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Scott's Selection

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Robert Scott has been immersed in the Scotch Whisky trade since he left school at the age of 16. Starting first as a lowly distillery worker responsible for cleaning the stills, he rose steadily through the ranks, gaining extensive knowledge of the distilling trade. By the time he had reached his 32nd birthday not only had he gained an enviable reputation as an accomplished all-rounder in whisky production but, most importantly, he had become one of the most respected "nosers" of Scotch Whiskies.
As time passed, he became increasingly expert at selecting different malts to meet the demands of his exacting employer Mr George Christie, founder of the Speyside Distillery.In the 1970s Robert Scott was appointed Master Distiller, a position he held in the finest traditions of this ancient craft until retirement beckoned. Prior to caring full time for his garden in Glasgow, Robert was, however, to be given one final assignment, namely to create a personal selection of his favourite single malt whiskies. Thus Scott's Selection was born.
The selection criteria are drastic, from the choice of the malt to the optimal maturation time for each cask;
The aim of this collection is to bottle whiskies as close as possible from their original taste in the cask. Whiskies are filtered (but not chill filtered) before bottling, which removes the impurities without changing the taste. The malts are not diluted. All the whiskies from this selection are bottled at cask strength.
The son of the founcer of Speyside Distillers owners of Speyside, Rickie Christie was responsible for the production until he left the company.

The whisky

List of the bottles

Natural Cask Strength Aberlour Scott's Selection 1989 1 79/100
Natural Cask Strength Ardmore Scott's Selection 1977 2 84/100
Natural Cask Strength Aultmore Scott's Selection 1987 0/100
Natural Cask Strength Bunnahabhain Scott's Selection 1984 2 84/100
Natural Cask Strength Convalmore Scott's Selection 1975 3 85/100
Natural Cask Strength Dufftown Scott's selection 1985-2004 1 88/100
Natural Cask Strength Glen-Elgin Scott's Selection 1980-2004 0/100
Natural Cask Strength Glen-Grant Scott's Selection 1973 4 87/100
Natural Cask Strength Glenfarclas Scott's selection 1965 1 88/100
Natural Cask Strength Glenlivet Scott's Selection 1977 0/100
Natural Cask Strength Highland-Park Scott's Selection 1985 1 84/100
Natural Cask Strength Inchgower Scott's Selection 1988-2007 1 90/100
Natural Cask Strength Knockando Scotts's Selection 1980 - 2004 0/100
Natural Cask Strength Littlemill Scott's Selection 1984 1 79/100
Natural Cask Strength Lochside Scott's Selection, Single Blend 1964 1 93/100
Natural Cask Strength Longmorn Scott's Selection 1983 1 88/100
Natural Cask Strength Longmorn Scott's Selection 1971 1 94/100
Natural Cask Strength Macallan Scott's Selection 1979/2004 1 83/100
Natural Cask Strength Macallan Scott's Selection 1985 2 79/100
Natural Cask Strength Macduff Scott's Selection 1978 2 81/100
Natural Cask Strength Miltonduff Scott's Selection 1987 1 84/100
Natural Cask Strength Mortlach Scott's Selection 1990 0/100
Natural Cask Strength North-British Scott's Selection 1974-1999 1 79/100
Natural Cask Strength North-of-Scotland Scott's Selection, 1973 2 84/100
Natural Cask Strength North-Port Scott's Selection 1980 1 88/100
Natural Cask Strength Port-Ellen Scott's Selection 1981 1 88/100
Natural Cask Strength Pulteney Scott's Selection 1977 2 86/100
Natural Cask Strength Royal-Brackla Scott's Selection 1983 3 84/100
Natural Cask Strength Speyside Scott's Selection 1991 2 79/100
Natural Cask Strength Tomintoul Scott's Selection 1989-2005 1 84/100
Natural Cask Strength Tullibardine Scott's Selection 1989-2005 1 79/100

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