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The whisky

List of the bottles

Official Rare Malts 21 years 74/100
2 1
Signatory Un-chillfiltered collection 1981 85/100
3 0
The Whisky Agency 1983-2009 84/100
0 1

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Coleburn: official bottling


Rare Malts 21 years

Rare Malts
21 years
Alcohol percentage
59,4 %
Distil: 1979 Bottling: 2000
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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Coleburn Rare Malts
Nose: A floral perfume of bluebells and damp moss.
Palate: An early sprinkling of clean malt quickly disintegrates into something too oaky, hot and rugged for it's own good.
Finish: Tired, one-dimensional malt and offers a degree of sweetness against the drying and bitter oak.
Comment: Despite the low mark, pretty good by Coleburn standards. The nose and finale are impressive.
(Jim Murray) The Whisky Magazine
Personal Comment
The nose is both clear and complex, consisting in flower hints and wax notes, as well as some woody touches.
The first impression in the palate is that alcohol is dominating, and than the dry character of this malt appears. The nice complexity of the nose has partially disappeared, but the taste remains interesting, despite the clear woody bitterness.
The finish is warm and not too long, and the woody impression remains.
The nose offers an amazing mix of barley and citrus fruit with some hints of yeast. Nice freshness. Fruity notes appear after a while. Nice complex nose.
In the mouth, the first impression is that of citrus acidity, nicely perfumed, quickly completed by a kind of bitter woody dryness. The latter fades rather soon and makes room to a beautiful malted smoothness. Very beautiful mouth, with lots of divers tastes.
The finish is fresh and lingering, where the citrus remains dominating, and mix nicely with those of the woody hints which already enhanced the palate.

Coleburn: independent bottlings


Un-chillfiltered collection 1981

Un-chillfiltered collection
19 years
Alcohol percentage
46,0 %
Cask number
single cask 1343
Distil: 27/07/2001 Bottling: 22/10/1987
415 of 780 btls
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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The colour is gold, and the nose has an elegant style, marked by vegetal, fruity notes and a touch of peat.
The mouth is full and smooth and develops nicely to malted barley.
The finish is marked by the malt sweetness.

(la Maison du Whisky)

Personal Comment
A delicious and very complex smell, with peat hints announces a very great bottle. The palate entirely confirms the impression of the nose and an extreme complexity of tastes explodes literally in the mouth. A wonderful whisky. A finish of average length prolongs the pleasure. A perfect illustration of the talent of a good independent bottler, and of the superior quality of non chill filtered whiskies.
All the magic of the first tasting is confirmed. A wonderful whisky, nicely smoked, with all the richness of the taste and the smell due to the non chill filtration. This is really one of the best whiskies I ever drank. The finish seemed longer to me this time, and this has influenced the final result.
A very nice presence of smoke and peat, mixed with floral notes with sea hints on a malted background characterizes this exceptional bottle. In the palate, a very nice first impression, due to the non chill filtration confirms the great complexity of this whisky. A discrete impression of honey on a peated background is rather surprising. The lingering finish is very pleasant, developing on malt with a touch of peat. A very great bottle.

Coleburn: not in collection



Fossiles Series
No age statement
Alcohol percentage
49,5 %
The Whisky Agency
ex-bourbon hogshead
Distil: 1983 Bottling: 2009
120 btls
Non chillfiltered cask strength
=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros=25 euros
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Forum 84/100
Coleburn TWA
Personal Comment

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