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10 years

The www.whisky-distilleries website celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2013.
Inchgower 33 years, 1980-2013. Malts of Scotland

( See details and tasting notes here ).

To order this bottle for the special price of 125 euros, please use the order form on this site .

To celebrate this event, I asked one of the most renowned independent bottlers for the moment , Malts of Scotland to make a special bottling for the occasion.
The choice fell on an old Inchgower distilled in 1980. A 33 years old whisky for which I negotiated the price with the French and Dutch importers of Malts of Scotland , and I am very proud to announce this exceptional bottle priced at 125 euros . The normal price of this bottle is 160 euros.

Importers of Malts of Scotland are for Pure Spirit for France and Whisky Van Zuylen for the Netherlands .

This commemorative bottle will be distributed by Pure Spirit for orders from France and by Whisky Van Zuylen for the rest of the European Community. For countries outside the Community, you can fill out the order form that will send a message to Whisky Van Zuylen and he will tell you if it is able to deliver in your country or not. Exports to some countries (such as Switzerland, the United States or Canada) sometimes require heavy formalities and Whisky Van Zuylen is not always able to respond.

The advertised price is excluding postage. For France, the shipping costs are explained on this webpage Pure Spirit . For other countries , see the page on Whisky Van Zuylen . Both partners of this special 10 years bottling are renowned for the quality of their choice as well as their competitive prices. Feel free to browse their site to order other whiskies in order to rationalise the shipping costs.

Note: The selected whisky was distilled on December 10, 1980 and it will be bottled after reaching 33 years of age , between 11 and 21 December 2013. It will therefore probably not be available until early 2014.

Important notice: In order to be able to offer this exceptional Inchgower for the price of 125 euros, I decided not to take any income for the website or the forum, despite all costs I have to face. There is an option on the order form to make a donation to the site. Of course it is not mandatory but any financial help is welcome.