand owners, brokers and those engaged in the wholesale and export trade in Scotch Whisky. Currently membership represents over 95% of the Scotch Whisky market
Gregs whisky guide Greg's whisky guide The result of years of research in whisky. Such a documented site does not appear on the web every month... Worse visiting it if.. you speak French!
The Whisky Sites Directory - Whisky, Whiskey and Bourbon Sites. The Whisky Sites Directory A collection of whisky links.
An Quaich An Quaich The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada.
SMWS France The Scotch Malt Whisky Society France The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of France.
SMSW Suisse The Scotch Malt Whisky Society Suisse The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Switzerland.
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society USA The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of United States.
mwsoa The Malt Whisky Society of Australia Australian single malt whisky promotion group who's main aim in life is to sing the praises of single malt whisky. This is achieved mainly through one major event: the biennial Australian Malt Whisky Convention. The membership base is made up of both spirit industry groups and private consumers..
uisge Uisge Complete Danish information site with tasting notes and information about the distilleries
Whisky magazine Whisky Magazine The absolute must for people looking for information about whisky and it's actuality. An indispensable site, and a very useful magazine for each whisky lover.
Whisky Portal The Whisky Portal Information about hundreds of distilleries and whiskies around the world.
Casksix Casksix Belgian whisky site (in Dutch) .
whiskycircus whiskycircus The spirit of tasting notes.... Not too serious!
quel whisky Quel Whisky? French site dedicated to whisky, with forum and tasting notes. This site has been build by a passionate whisky lover. Very nice site.
Celtic Malts Informational site about whisky
malt trail essential site for those who plan a whisky trail round Speyside.
AWA Alternative Whisky Academy Danish site with lots of whisky links
ClanGrandsMalts Le clan des Grands Malts French association of whisky lovers
Best whiskies Rare, Vintage and Limited Edition Malt Whiskies.
Speyside cooperage Speyside Cooperage Greatest Scottish cooperage
American distillers American Distillers Non profit corporation dedicated to dissimination of professional information on the distilling process, and providing information about distilling related laws and distilled beverages.
Scotsmart Scotsmart Scotsmart Directory of all things Scottish
info tourisme Euro Info tourisme Scottish recipes
euwls Edinburgh University Water of Life Society Very complete on-line selling and information site
whiskies insolites Les whiskies insolites A very interesting site talking about lots of unusual whiskies. It is in French, it is nice and it is funny. Don't miss it if you are not afraid by the language.
Scotlandwhisky ScotlandWhisky New Scotch whisky site: information about distilleries
malt whisky Malt maniacs Original site, extremely pleasant to look at and to meditate...
malt maniac Another great site....
whisky pagina Whisky pagina Dutch site with lots of very interesting whisky links.
peatfreak PeatFreak Fascinating site over whisky.
hillandglen hillandglen Treasure hunt.
onlymalts Important Norwegian independent site (in norwegian only) German whisky site
SBW Sociedade Braliseira do Whisky SBW Sociedade Brasileira do Whisky
10 reasons not to drink beer On-line whisky vote site..
StartBewijs An excellent whisky links collection
bonne cuisine La bonne

Excellent site about Belgian Cuisine Start.Be Excellent collection of whisky links
sobritish Sobritish The British culture is there! England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Discover the gastronomy, the receipts, the tea, the festivals, the habits, the 7th art as well as the literature and a lot of other things !
undiscovered scotland Undiscovered Scotland Essential site for all your trips to Scotland.
Even if you do not intend to go there, this site is ideal to dream about it.
Levenswater Usquebach Usquebaugh Society Dutch whisky tasting Club. They are amongst other things, the editor of the magazine "The Kiln".
Lindores Lindores A passionate club of whiky specialists
SSMWS Scotch Single Malt Whisky Society
Bruichladdich NL Dutch site of whisky lovers.
IslayGuide All kinds of useful information about the Isle of Islay
Scotdh Hunter The Scotch Hunter Very nice information site with a lot of tasting notes.
Scotcmaltwhisky History of whisky, making of whisky, tasting notes, forum, and much more
bluewine Search engine about French wine, California wine country, Italian wine, wine tasting, vineyard, cellar, wine making, red wine, Whisky & Scotch, beer, Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Champagne, port wine...
Scotch Whisky: A taste of life Scotch whisky
PlanetWhisky Planetwhiskies
GreatWhiskies Great on line whisky guide
What does John know? What does John know? Quite a lot, indeed... This is the blog of John Hansell, Malt Adocate magazine publisher and editor.
Japanese whisky Japanese Very interesting blog fully dedicated to all aspects of Japanese whisky (news and tasting notes)
France Whisky FranceWhisky

Site dedicated to French Whisky

Commercial sites

Only links to retailers or other commercial sites who have contributed to the information on this site are added. Contribution can be validation of the data or reciprocal links.
Maison du whisky La maison du whisky

Some comments about bottlings on this site are borrowed to this important French whisky specialist. On-line selling of whisky, La maison du Whisky is also a shop in Paris. Their site is really good, and lots of information can be found on it.

