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Welcome to the new version of the site "Whisky-Distilleries.Info." Site content remains unchanged, the shape is new ... This makeover is due to my desire to make the site accessible both from a computer than a tablet or smartphone. This implies some profound changes in the structure of the site ...

About the points and icons in summary tables

81/100 average of the points

As this site also publishes the tasting notes sent by the visitors of the site, and as the points by visitors are incorporated in the calculation of the average for each whisky, it seems to be important to indicate in the summary tables how the final points are built. Many visitors come often to this site and they might be confused by the points for some bottles, as they do not really reflect my own opinion. This is why the information about the way notes are built are published from now, under the form:

bottler Whisky Cote Number of notes Own notes Visitors notes
bottler whisky 81/100
3 0
Quote based only on my own notes
bottler whisky 81/100
0 3
Quote based only on visitors notes
bottler whisky 81/100
2 2
Quote based on both my own notes and notes by visitors

Forum This bottle has been discussed further on the forum. Clicking on this icon brings you to the related topic on the (French) forum. As the English forum is inactive, this icon is not present on the English pages.

WDTS2011-02This bottle has been tasted during one of the WDTS (whisky-distilleries blind tasting sessions), and clicking on the icon brings you to the corresponding result page of those blind tasting sessions.

SponsorThis icon is a link to the sponsor who sent the bottle tasted during the WDTS session.

About the translations

All my own tasting notes are translated in English (may be not always the best English... (apologies for this...)).
All the notes of the tasting seessions organized by the forum (WDTS) are translated in English or in French (depending on the original language of the notes)
Visitor's notes are not translated.

About the colors

Different colors on this site (menu, edges, links, etc. ...) correspond to the content of the page.

About menus and icons

The layout for smartphones does not allow space for reserving space systematically for the lists of distilleries or regions, this is why a series of transparent icons have been added to the right of the screen. These icons (Liste distilleries,Scotland Map ) and moving the mouse over them is enough to display the corresponding menu.

All menus can be hidden by clicking on Close .

This also applies to the Google ads, but do not forget that advertising is the only financial returns of this site where you can imagine the investments.

About the prices

None of the bottles presented on the site is for sale. This is a personal website intended only to inform about whisky and is in no way a commercial site.

The colors of the bottles names in the summary tables distilleries match a price range (note, this is the price paid at the time of purchase of the bottle, not the current market price ...)

Those prices are per bottle and not per liter (unlike the prices indicated by icons "euro"

=25 euros : Corresponds to an exact amount of 25 euros (price per liter, the price actually paid during the purchase)
=25 euros: Corresponds to an amount between 0 and 25 euros
example: =25 euros=25 euros = 50 euros. =25 euros=25 euros=25 euros= between 50 and 74,99 euros

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Whisky is an alcoholic drink. Let's prefer quality to quantity as the abuse of alcohol beverages can damage the health. Consuming alcoholic drinks during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can seriously affect the health of the child. Consumption of alcohol impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

This site does not collect any private data from it's visitors. Is is purely static.

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