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Inchgower 33 years, 1980-2013. Malts of Scotland

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33 years old for the 10 years of Whisky-Distilleries.info

33 years
Alcohol percentage
52,6 %
Malts of Scotland
Sherry Hogshead
Distil: 10/12/1980 Bottling: 12/2013
Non chillfiltered cask strength (Special 10 years Whisky-distilleries.info bottling)
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10 years 87/100


Selecting this bottling was carried out by a selection committee composed of five people. None of the bottles initially proposed has received unanimous preferences. This is normal, tastes are always very personal.

The distillerie
However, I have given preference to this Inchgower because the distillery is outside the box, even if a Benriach, a Clynelish or Laphroaig would certainly have been more consensual. But Inchgower is a more discreet distillery (no official bottlings, except for a Flora and Fauna, and perhaps one or the other prestige bottling) often overlooked, but so original.

La bouteille
Iit is clear that this unusual whisky will not necessarily immediately appeal to everyone even if it matches perfectly with the goals set for this site: to discover the single malt Scotch whisky in all its facets ... This whisky is selected to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this site(2003-2013)

Inchgower 33 WD
Tasting Notes

Serge Valentin

Nose: vinous, dried mushrooms, old cellar, a little menthol. Rather complex.
Very pretty mouth, rich, nervous, spicy and fruity. Mandarin oranges, raisins, honeydew, bitter orange, coffee and kirsch.
Long finish, more malty. Bitter almonds. A complex and powerful whisky for his age.

Probably refill sherry. The bitterness may scare some, but I really like.

Jean-Marie Putz

Colour: Pale gold
The nose is quite mesmerizing, combining notes of biscuit, ripe fruit and dried fruit, dates, nuts. Floral notes come later, giving the whisky a nice complexity while maintaining a fine balance.
Leaving him some time, floral notes take over and new more fruity ones appear.
The mouth presents also an admirable complexity, combining a touch of bitterness (dried fruit, nuts, dates) with notes of cooked plums. So a nice contrast between bitterness and freshness, complex fruity but very balanced notes, all of them are playing on the register of subtlety.
The finish is pleasantly long and subtle. Here also notes slightly tinged with bitterness perfectly extend the pleasure of the mouth.

This Inchgower is just beautiful ...

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