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10 yearsInchgower 33 years, 1980-2013. Malts of Scotland
( See details and tasting notes here ).

Important notice: In order to be able to offer this exceptional Inchgower for the price of 125 euros, I decided not to take any income for the website or the forum, despite all costs I have to face. There is an option on the order form to make a donation to the site. Of course it is not mandatory but any financial help is welcome.

The bottles will be available from end December 2103. The bottling will be done en December, after the whisky has reached 33 years of age.
(date de distillation: 10-12-1980)

Orders from France will be processed by Pure Spirit for the 50 first orders. All others will be processed by Whisky Van Zuylen .
Pre-orders can be placed from now on. There will be 100 bottles of this special Inchgower. Click here to see in real time how many bottles are left..