Rarities for Charity 2018

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Rarities for Charity 2018

Message non lupar Savoureur » 22 févr. 2018, 15:24

Pour la troisième fois, Patrick et moi organisons une dégustation caritative le dimanche soir du Whiskyfair à Limburg (22 avril de 19 à 23h00).
Le local, le service et le repas est organisé par la Villa Konthor au prix coutant.
Les détails sont repris ci-après.

Rarities for charity 2018
@ Villa _Konthor on Sunday evening (April 22, 19h00) of Whiskyfair Limburg

The aim
The double aim of the Tasting “Rarities for Charity” is to have a very nice and relaxed evening with malt aficionados from all over the world and to collect money for charity for the NCL-Stiftung (https://www.ncl-stiftung.de/), Doctors without borders and Parkinson association (http://www.parkinsonlux.lu/). All the benefit is equally distributed to the three organizations.

The tasting
We have high aims for helping, so we have also high aims for the tasting.
We look forward to present a tasting set composed of eight old and rare whiskies. The price of the tasting is 250 €. If you like you can give more for the good purpose.

We will serve drams of 1,5 cl. The maximum capacity of the tasting room is about 35 persons. The remaining amount of whisky (if some left) will be sold as sample sets for 250 € per set.
None of the organizers will take a single euro for his work.

Professional catering (as a buffet), room rental and service are provided by the Villa Konthor Team for a very fair price.
The tasting will start at 19 o'clock with the buffet. Official end is scheduled for about 23 o’clock or a bit later.

A short presentation of every bottle will be done by the bottle donators. A free place at the tasting is offered to all bottle donators (but we all know that it would be less expensive for them to make a normal reservation). Thanks to them all.

Four bottlings are already known:
- Moorland Scotch Whisky R.B. Smith & Son, 70 proof, bottled 1940’s to 1950’s
- Laphroaig 1969, 19yo, 40%, ship label, Sestante Import
- Ardbeg for Hotel Bero (first or second edition)
- Longmorn Glenlivet, 1967 – 2004, 53%, US Import, Scotts Selection

Booking the tasting or a sample set
You can book the tasting by sending a mail to raritiesforcharity@gmail.com .
After receiving your mail, we will send you the bank account for payment. Reservation is official after payment.
Pre-booking of a sample set can also be done by sending a mail to raritiesforcharity@gmail.com .
Sample sets can only be confirmed after the tasting because we don’t know how much whisky will be left in the bottles.

Donation certificate
After the tasting a copy of the donation certificate from the three above mentioned organizations will be sent to you by mail as soon as we get them.

We hope we will have a fully booked tasting under the motto:
Sharing passion, sharing friendship, having fun!

Gérard Hofmann
Patrick de Schulthess

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