Van Zuylen whisky Van Zuylen Wijnhandel
This is the site of a small independent retailer in Den Haag, Netherlands.His small shop is really well stocked, and most of the bottlings described on this site were bought in his shop. His prices are really interesting.
A very good address in Holland, may be the best one...
whisky co On-line whisky shop with an impressive whisky range
Best whiskies Rare, Vintage and Limited Edition Malt Whiskies.
L'univers du vin L'univers du vin, des saveurs et du whisky
Retailer in Toulouse
Caves de Bécon Caves de la Halle, Avallon Caviste d'Avallon, qui a fait ses preuves en matière de whisky lorsqu'il était à Courbevoie.Chaudement recommandé...
Cave Bruant Cave Bruant, Ormes Retailer in Ormes
La Cave a vin La Cave à vins Retailer in Roche lez Beaupré
The Lincoln Whisky Shop A small,friendly, independent retailer situated in the heart of the Lincoln Cathedral Quarter. Hundreds of malts, liqueurs, wines, gifts etc. to choose from.
export distillers Export distillers - CG export consulting CG Export Consulting is based in Scotland and exports a range of Scotch Whisky, Malts and Blends to spirit distribution professionals (retailers and importers..).
If you like to import directly quality whisky in reasonable quantity, please contact us.
WhiskyBarrel The Whisky Barrel
Whisky Kühn
Abbey Whisky Abbey Whisky Online supplier of rare whiskies

Eating, drinking and doing things in Scotland

Whisky Tours Organize your whisky trips with professional accompaniment
Whiskycoast Whisky Coast, Scotland's west coast whisky trail
Inverness Self Catering Inverness Self Catering For your stay in Inverness...
Trivago trivago provides a platform where travellers can both access and exchange travel experiences.
Seanchas Ile Seanchas Ile Collecting, recording and preserving Islay's Gaelic Heritage
a taste of speyside A taste of Speyside The place to be if you are hungry in Dufftown, whisky world capital.
Cragganmore House The Cragganmore House Bed & Breakfast next door to Cragganmore distillery in Ballindalloch.The house was build by John Smith, founder of the distillery.
Holiday lets scotland Holiday lets Scotland Accomodations in Scotland
Edimburgh hotels Edinburgh Hotels Hotels Edinburgh, Edinburgh Apartments, Accommodation Edinburgh Scotland
Edinburgh hotels and apartments by the day week, month or year, try us as an alternative to hotel Accommodation
Camusnagaul Visit Camusnagaul & Discover Scotland This area of the Scottish Highlands is wonderful and it even
has it's own small brewery. This site will provide you with a lot of ideas
on where to visit when visiting the north of Scotland.
Trailmaps Maps of Scotland...
Scuba diving Scotland Scuba Diving For scuba diving around the Ullapool and The Summer Isles areas
then visit Creag Ard Charters web site. Sea Fishing trips also arranged. The
site also has photographs of the area as well as local information.
Swans Pictures of Swans For free desktop wallpaper and pictures of Scottish Swans visit
the web site. You will also find a range of "web projects" on
the go including web directories, photo galleries, online learning, blogs.
flylc Low Cost flights Flying to Scotland? This search engine gives you complete information about all available low cost flights.
Direct Hotels Budget Hotels Compare hotels and rates, Cheap, Luxury, Boutique and Spa
hotels. Discount hotel accommodation in Manchester and around the World.
holiday in glenlivet Holiday in Glenlivet Cottage to rent in Tamnavulin


Passionnés du  malt Les passionnés du malt Tasting club in Toulouse, France
Club Mosellan des amateurs de whisky Club o. Mosellan des Amateurs de whisky Tasting club in the Moselle area, France
Nantes Whisky club Tasting club in Nantes, in France.
Whisky club Nantes Whisky Club Nantais (another) tasting club in Nantes, France.
CAWO Club amateurs de whisky Orleanais Club des Amateurs de Whisky de l'Orléanais Tasting club in Orleans (France)
Levenswater Usquebach Usquebaugh Society Dutch whisky tasting club . They are amongst other things, the editor of the magazine "The Kiln".
Biere o loo Bière o Loo Pub and tasting club in Québec
Club scotch quebec Le Club de Scotch du Quebec Tasting club in Quebec. Tasting notes.
McQuaich club McQuaich German tasting club


lpv La passion du vin Very interesting forum in French. High quality discussions.
quel whisky Quel Whisky? (see above)
Casksix Casksix Very active Belgian forum (in Dutch). This forum is a partner of
The whisky portal The Whisky Portal This forum is the partner of whisky-distilleries. Forum in English.
forum This is the forum associated with this site. Do not hesitate to participate.
slainthe Slainthe Excellent danish site, with a very active forum..
Levenswater Usquebach Usquebaugh Society Dutch whisky tasting Club. They are amongst other things, the editor of the magazine "The Kiln".
Scotcmaltwhisky Forum associated with the site Scotch Malt Whisky
France Whisky forum FranceWhisky forum Forum associated with the site France Whisky


Blog blog A place on the web between the site and the forum... A space of liberty.
(in French only by now)
Blog festivals whisky festivals .

Announces and impressions about whisky festivals where is more or less associated. A blog about whisky
Whiskyverkostung Whiskyverkostung German tasting notes blog
Malt in pot
idrink Cocktail webste offering more than 32000 recipes. A must for cocktail lovers
Jan's  Whisky Paradise Jan's Whisky Paradise A whisky blog by a Dutchman living in Brazil
whiskywardorbe A wardrobe of Whisky is a blog about whisky tastings, whisky events, and some info about my collection of whisky. Also the webpage features a list of recommended drams and I have written a tool to automatically find similar whiskies to the one you are browsing based on tasting notes.

Other cool links

Peakdirectory The Peak Directory was developed in 2005 as an online search aid with constantly updated categories and fresh topics. Our staff works diligently to create a database of links to the Web's best resources for some of the most sought after and researched topics. Unlike many directories, all of our links are hand selected by members of our staff. Our editors personally assess each submission and search for quality sites to include.
new york bar All Your Bar Supply & Bar Accessory Products!
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Party Catering Charlotte, NC Bedder Bedder and Moore is a well appointed full service delicatessen. We are privately owned, ensuring an excellent operation at all times. We have multiple locations, all providing in-house dining, take-out service, FREE lunch delivery, and catering for any size group.
Hotel Consulant The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group is an organization specializing in hotel consulting and food and beverage contract management services.
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