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Official Kilkerran "Work in progress" 82/100
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Kilkerran "Work in progress"

5 years
Alcohol percentage
46 %
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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Personal Comment
Quite a strong smell of yeast and some farmy notes characterise the first nose which slowly develops on peat and smoke hints. But the yeast dominates clearly, revealing a kind of immaturity.
In the palate, a mix of malt and peat but without exaggerated depth. The mouth is however pretty pleasant and hides a great potential for future releases.
The finish is of the same sort. Medium length dominated by discrete milk chocolate notes.
A promising whisky for the future bottlings.
Comment by Johannes_Sauer
Colour: Bright golden but not pale. Nose: Refreshing young: green fruits (unripe plums) together with good, solid oak. Flowery meadows in springtime after a rain shower. Hints of charcoal and soft smoke combined with few oily whiffs and a nice lemon zest. A really lovely and promising nose. Taste: It’s a rather powerful and also very subtle entrance, the oak still a bit on the heavy side (sawdust), but also oriental spices and fine herbs (Lavender, waldmeister, Angostura) and freshly ground white pepper. Very delicate notes of sea salt. Finish: The finish is rather long for a whisky so young (4-5 years they say?), there are salty seeweeds adding a very fine touch to the wood. Also a soft and pleasureful conclusion in soft white sugar notes combined with delicate bitter herbs. Conc.: A great spirit and a very good start for the 3rd Cambeltown destillery. Congratulations, there should be more fine bottles to follow. 18/20 Tasting date: 2009-07-30 Price in Germany: 39,90

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